180 VT Reports (unofficial)

Case Name

Docket No.

Date of Decision


Aither v. Estate of Aither (2005-369) (09-Nov-2006)

In re Professional Nurses Service (2005-246) (09-Nov-2006)

In re M.T., Juvenile (2006-193) (07-Nov-2006)

In re Berlin Health & Rehabilitation, Inc. (2005-407) (03-Nov-2006)

Willey v. Willey (2005-251) (03-Nov-2006)

Farr v. Searles (2005-563) (01-Nov-2006)

Endres v. Endres (2004-281) (25-Oct-2006)

In re St. Mary's Church Cell Tower (2006-029) (24-Oct-2006)

Bloomer v. Gibson (2004-540) (20-Oct-2006)

State v. Valyou (2005-571) (11-Oct-2006)

Sanz v. Douglas Collins Construction (2005-117) (04-Oct-2006)

Boehm v. Willis (2005-265) (03-Oct-2006)

Dubaniewicz v. Houman (2004-306) (15-Sep-2006)

Wright v. Bradley (2005-467) (15-Sep-2006)

Office of Child Support v. Stanzione (2004-426) (13-Sep-2006)

State v. Hance (2006-255) (08-Sep-2006)

State v. Wesco, Inc. (2005-278) (08-Sep-2006)

State v. Yoh/In re Appeal of Yoh (2000-160 & 2005-083) (08-Sep-2006)

Earle v. State (2005-029) (01-Sep-2006)

Gordon v. Board of Civil Authority for Town of Morristown (2005-245) (01-Sep-2006)

State v. Curley-Egan (2005-492) (01-Sep-2006)

State v. Babson (2005-140) (31-Aug-2006)

State v. Baird (2004-509) (25-Aug-2006)

State v. Rehkop (2004-290) (25-Aug-2006)

In re Stormwater NPDES Petition (2004-515) (25-Aug-2006)

Adamson v. Dodge (2005-255) (24-Aug-2006)

Travelers Indemnity Co. of America v. Deguise (2005-353) (18-Aug-2006)

McAlister v. Vermont Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Assoc. (2004-547) (11-Aug-2006)

State v. Desautels (2004-397 & 2005-115) (11-Aug-2006)

In re Green (2006-309) (09-Aug-2006)

State v. Avgoustov (2006-314) (07-Aug-2006)

Barber v. LaFromboise (2005-006) (04-Aug-2006)

Herbert v. Pico Ski Area Management Co. (2004-526) (04-Aug-2006)

Korda v. Chicago Insurance Co. (2004-530) (04-Aug-2006)

Miller-Jenkins v. Miller-Jenkins (2004-443 & 2005-030) (04-Aug-2006)

State v. Eldredge (2005-039) (04-Aug-2006)

Town of Stowe v. Stowe Theatre Guild (2005-060) (04-Aug-2006)

Beyers v. Water Resources Board (2005-400) (31-Jul-2006)

State v. Lemay (2004-493) (28-Jul-2006)

In re Griffin (2005-240 & 2005-360) (26-Jul-2006)

In re Lafayette (2005-374) (26-Jul-2006)

In re D.G. and C.G., Juveniles (2006-073) (24-Jul-2006)

Town of Lunenburg v. Unorganized Towns and Gores of Essex County (2005-165) (24-Jul-2006)

In re Central Vermont Public Corp. (2005-287) (18-Jul-2006)

Ehrhart v. Agency of Transportation (2005-243, 2005-244, 2005-262, 2005-263 & 2005-306)(14-Jul-2006)

Gamache v. Smurro (2004-342) (14-Jul-2006)

Preseault v. City of Burlington, VT (2005-236) (11-Jul-2006)

In re Estate of Price (2005-173) (07-Jul-2006)

Weale v. Lund (2005-365) (07-Jul-2006)

State v. Green (2005-023) (30-Jun-2006)

State v. Singer (2004-371) (30-Jun-2006)

In re Houston (2005-175) (28-Jun-2006)

Loiselle v. Barsalow (2005-149) (26-Jun-2006)

Mason v. Mason (2004-434) (16-Jun-2006)

Town of Brattleboro v. Garfield (2005-274 & 2005-314) (16-Jun-2006)

State v. Perez (2005-045) (16-Jun-2006)

In re Wesco, Inc. (2005-138) (12-Jun-2006)

Pike v. Chuck's Willoughby Pub, Inc. (2005-184) (09-Jun-2006)

State v. Sexton (2003-331) (09-Jun-2006)

In re Unified Buddhist Church, Inc. (2005-205) (09-Jun-2006)

Johnson v. United Parcel Service (2005-047) (08-Jun-2006)

Quinn v. Schipper (2004-210) (08-Jun-2006)

In re J.F., K.F., K.F., and J.F., Juveniles (2005-539) (05-Jun-2006)

Kade v. Smith (2004-344) (05-Jun-2006)

Rowe v. Lavanway (2005-043) (30-May-2006)

In re Mutschler (2004-457) (25-May-2006)

The Lodge at Bolton Valley Condominium Assoc. v. Hamilton (2005-442) (15-May-2006)

State v. Nault (2005-103) (12-May-2006)

Johnson v. Agency of Transportation (2005-090) (08-May-2006)

Blake v. Nationwide Insurance Co. (2005-176) (26-May-2006)

Pouech v. Pouech (2004-423) (12-May-2006)