Other Workshops 2012

Adult Program Swap

Want some good, practical ideas for adult programs that you can use this summer? This is a sharing workshop, not teaching, so your ticket of admission is one program idea for adults, written up and ready to present. We are looking for activities of all kinds: workforce development, crafts, food, creative readings, gaming, book groups, etc—pretty much anything that works with adults. Everyone will present an idea. Extra credit if you come with ideas that can be folded into the summer reading program theme for adults, Between the Covers. Remember that adults come in all ages, for our purposes, 18 and up.

To register for the workshop, click on the link below:

Aldrich Library, Barre - April 19, 9:30-12:00


Book Mending

Learn basic book mending techniques with Ellen Allman in a two hour, hands-on workshop. A trained and experienced book mender, Ellen will discuss when to mend and when to discard or send to a professional. Bring books which need repairing and, if you have them, basic book mending materials for discussion. Each session is limited to ten people in order to offer effective instruction.

To register for the workshop, click on the link below:

Midstate Library Service Center, Berlin - June 13, 10:00-12:00

Midstate Library Service Center, Berlin - June 13, 1:00-3:00

Deerfield Valley Elementary School, Wilmington - July 11, 9:30-11:30


Day for Friends

Middlebury College is this year’s venue for Day for Friends, a beautiful setting for an energetic workshop. We’ll discuss starting Friends, revitalizing the organization, fundraising, bylaws, making the ask, and building up membership. Allow some extra time to tour Middlebury’s new Davis Library or to visit the Ilsley Public Library on Main Street.

To register for the workshop, click on the link below:

Axinn Center at Starr Library, Middlebury College - May 5, 10:00-3:00


Grants: The Basics

A one-day workshop to help librarians sharpen their grant writing skills. Learn how to state the case or problem, provide enough information about the project, determine a clear budget and incorporate evaluation. The presenters will use the CLiF and Winnie Belle Learned grants as examples. Gerrie Denison will review Vermont grant resources and DOL assistance available.

To register for the workshop, click on the link below:

Gilbert Hart Library, Wallingford - July 11, 9:30-3:00


Legal Reference for Librarians

Courts are moving to e-filing of documents. Increasing amounts of legal reference materials are only available online. Where are people with legal problems going to seek assistance? Perhaps you’ve already seen an increase in these types of reference questions. This workshop brings court staff, attorneys and experienced librarians together to provide you with the information you need to know what you CAN do to help people with their legal problems.

To register for the workshop, click on the link below:

Rutland Free Library - April 3, 9:30-4:00

Midstate Library Service Center, Berlin - October 5, 9:30-4:00


Libraries and Legal Responsibilities

Of what legal requirements should you, as a librarian, be aware? What are your responsibilities for confidentiality, safety, patrons with disabilities, copyright and other issues. Come and discuss these issues with an attorney a very experienced librarian.

To register for the workshop, click on the link below:

Dorothy Alling Memorial Library, Williston - July 13, 9:30-12:30


Materials Review

If you select children's and/or young adult books for your library, here's where you can learn about the best of the new titles for children from birth through young adult. You will hear reviews and examine the books to decide what is best for your library. In addition to the books that are reviewed orally, there will be many nonfiction books recommended by the review media, and books recommended by volunteer reviewers. There is a formal part to the program and then plenty of time to examine all of the books.

There is no registration necessary.

March 28 ~ Northfield, 9:00-12:00 - LIVE session
March 29 ~ St. Johnsbury, 9:00-12:00 - LIVE session
April 9 ~ Milton, 9:00-12:00
April 17 ~ Ludlow, 9:00-12:00


Strategic Planning Series

Ready to begin building a long range plan? Join fellow librarians for four workshop seminars in 2012. Each seminar includes basic instruction for directors and planning committee chairs. Use statistics, usage patterns, community responses and standard group tools to develop a long range plan for the public library. Each seminar will include assignments and peer feedback as participants begin planning in their towns.

To register for the workshops, click on the links below:

Midstate Library Service Center, Berlin - March 23
Midstate Library Service Center, Berlin - April 20
Midstate Library Service Center, Berlin - May 24
Midstate Library Service Center, Berlin - June 21


Summer Reading Program - Dream Big: Read!

Our summer reading program this year has the theme of diversity and other cultures; the slogans are “One World, Many Stories” for the children’s program, and “You are Here” for the teen program. These workshops will give you ideas for the summer: programs both fun and informative, books, displays and decorations, international food and performers.

To register for the workshop, click on the link below:

Fletcher Memorial Library, Ludlow - March 20, 9:30-3:00

Brown Public Library, Northfield - March 21, 9:30-3:00


Town Officers' Education Conferences

The Vermont Library Trustees Association (VTLA), the trustee section of the Vermont Library Association, in conjunction with the Vermont Department of Libraries will again offer a series of workshops for trustees and librarians during the spring Town Officers Educational Conferences. TOECs are sponsored by the Vermont Institute for Government, with organizational help from the UVM Extension Service which will mail a registration packet to each library in spring, 2011. If you have any questions, please contact your regional librarian.

April 4 ~  Hilton Hotel, Burlington
April 10 ~ Lake Morey Inn, Fairlee
April 18 ~ Holiday Inn, Rutland


Tweens and Digital Storytelling

During this workshop we’ll use the focus of learning how to present a digital storytelling program at your library to also discuss tweens; who they are and information on developing programming and services that encourage them to use the library and stick around to become your teen patrons. Using technology that can be found in most libraries, the internet, and freely available software, we’ll be taking a hands-on approach to digital storytelling. Participants will need to bring a book that they will use to create a book trailer and they are welcome to bring their own laptop and any camera or filming device they would like to use (flip cameras, cell phones, digital cameras, etc).

To register for the workshop, click on the link below:

Midstate Library Service Center, Berlin - April 5, 9:30-3:00


VT Strong: Disaster Preparedness and Response in Vermont

Participants will view a video on the effects of Hurricane Irene on Vermont‘s libraries and the services Vermont libraries provided to their communities hit by the storm.  Afterwards, Jackie Calder, Vermont Historical Society Curator, will review the recent history of Vermont organizations working to assist cultural organizations with emergency preparedness, response, and recovery. She will discuss what resources are available and go over different approaches and questions that need to be considered when organizations are creating their emergency plans. 

To register for the workshop, click on the link below:

Midstate Library Service Center, Berlin - May 9, 9:30-12:00