VELI Anecdotes


Bennington Free Library, Linda Donigan

Opportunities program – over 20 young mothers getting their GEDs, and were obviously motivated to join this program because they were going back to school.  Have become library users and still in contact with some of them. Their teachers and their social workers also come in or call with questions.  Linda and Chris are also more comfortable with these users.  They invited the mothers back for a second program with their kids.  It’s nice to reach this group.



Craftsbury Public Library, Susan O'Connell

Parents have spoken about how this has changed how they think about what they do with their kids.  A young woman – not a regular user – came to three trainings and then started coming to the library with her toddler son.  This program made her realize how welcome she and her son were at the library.



Johnson Public Library, Sarah Snow

Had a teenage pregnant girl come.  Shared with group that her family did not read at home.  After the third meeting she said she now realized how important reading was and how this would help her baby and improve their time together. In a community where literacy is really low the value of books is not understood.  This program helped people realize that they could work on these skills at home and not rely on just schools and libraries.



Woodbury Community Library, Bob Joly

Parents who came (some new) to this got interested in the library much more quickly. As soon as he got people used to the idea that the library was a friendly place they started coming regularly.  Some families probably would not have come in until their children went to school.  This was a great way for parents to meet each other.