DCF Discussion Sets

The Department of Libraries owns discussion sets (15 copies each) of the following DCF books.  Please email Linda Willis-Pendo at Linda.Willis-Pendo@state.vt.us or call her at (802) 828-3267 to check availability and to reserve a set.


Current List (2013-2014) - Circulates for 45 days

  • Bardugo, Leigh. Shadow and Bone.
  • Bauer, Marion Dane. Little Dog, Lost.
  • Burg, Shana. Laugh with the Moon.
  • Curtis, Christopher Paul. The Mighty Mis Malone.
  • Hiaasen, Carl. Chomp.
  • Hiranandani, Veera. The Whole Story of Half a Girl.
  • House, Silas & Neela Vaswani. Same Sun Here.
  • Hunt, Lynda Mullaly. One for the Murphys.
  • Knowles, Jo. See You at Harry's.
  • Legrand, Claire. The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls.
  • Nielsen, Jennifer. The False Prince.
  • Pennypacker, Sara. Summer of the Gypsy Moths.
  • Rocklin, Joanne. The Five Lives of Our Cat Zook.
  • Stead, Rebecca. Liar and Spy.
  • Stone, Phoebe. The Boy on Cinnamon Street.
  • Taylor, S.S. The Expeditioners.


Last Year's List (2012-2013) - Circulates for 60 days

  • Avi. City of Orphans.
  • Bauer, Joan. Close to Famous.
  • Clements, Andrew. Troublemaker.
  • Davies, Jacqueline.  Lemonade Crime.
  • Giff, Patricia Reilly. R My Name is Rachel.
  • Howe, James. Addie on the Inside.
  • MacLachlan, Patricia. Waiting for the Magic.
  • Paterson, Katherine & John. The Flint Heart.
  • Pyron, Bobbie.  A Dog's Way Home.
  • Smith, Roland.  Storm Runners.
  • Van Draanen, Wendelin.  The Running Dream.
  • Wolitzer, Meg. The Fingertips of Duncan Dorfman.

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