Genealogy 101: Introduction to Genealogy for Librarians

Date/Location: September 24, 2013, Midstate Library Service Center, Berlin

What do you do when someone comes to your library and says:
“My great-great grandmother was born in Vermont and I want to see everything you have about her.” ?
GASP!! That statement sends a shiver of panic through every librarian who has ever heard it. If you’re one of those or you’d like to be prepared when you DO face that question, this workshop is for you.

You will receive an introduction to the basics of genealogical research and record keeping, followed by presentations to familiarize you with the GENEALOGICAL RESOURCES AT THE DEPT. OF LIBRARIES, THE VERMONT STATE ARCHIVES AND THE VERMONT HISTORICAL SOCIETY LIBRARY.

Meg Page from the Vermont Dept. of Libraries, will lead the introduction to genealogy portion and will fill you in on the resources for genealogical research at the Dept. of Libraries. Scott Reilly, Archivist at the Vermont State Archives and Records Administration, and Paul Carnahan, VT Historical Society Librarian, will introduce you to the parts of their collections that are particularly interesting to genealogical researchers.

Type/Credits: General / 5 credits