Vermont Union Catalog (VUC)

The Vermont Resource Sharing Network, which is coordinated by the Department of Libraries, is the mechanism that provides the means for libraries of all types and sizes to share library materials through Interlibrary Loan. To be successful and fair, we view Interlibrary Loan as a partnership in which participants are willing to lend materials as well as borrow materials for their patrons.
A reminder: School libraries are required to submit cards or MARC records to DOL's Technical Services Unit at least once per school year (this year: between November 1, 2011 and October 31, 2012). New union catalog (VUC) participants must apply before October 31, 2012  or wait until the following school year to join.
Applying for a VUC Symbol
You can find detailed information about VUC at:
School Libraries that want to apply for a VUC symbol (the first step in the resource sharing process) or who have any questions about the VUC, may contact the DOL Technical Services Unit: / (802) 828-2740.
Interlibrary Loan
School libraries that make the yearly contribution of cards to the Vermont Union Catalog may participate in the Interlibrary Loan network and VALS (Vermont Automated Libraries System). Locations for requested materials (specific author/title or subject requests) will be supplied if an item is unavailable from the Midstate Library Service Center or the Vermont State Library. Libraries can then contact owning libraries at these other locations.
Schools that do not contribute to the Vermont Union Catalog may request only materials from DOL library locations (Midstate Library Service Center, Vermont State Library, DOL Library Science collection, Children’s Book Exhibit Center). Requests that cannot be filled by DOL will not be routed through the wider Interlibrary Loan network.
We regret that requests for Interlibrary Loan for the following cannot be accommodated:
  • long lists of titles (books or other materials)
(ILL accepts a maximum of five title requests in any one subject area)           
  •  multiple copies of the same title
Participating libraries that lend materials set their own loan periods, and these vary widely. Strict adherence to these specific loan periods is very important. Interlibrary Loan materials cannot be renewed except in special circumstances. Renewals should be requested well before the due date. Renewal requests submitted after the due date may be denied.
For more about interlibrary loan visit:
For Automated School Libraries:
All schools with automated library collections wishing to use DOL’s Interlibrary Loan and VALS services in the 2011-2012 school year must contribute MARC records for current acquisitions to the K12cat online catalog. Records must be sent by October 31, 2012 to be eligible for the current school year and contributions cannot be made retroactively. See:
Each school library needs an assigned VUC symbol to contribute MARC records. For detailed information on obtaining and using a VUC symbol, see: or send an email to
For more information about the Vermont Library MARC service visit: