Movie Licensing, School Libraries

 This license will permit the FREE public performance of movies (from selected Hollywood studios) in the school.  This new contract covers the period of October 1, 2014 - September 30, 2015.



Student Enrollment Price
150 and under


151-300 $187.50
301-500 $200.00
501-1000 $212.50
1001-1500 $225.00
1501-2000 $237.50
2001-2500 $250.00
2501-3000 $262.50
3001-3500 $275.00
3501 and above $287.50


Here are some details:

  1. The Department of Libraries offers this product only if at least fifty schools apply for the license.  The final postmark date September 12, 2014.

  2. This license is a discounted product, which represents one half the regular cost.

  3. To use this license at the school, you must have a NEW signed agreement on file at the Department of Libraries.

  4. Complete, print and sign out the form.  Mail the form to the Department of Libraries, Fax it to (802) 828-2199 or email to brittney.wilson@state.vt.usDo not include payment.

  5. The Department will announce whether the fifty required libraries have applied.  If there are fifty, then everyone who has applied will be notified and billed.

  6. The license covers only those Hollywood studios listed on the Agreement form.  For motion pictures by studios not covered by this license, contact the studio directly to arrange a public performance.  Use the Movie Licensing USA website to verify that movies are covered by the license, to generate free posters with the original movie art, and to get program ideas.

  7. Rules about showing and advertising movies in your libraries are included in the Agreement Form.

  8. Once you have paid for the license, we will send you the license certificate for your library.

Questions? Contact Brittney Wilson ( 828-3266) or Amy Howlett ( / (802) 463-0142)