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Trustees Annual Conference 2014

Agenda (PDF)

Trustee Trivia 2014 (PDF)


Grant Opportunities for Public Libraries

Grant Resources for Libraries (PDF)

Get That Grant (PDF)


Stewardship for Trustees and Friends

Decision Tree for Financial Investments (PDF)

Sample Friends Investment Policy (PDF)

Investing Funds Outline (PDF)


Trustees Annual Conference 2013


Trustee Trivia 2013

Social Media for Libraries


Exploring Non-Profits with Owls (501c3)

Presentation Slides

Document requirements

Immunity of Directors


Roles & Responsibilities

Trustee Orientation

Working Together Chart

New Trustees Checklist

Test Your Library IQ


Town Officers' Education Conference 2013

Working Effectively with Town Government

Staff issues: Hiring, evaluation, salary and succession

Your Library’s Legal Identity and Why It Matters

Statewide Digital Resources


VLTA Conference 2012

Keynote Speech


Open Meeting Law and the 21st Century



Town Officers' Education Conference 2012


21st Century Library Sources in Vermont

Emergency Planning

Advocacy 101 and Beyond


VLTA Conference 2011: The Public Library, Value and Vision for the 21st Century


Town Officers' Education Conference 2010