2018 SRP Incentive/Decor Order Form

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The Vermont Department of Libraries is pleased to present LIBRARIES ROCK!, the 2018 summer reading program developed by the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP). As in previous years, VTLIB will provide program manuals and some decor and incentives for free to support this program at Vermont public libraries*.

Libraries are not required to use the CSLP programming, but it is highly encouraged as workshops and materials will be provided by VTLIB that support this theme.

Instructions on how to acccess your online manual were sent to you in the mail, along with a catalog of incentives and decor. Please use this catalog for reference as you place your order (an online catalog is available in CSLP's store; you must create an online CSLP account to access the store and catalog.) Examples of artwork for each theme and product photos are in this catalog.

Only items that are on the order form below will be provided by VTLIB for free; any other desired items must be purchased from CSLP's store at your library's expense. Please be realistic when deciding on the quantity of items, but make sure to order enough to support your program adequatedly. **Please indicate the number of items you would like in each textfield. Keep in mind, some items come in packages-- in this case, you will be indicating the number of packages you would like.**

You will see a confirmation screen if your order has been successfully submitted, and you should an email copy of your order in your inbox.

For any questions about accessing manuals and/or ordering summer reading materials, contact Jennifer Johnson (jennifer.johnson@vermont.gov). For general information about CSLP or summer reading programming, contact Cass Mabbott (cass.mabbott@vermont.gov).

Have fun!

*If you participated in the 2017 CSLP summer reading program "Build a Better World" but did not submit summer reading statistics, you are ineligible to order materials.