Mission Statement of the Department of Libraries

Guided by 22 V.S.A. §601-635, the mission of the Department of Libraries (VTLIB) is to collect, organize, and disseminate information and library materials in a variety of formats to the three branches of State government, libraries statewide, the general public, and Vermonters with special needs; to support and strengthen local libraries; to foster new means for statewide cooperation and resource sharing among all types of libraries; and to increase public awareness of libraries and their services; and to act as an advocate on their behalf.

  • We provide access to information in a variety of formats to the three brances of Vermont State Government in order to contribute to effective and efficient government.
  • We provide consultation, training, and other services to librarians, public library board members, and elected officials while offering resources, services, and grants to qualifying libraries in order to strengthen their capacity to deliver quality library service.
  • We enable resource sharing between all types of libraries.
  • We provide all Vermonters with qualifying visual and physical disabilities access to quality library services and the special format materials they need in order to enjoy recreational reading, to engage in lifelong learning, and to improve their economic self-sufficiency.

Inherent in this mission is the Department's advocacy of the right of Vermont citizens to read and have full access to information by ensuring that libraries and their resources are readily accessible to all Vermonters regardless of their geographic location, their level of income, and access to technology or disability, and, as the official depository for Vermont state publications, the preservation of the record of Vermont state government for public scrutiny.