Other Workshops 2013

Grants, the Basics

A one-day workshop to help librarians sharpen their grant writing skills. Learn how to state the case or problem, provide enough information about the project, determine a clear budget and incorporate evaluation. The presenters will use Vermont grants as examples; Gerrie Denison will review Vermont grant resources and DOL assistance available, and a local grants writer will give practical experience.

To register for the workshop, click on the link below:

Midstate Library Service Center, Berlin - July 25, 9:30-3:00


Genealogy 101: Introduction to Genealogy for Librarians

What do you do when someone comes to your library and says:
“My great-great grandmother was born in Vermont and I want to see everything you have about her.” ?
GASP!!  That statement sends a shiver of panic through every librarian who has ever heard it.  If you’re one of those or you’d like to be prepared when you DO face that question, this workshop is for you.  
You will receive an introduction to the basics of genealogical research and record keeping, followed by presentations to familiarize you with the GENEALOGICAL RESOURCES AT THE DEPT. OF LIBRARIES, THE VERMONT  STATE ARCHIVES AND THE VERMONT HISTORICAL SOCIETY  LIBRARY.
Meg Page from the Vermont  Dept. of Libraries, will lead the introduction to genealogy portion and will fill you in on the resources for genealogical research at the Dept. of Libraries.  Scott Reilly, Archivist at the Vermont State Archives and Records Administration, and Paul Carnahan, VT Historical Society Librarian, will introduce you to the parts of their collections that are particularly interesting to genealogical researchers.

To register for the workshop, click on the link below:

Midstate Library Service Center, Berlin - September 24, 9:30-3:00


Materials Review

If you select children's and/or young adult books for your library, here's where you can learn about the best of the new titles for children from birth through young adult. You will hear reviews and examine the books to decide what is best for your library. In addition to the books that are reviewed orally, there will be many nonfiction books recommended by the review media, and books recommended by volunteer reviewers. There is a formal part to the program and then plenty of time to examine all of the books.

There is no registration necessary.

Brown Public Library, Northfield - April 5, 9:00-12:00


Picture Book Story Time

In this three-day workshop we will discuss everything you need to know to do a successful early literacy story hour: planning, book selection, activities, and implementation.  Participants will be required to present two stories of their choosing to the class for feedback and idea sharing.  This workshop will include innovative as well as traditional methods of presentation.  Both experienced and novice story hour presenters are welcome.

To register for the workshop, click on the link below:

Midstate Library Service Center, Berlin - September 11, 17, 19, 9:30-3:00


Strategic Planning Series

Public libraries face real uncertainty about the future. One way to focus staff, trustees and community is by using the ALA Strategic Planning for Results. The series begins with a full face to face day of introduction and discussion of the first two months of the process. Each seminar includes basic instruction for directors about use statistics, usage patterns, community responses and standard group tools to develop the strategic plan. Each seminar will include assignments and peer feedback as participants begin planning in their towns. Two to three participatory webinars will complete the series. If libraries choose, the facilitators will lead the two meetings to elicit community involvement.

April 9 serves is the introduction and first assignments to planning concepts and application. Seminars on 5/28, 6/25, and July 16 continue hands-on creation of the task force, information packet, and writing that go into the library’s strategic plan.

To register for the workshops, click on the links below:

Hartland Public Library - April 9, 9:30-3:0,Webinars - May 28, June 25, July 16

Summer Reading Program - Dig Into Reading

Time to start planning your summer reading program! The theme is Underground, with the slogans Dig Into Reading for children and Beneath the Surface for teens. There will be ideas for programs both serious and funny, plus suggestions for books, displays and decorations, and performers.

To register for the workshop, click on the link below:

Brown Public Library, Northfield - March 22, 9:30-3:00
Fletcher Memorial Library, Ludlow - April 2, 9:30-3:00


Town Officers' Education Conferences

The Vermont Library Trustees Association (VTLA), the trustee section of the Vermont Library Association, in conjunction with the Vermont Department of Libraries will again offer a series of workshops for trustees and librarians during the spring Town Officers Educational Conferences. TOECs are sponsored by the Vermont Institute for Government, with organizational help from the UVM Extension Service which will mail a registration packet to each library in spring, 2011. If you have any questions, please contact your regional librarian.

April 3 ~  Hilton Hotel, Burlington
April 17 ~ Lake Morey Inn, Fairlee
April 24 ~ Killington Grand Hotel