Impact Survey


AUGUST 20 webinar with Samantha Becker. All about Impact Survey.


Project Name


Impact Survey

VLIB Project Lead:


Amy Howlett 802-463-0142

Project Description


Teach public libraries about the Impact Survey and its benefits to them in planning and advocacy. The survey runs for a finite period, asking current library users questions about technology use in areas such as education, employment, health & wellness. Once completed libraries are provided with a report and the survey data

Project Goals:

50+ Vermont public libraries take advantage of the free online survey before October 2014

Stakeholders (who is affected)


Public libraries in Vermont; library patrons;

Partners (who else is involved);



July – October 1 2014 for registration; use for 1 year

Funding source



Benefits/Alignment with VLIB Priorities/Goals

Digital Literacy; Advocacy; Library Competencies; Strategic Planning, Technology Planning

In-depth Description: (from their website)
The Impact Survey is an online survey tool designed specifically for public libraries that want to better understand their communities and how people use their public technology resources and services.

Written and validated by research staff at the University of Washington Information School, the Impact Survey is designed to quickly and easily provide busy librarians with useful data on how their patrons use library technology services.

The program saves libraries the time and costs associated with writing, programming, analyzing, and reporting an in-house survey. The tool includes:

  • Cut and paste code with a variety of options for linking to the survey.
  • Easy-to-read data-oriented reports detailing survey results in charts and graphs.
  • Advocacy-oriented communication tools showcasing survey results.
  • Downloadable data for libraries that want to do deeper analysis of their survey results.