177 VT Reports (unofficial)



Case Name

Docket No.

Date of Decision

Gintof v. Husky Injection Molding (2004-297) (19-Jan-2005)

Adams v. Adams (2003-524) (14-Jan-2005)

Farris v. Bryant Grinder Corp. (2003-516) (14-Jan-2005)

LaBounty v. State (2003-504) (12-Jan-2005)

In re PRB Docket No. 2002.093 (2003-519) (11-Jan-2005)

State v. Gibney (2003-445) (11-Jan-2005)

In re Ruggiero (2005-002) (2005-002) (05-Jan-2005)

Peerless Insurance Co. v. Frederick (2003-039) (2003-354) (23-Dec-2004)

Allstate Insurance Co. v. Vose (2004-074) (17-Dec-2004)

Hardwick Recycling & Salvage, Inc. v Acadia Insurance Co. (2003-317) (17-Dec-2004)

Kraby v. Vermont Telephone Co. (2004-004) (14-Dec-2004)

Manosh v. First Mountain Vermont, L.P. (2003-426) (14-Dec-2004)

Luce v. Cushing (2003-344) (02-Dec-2004)

In re Estate of Murcury (2004-013) (13-Dec-2004)

State v. Little (2003-390) (13-Dec-2004)

In re McGinn (2004-505) (17-Nov-2004)

In re Huntley (2003-369) (09-Nov-2004)

Mortgage Lenders Network, USA v. Sensenich (2002-564) (09-Nov-2004)

Smith v. Central Vermont Hospital, Inc. (2003-378) (09-Nov-2004)

Bowman v. Ackerman (2003-404) (29-Oct-2004)

In re E.T. (2003-536) (29-0ct-2004)

In re Brown (2002-460) (22-0ct-2004)

Hunter v. State (2003-013) (22-0ct-2004)

LoPriesti v. Rutland Regional Health Services, Inc. (2003-222) (22-0ct-2004)

Town of Victory v. State (2003-196) (22-0ct-2004)

Sundstrom v. Sundstrom (2003-423) (21-Oct-2004)

Dept. of Forests, Parks and Recreation v. Town of Ludlow Zoning Board (2002-336) (20-Oct-2004)

Wesco, Inc. v Sorrell (2003-334 & 2003-337) (08-0ct-2004)

State v. Russo (2003-348) (08-0ct-2004)

Heffernan v. Harbeson (2004-008) (01-0ct-2004)

Mann v. Levin (2003-394) (01-Oct-2004)

State v. Beer (2002-536 & 2003-456) (01-Oct-2004)

State v. Wetherbee (2003-160) (01-Oct-2004)

Keegan v. Lemieux Security Services, Inc. (2003-341) (28-Sep-2004)

Frazier v. Preferred Operators, Inc. (2003-454) (24-Sep-2004)

State v. Aiken (2003-126) (23-Sep-2004)

Fireman's Fund Insurance Co. v CNA Insurance Co. (2003-035) (17-Sep-2004)

Ford Motor Credit Co. v. Welch (2003-453) (17-Sep-2004)

USGen New England, Inc. v. Town of Rockingham (2003-072) (17-Sep-2004)

In re Reapportionment of Towns of Woodbury & Worcester (2002-304) (13-Sep-2004)

Quinn v. Grimes (2002-543) (10-Sep-2004)

Kremer v. Lawyers Title Insurance Corp. (2003-419) (08-Sep-2004)

State v. Brooks (2003-447) (03-Sep-2004)

Ladd v. Gorczyk (2003-486) (27-Aug-2004)

Rochon v. State (2003-316) (27-Aug-2004)

Attig v. Attig (2003-051 & 2003-062) (26-Aug-2004)

Sochin v. Sochin (2003-237) (25-Aug-2004)

In re E.F. (2003-424) (24-Aug-2004)

Hoffer v. Dept. of Taxes (2003-547) (24-Aug-2004)

In re Adelphia Business Solutions of VT, Inc. (2003-397) (20-Aug-2004)

Malaney v. Hannaford Brothers Co. (2002-316) (20-Aug-2004)

Lakeside Equipment Corp. v. Town of Chester (2003-193) (19-Aug-2004)

Adams v. Green Mountain Railroad Co. (2003-026) (18-Aug-2004)

LaPlume v. Lavallee (2003-391) (18-Aug-2004)

State v. Jestice (2003-093) (18-Aug-2004)

Havill v. Woodstock Soapstone Co., Inc. (2003-032) (13-Aug-2004)

In re Hinsdale Farm (2002-566) (13-Aug-2004)

Wild v. Brooks (2003-077) (13-Aug-2004)

In re Andres (2002-428) (6-Aug-2004)

In re Torres (2003-242) (6-Aug-2004)

Jenike v Jenike (2002-499) (3-Aug-2004)

Arbuckle v. Ciccotelli (2003-239) (30-Jul-2004)

Greene v. Stevens Gas Service (2003-221) (30-Jul-2004)

Perry v. Green Mountain Mall (2002-524) (30-Jul-2004)

Jacobus v. Dept. of PATH (2003-220) (29-Jul-2004)

Scott v. City of Newport (2002-457) (29-Jul-2004)

In re Yonce (2004-182) (28-Jul-2004)

Serecky v. National Grange Mutual Insurance (2003-187) (09-Jul-2004)

Lawson v. Brown's Home Day Care Center, Inc. (2003-112) (08-Jul-2004)

State v. Vezina (2002-472) (01-Jul-2004)

Laumann v. Dept. of Public Safety (2003-105) (25-Jun-2004)

In re McEwing Services, LLC (2003-078) (18-Jun-2004)

VT Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations v. City of Burlington (2003-436) (18-Jun-2004)

Kingston Pipe Industries, Inc. v. Champlain Sprinkler, Inc. (2003-271) (15-Jun-2004)

In re M.B. (2003-305) (15-Jun-2004)

State v. Freeman (2003-260) (10-Jun-2004)

State v. Allcock (2002-504) (09-Jun-2004)

State v. Malshuk (2003-243) (09-Jun-2004)

In re Lund (2003-137) (08-Jun-2004)

In re Gould (2002-262) (04-Jun-2004)

Jones v. Dept. of Forests, Parks and Recreation (2003-017) (04-Jun-2004)

McIsaac v. University of Vermont (2003-241) (04-Jun-2004)

Allen v. Town of West Windsor (2003-041, 2003-070, 2003-071, 2003-083 & 2003-084) (28-May-2004)

Downtown Barre Development v. C & S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. (2003-209) (28-May-2004)

McLean v. Mannion (2003-159) (26-May-2004)