179 VT Reports (unofficial)

Case Name

Docket No.

Date of Decision


Sweezey v. Neel (2004-225) (05-May-2006)

Will v. Mill Condominium Owners' Assoc., et al. (2005-019) (28-Apr-2006)

In re Ochs (2005-385, 2005-518, 2005-520 & 2005-521) (28-Apr-2006)

In re Odessa Corp. (2004-075) (25-Apr-2006)

In re Smith (2005-062) (24-Apr-2006)

In re Daly (2006-143) (20-Apr-2006)

In re Ruggiero (2006-154) (20-Apr-2006)

Cupola Golf Course, Inc. v. Dooley (2005-081) (14-Apr-2006)

Shahi v. Ascend Financial Services, Inc. (2005-055) (14-Apr-2006)

State v. Coburn (2005-033) (14-Apr-2006)

State v. Oscarson (2004-545) (14-Apr-2006)

Town of South Hero v. Wood (2004-387) (07-Apr-2006)

In re 232511 Investments, Ltd. (2005-183) (07-Apr-2006)

State v. Squiers (2004-499) (24-Mar-2006)

In re Duckman (2004-483) (10-Mar-2006)

In re Vermont Electric Power Co., Inc. (2005-164) (10-Mar-2006)

State v. Tester (2003-538) (08-Mar-2006)

In re Estate of Kurrelmeyer (2004-347) (03-Mar-2006)

Guibord v. Scholtz (2004-372) (01-Mar-2006)

In re Lichtenberg (2006-012) (28-Feb-2006)

Husrefovich v. Department of Aging & Independent Living (2004-459) (24-Feb-2006)

State v. King (2003-468) (24-Feb-2006)

State v. Putvain (2005-039) (22-Feb-2006)

The Electric Man, Inc. v. Charos (2004-542) (10-Feb-2006)

In re Harwood (2005-534) (03-Feb-2006)

In re Green Crow Corp. (2005-036 & 2005-155) (30-Jan-2006)

Appeal of Curtis, et al. (2005-129) (19-Jan-2006)

In re Clyde River Hydroelectric Project (2004-101) (17-Jan-2006)

Anderson v. Cooperative Insurance Companies (2004-445) (13-Jan-2006)

In re S-S Corp./Rooney Housing Developments (2004-080) (13-Jan-2006)

Cehic v. Mack Molding, Inc. (2004-353) (13-Jan-2006)

State v. Eddy (2004-337) (13-Jan-2006)

Butson v. Department of Employment & Training (2004-456) (12-Jan-2006)

Four Oaks Conservation Trust v. Bianco (2004-357) (12-Jan-2006)

State v. McCarty (2004-486) (10-Jan-2006)

Kasser v. Kasser (2003-065) (06-Jan-2006)

In re Marden Mosman Cove Irrevocable Trust (2004-475) (06-Jan-2006)

State v. Daley (2004-458) (06-Jan-2006)

Main Street Landing, LLC v. Lake Street Assoc., Inc. (2004-485) (08-Jan-2006)

Hamill v. Pawtucket Mutual Insurance Co. (2005-025) (30-Dec-2005)

State v. Tribble (2003-073) (30-Dec-2005)

In re Vermont State Employees' Association, Inc. (2004-140) (27-Dec-2005)

State v. Provost (2004-160) (23-Dec-2005)

In re Vermont State Employees' Association, Inc. (2004-141) (23-Dec-2005)

Cassani v. Northfield Savings Bank (2004-430) (16-Dec-2005)

Washington v. Pierce (2003-487) (16-Dec-2005)

In re Cowan (2004-461) (13-Dec-2005)

State v. Klunder (2004-356) (13-Dec-2005)

Rouleau v. Williamstown School Board (2005-208) (15-Dec-2005)

State v. Quigley (2004-165) (15-Dec-2005)

State v. LaBounty (2004-149) (18-Nov-2005)

Quimby v. Myers (2004-236) (09-Nov-2005)

Judicial Watch, Inc. v. State (2004-209) (04-Nov-2005)

Miller v. Miller (2004-232, 2004-187 & 2004-402) (04-Nov-2005)

Gettis v. Green Mountain Economic Development Corp. (2004-262) (28-Oct-2005)

Jackson v. Hendricks (2004-239) (24-Oct-2005)

Mizzi v. Mizzi (2004-256) (24-Oct-2005)

Christman v. Davis (2004-388) (21-Oct-2005)

Wilkins v. Lamoille County Mental Health Services, Inc. (2003-552) (21-Oct-2005)

Cody v. Cody (2005-171) (07-Oct-2005)

M.T. Associates v. Town of Randolph (2004-259) (07-Oct-2005)

In re Electronic Industries Alliance (2004-469) (06-Oct-2005)

Lynch v. Dept. of Employment & Training (2005-003) (06-Oct-2005)

Provost v. Fletcher Allen Health Care, Inc. (2004-185) (06-Oct-2005)

In re N.H., Juvenile (2005-126) (28-Sep-2005)

Barrett v. Town of Warren (2003-545) (16-Sep-2005)

Monahan v. GMAC Mortgage Corp. (2003-508) (16-Sep-2005)

Bidgood v. Town of Cavendish (2003-555) (15-Sep-2005)

Brigham v. State (2004-295) (12-Sep-2005)

In re Inquest Subpoena (WCAX) (2005-004) (26-Aug-2005)

Noble v. Kalanges (2004-437) (26-Aug-2005)

State v. Brown (2003-384) (26-Aug-2005)

State v. Rheaume (2004-166) (26-Aug-2005)

United Academics, AAUP/AFT v. University of Vermont (2004-177) (19-Aug-2005)

State v. Franklin (2003-280) (02-Aug-2005)

State v. Leopold (2004-178) (02-Aug-2005)

State v. Wigg (2003-501) (29-Jul-2005)

State v. Anderson (2003-551) (22-Jul-2005)

Brinckerhoff v. Brinckerhoff (2003-284) (15-Jul-2005)