175 VT Reports (unofficial)



Case Name

Docket No.

Date of Decision

In re Merritt (2002-306) (12-Sep-2003)

Caledonian-Record Publishing Co., Inc. v. Vermont State Colleges (2002-412) (05-Sep-2003)

Quenneville v. Buttolph (2002-333) (05-Sep-2003)

State v. Goodhue (2002-046) (05-Sep-2003)

Watson v. Watson (2002-293) (05-Sep-2003)

Boulton v. CLD Consulting Engineers, Inc. (2002-290) (29-Aug-2003)

In re Grega (2002-291) (29-Aug-2003)

State. v. Leach (2002-227) (29-Aug-2003)

In re D.B. (2003-184) (20-Aug-2003)

MacDonough-Webster Lodge No. 26 v. Wells (2002-103) (01-Aug-2003)

Smith v. Parrott (2002-322) (01-Aug-2003)

Stevens v. Stearns (2002-077) (01-Aug-2003)

Woolaver v. State (2002-012) (01-Aug-2003)

In re VT Yankee Nuclear Power Station (2002-368) (25-Jul-2003)

Lambert v. Beede (2002-452) (23-Jul-2003)

In re Town Highway No. 20 of Town of Georgia (2002-389) (23-Jul-2003)

Wood v. Eddy (2002-230) (23-Jul-2003)

In re Mayo Health Care, Inc. (2002-326) (22-Jul-2003)

State v. Lawrence (2002-181 & 2002-182) (18-Jul-2003)

State v. Turner (2001-428) (17-Jul-2003)

Webber, Reis, Holler & Urso, LLP v. Miller, Faignant & Behrens (2002-395) (15-Jul-2003)

Hedges v. Durrance (2002-074) (03-Jul-2003)

Courchesne v. Town of Weathersfield (2002-453) (30-Jun-2003)

In re MacIntyre Fuels, Inc. (2002-272) (30-Jun-2003)

Smith v. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. (2002-020) (27-Jun-2003)

In re Woodford Packers, Inc. (2002-056) (26-Jun-2003)

Agency of Natural Resources v. Weston (2002-456) (18-Jun-2003)

Johnston v. Wilkins (2002-356) (13-Jun-2003)

State v. Carroll (2002-010) (13-Jun-2003)

Alpine Haven Property Owners Assn., Inc. v. Deptula (2002-035) (04-Jun-2003)

Gilman v. Maine Mutual Fire Insurance Co. (2002-170) (03-Jun-2003)

In re Casella Waste Management, Inc. (2002-324) (29-May-2003)

Stannard v. Stannard Co., Inc. (2002-378) (29-May-2003)

Fercenia v. Guiduli (2002-451) (28-May-2003)

Butler v. Huttig Building Products (2002-113) (23-May-2003)

Fritzeen v. Gravel (2002-075) (23-May-2003)

DaimlerChrysler Services North America, LLC v. Ouimette (2002-423) (16-May-2003)

State v. Therrien (2002-108) (16-May-2003)

Bazzano v. Killington Country Village, Inc. (2002-234) (14-May-2003)

In re Jackson (2002-236) (9-May-2003)

L'Esperance v. Benware (2001-404) (2-May-2003)

Milton Educ. & Support Ass'n v. Milton Bd. of Sch. Trustees (2001-018) (30-Apr-2003)

Ihinger v. Ihinger (2001-236) (01-Apr-2003)

In re Lorentz (2002-239) (01-Apr-2003)

In re S.M (2002-214) (01-Apr-2003)

Simpson v. Rood (2002-183) (31-Mar-2003)

In re Ashline (2002-063) (28-Mar-2003)

Concord General Mutual Insurance Co. v. Woods (2002-114 & 2002-437) (28-Mar-2003)

Edson v. State (2001-446) (28-Mar-2003)

King v. Gorczyk (2002-180) (28-Mar-2003)

State v. Gibney (1999-081) (28-Mar-2003)

State v. Lambert (2001-390) (28-Mar-2003)

State v. McQuillan (2002-285, 2002-278, 2002-279, 2002-289, 2002-307, 2002-349, 2002-404, 2002-471, 2002-495, 2003-009, 2003-115, and 2003-116) (28-Mar-2003)

Union Mutual Fire Insurance Co. v. Joerg (2001-336) (28-Mar-2003)

Agency of Natural Resources v. Deso (2001-532) (27-Mar-2003)

In re Madore (2002-220) (27-Mar-2003)

Murray v. Luzenac Corp. (2002-140) (27-Mar-2003)

Office of Professional Regulation v. McElroy (2002-192) (27-Mar-2003)

State v. Clark (2002-362) (27-Mar-2003)

Schmitt v. Lalancette (2001-453) (21-Mar-2003)

Farnham v. Inland Sea Resort Properties, Inc. (2002-223) (28-Feb-2003)

State v. Homeside Lending, Inc. (1999-265) (21-Feb-2003)

State v. Sprague (2002-028) (21-Feb-2003)

Sheltra v. Vermont Asbestos Group (2002-116) (19-Feb-2003)

Wharton v. Tri-State Drilling & Boring (2001-520) (19-Feb-2003)

Habecker v. Giard (2002-334) (14-Feb-2003)

Dodge v. Precision Construction Products, Inc. (2001-525) (14-Feb-2003)

Gavala v. Claassen (2002-059) (14-Feb-2003)

Glidden v. Conley (2000-491) (14-Feb-2003)

Martin v. State (2001-214) (07-Feb-2003)

Roberts v. Chimileski (2001-158) (07-Feb-2003)

State v. Cadorette (2001-159) (07-Feb-2003)

State v. Cleary (2001-289) (07-Feb-2003)

State v. Stevens (2001-465) (07-Feb-2003)

Universal Underwriters Insurance Co. v Allstates Air Cargo, Inc. (2001-262) (03-Feb-2003)

Colwell v. Allstate Insurance Co. (2000-053 & 2000-410) (31-Jan-2003)

Concord General Mutual Insurance Co. v. Estate of Lawton (2001-239) (31-Jan-2003)

Derosier v. Pawtucket Mutual Insurance Co. (2001-106) (31-Jan-2003)

State v. LeClaire (2001-411) (24-Jan-2003)

In re Hurlburt (2001-138) (10-Jan-2003)

State v. Velez (2002-082) (03-Jan-2003)

State v. Beauregard (2002-208) (02-Jan-2003)

State v. Marallo (2001-204) (30-Dec-2002)

State v. Thompson (2002-165 & 2002-302) (30-Dec-2002)

Dillon v. Champion Jogbra, Inc. (2000-560) (27-Dec-2002)

Porcaro v. Drop (2001-177) (27-Dec-2002)

Taylor v. Taylor (2001-309) (08-Nov-2002)