Office of the State Librarian/Assistant State Librarian

The State Librarian serves as administrative head of the department and secretary to Board of Libraries. The State Librarian's Office provides administrative support to Board and for the Board's geographic naming activities.  The State Librarian administers state and federal plans, and grants, receives and distributes state documents; arranges for and designates depositories of state documents.  The Office prepares and oversees the Department's budget and fiscal operations.  The State Librarian serves as President of the Vermont Public Library Foundation (VPLF).

 The newly created position of Assistant State Librarian assists the State Librarian in the day-to-day administration of the Department and directs two department divisions: Library Development and Support Services and Reference, Law and Information Services including coordination of the activities and supervision of the operation of the regional library, the consultant services, services to the blind and disabled, services to state institutions, reference, law and interlibrary loan services, technical services, children's services and continuing education.

Department Organization Chart

Department Staff Directory