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Open Meeting Law : 2014 Changes

Signed into law on May 23, 2014, Act 143 takes effect on July 1, 2014. The Vermont Secretary of State and the Vermont League of Cities and Towns have produced documents to help with the new requirements.

Secretary of State's website has a presentation on the changes to Open Meeting Law (PowerPoint) as well as an updated Guide to Open Meetings (pdf)

Vermont League of Cities and Towns has produced a very helpful document on Open Meetings Law FAQs

Act No. 143. An act relating tothe open meeting law. (H.497)

Act 143: Legislative Summary

Open Meeting Webinar Presentation 7/21/14 as ppt or  pdf

Recording of the Open Meeting Law Webinar of 7/21/14


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Trustees' Manual, 5th Edition (PDF Format) Updated 9.16.2010

Working Together Chart (PDF Format)

Law of Public Libraries (PDF Format)

Open Meeting Law

Power Point Presentations

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