Vermont School Library Statistical Report

Please complete and submit the 2009-2010 School Library Report to:


Instructions to save and submit report for Adobe Reader users:

1. Click on the link:

The pdf form will open in your browser and a warning will appear at the top letting you know you won't be able to save the form. Ignore the warning; once you complete the form you will click the "Click to Submit" button.

2.  When you click  the "Click to Submit" button the following box will appear:

3. If you have Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Mail, or Eudora choose "Desktop Email Application" and click "OK." An email with your information attached will automatically be sent to: 

     If you use web-based email --yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc.-- choose "Internet Email." A box will pop up for you to save the data to your computer. Please note: the data won't be saved as a pdf document, but as an Adobe data file (fdf).

     Open your email account, create a new message, and attach the data file that you saved on your computer. Enter "School Library Report"  in the subject line and e-mail it to:


If you have questions about completing the survey please contact:

Rob Geiszler at (802) 778-3839 or

Renee Ancel at (802) 828-3266 or


Watch for statistics for the last school year which will be posted this fall on the Department of Libraries website.