Division of Library Technology

The Division of Library Technology oversees and manages the Vermont Automated Libraries System (VALS) which serves as one of the primary access point for state information.  The Division provides advice on state information technology policy. 

The division provides and maintains computers, computer systems, networks, and related databases necessary to the operation of the Department and of the Department's services to state government, local libraries and citizens.  It conducts seminars, workshops and other programs to increase the professional competence of librarians in the state in the area of technology.  It promotes and establishes electronic linkages among or between libraries as well as electronically linking libraries with educational, social, or information services.  The Division assists libraries in accessing information through electronic networks; assists with the costs for libraries to acquire or share computer systems and telecommunications technologies; supports libraries in cooperative acquisition of online resources and statewide database licensing; and oversees the statewide database contract - the Vermont Online Library (VOL).




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