Berlin Projects

Addictions (362.2) - Jeanne McCool, Aldrich Public Library, Barre

Adult Fiction - Alice Godin, Waterville Town Library

Adult Science Fiction - Annie Volmer, Craftsbury Public Library

Children's Biographies A-C - Nancy Buttura, Aldrich Public Library, Barre

Completing Adult Fiction Series - Wendy Johnson, Brownell Library, Essex

Do-It-Yourself Home Remodeling - Laura Rochat, Brookfield Free Public Library

Green Building and Energy Efficiency - Susanna Khn, Charlotte Library

Job Hunting and Starting a Small Business - Wendy Maquera, Bent Northrop Memorial Library, Fairfield

Juvenile Audiobooks - Jennifer Bartlau, Varnum Memorial Libray, Jeffersonville

Juvenile Nonfiction: Country Books (900s) - Virgil Fuller, Chelsea Public Library

Juvenile Nonfiction: Dinosaurs - Maureen Badger, Georgia Public Library

Juvenile Nonfiction: Earth Sciences (550s) - Michelle Wiley, Waterbury Public Library

Juvenile Nonfiction: Marriage and Families (306.8) - Emily Andrews, Rand Memorial Library, Troy

Magazines - Dylan Ford, Barnet Public Library

New Backpack Themes - Cheryl Sloan, Charlotte Library

Nonfiction Easy Readers - Anne Walker, Cabot Public Library

North Native American Peoples Juvenile Collection - Kathleen Engstrom, Haston Library, Franklin

Political Sciences - Kate Hunter, Orwell Free Library

Popular Adult DVDs - Elise Werth, Waterbury Public LIbrary

Ramping Up 636 (Farm and Vet Books for a Small Library) - Cheryll DeRue, H.F. Brigham Library, Bakersfield

Travel Guides and Travel Adventure Books (910s) - Katie Martin-Woodard, Pierson Library, Shelburne

YA Graphic Novels - Deb Kesler, Deborah Rawson Memorial Library, Jericho