Division of Reference, Law and Information Services

 The Division of Reference, Law and Information Services includes:

  • Law & Documents Library (LDU)
  • Reference and Interlibrary Loan Services (RSU)
  • University of Vermont Access Office
  • Technical Services (TSU)

The Division provides and maintains a law library to serve the supreme court, the attorney general, other members of the judiciary, the legal profession, members of the legislature, officials of state government and the general public.  It maintains a collection of state documents/publications and acts as a federal depository library.  The Division provides reference and information services to state government, citizens and local libraries and encourages libraries in different areas, and of different types to share resources through interlibrary loan and other means.  It acts as a liaison to the libraries of the University of Vermont and maintains an office at the University to provide statewide access to the resources of its library collections.  Its Technical Services Unit provides centralized cataloging and other related technical services to libraries and encourages the formation of and maintains central records of library holdings as well as assisting libraries in accessing information in all formats. 


Department Organization Chart

Department Staff Directory