Submission of K12cat Records for Automated School Libraries

Deadline: October 31, 2014

Complete and submit the following form before sending a file with MARC records.

You will receive a confirmation email after submitting the form. To send your MARC records, reply to the confirmation email and attach the file with the records. The file must be named using the convention "VUCSymbol.mrc" (e.g. M761EU.mrc).

You can find your VUC symbol on our online  Vermont Library Directory under your school/library name. If your VUC symbol is not listed there, please contact .


  • Take note of the last record in your current submission so your next submission does not overlap and adds unnecessary duplicates to K12cat.

  • Avoid submitting locally input/brief (i.e."home-made") records. Submit records from reputable vendors only.

  • Do not submit records taken directly from diskettes or CDs from your vendor. Extract the records from your local database  into a single file, using your local library system's "extract" program.

  • DOL no longer accepts files on disk, diskette, or CD. Send files only by attaching them to a reply to the confirmation email message you receive when you submit this form.


e.g. 049a

Variations such as; "lowercase used," "school name used instead of VUC symbol," etc.