Internet and Broadband topics


A little background:

Some of the groundbreaking studies and data that led libraries to invest in high speed broadband and new internet-related technologies.

Opportunity for All: How the American Public Benefits from Internet Access at U.S. LIbraries
Opportunity for All: How LIbrary Policies and Practices Impact Public Internet Access
  Fiber to the Library: How Public Libraries Can Benefit from Using Fiber Optics for their Broadband Internet Connection


Background on ARRA, BTOP and FiberConnect, bringing fiber optic broadband to 43 Vermont libraries.

BROADBANDUSA: Broadband Technology Opportunities Program - Department of Commerce

Vermont FiberConnect: a public-private partnership between the Vermont Telecommunications Authority (VTA) and Sovernet Communications.

Now what?

Most libraries and many homes in Vermont now have access to high-speed broadband. So now the questions are:

For individuals:

Access and affordability : there is still no access in my town or I cannot afford a computer or the monthly costs

Relevance : why should use the Internet?

Training: now I have access and I know why I need to use it, but where can I learn what I need to know?

For libraries:

How can we provide appropriate services and access to the information our patrons need to help them answer the above questions?


Access and affordability:

Connect2Compete, among others, is a public-private coalition attempting to make access to the Internet possible for Americans through inexpensive computers and discounted Internet access.



everyoneon : a 3-year Ad Council campaign aimed at promoting digital skills for all and at increasing awareness of free copmputer and Internet training on those skills. Libraries have an important role to play in increasing visibility as well as updating the library database used by everyone on.







GCFLearnFree: from the Goodwill Foundation. Free online learning in reading, math and technology.

Universal Class: for free online classes such as Computer Basics 101, MIcrosoft Office, Gmail and more.


How can we budget and pay for all this new technology?


Advocacy: Turning the Page

Using Impact Survey results and computer use data to tell your story

Using EDGE Benchmarks