CatExpress Services for Vermont Public Libraries


The Vermont Department of Libraries manages a buying group for Vermont public libraries to purchase full MARC records from OCLC.


What is CatExpress?

CatExpress is a fast and easy “copy cataloging” solution, designed for any library that needs a streamlined tool for obtaining full MARC records and printing labels.


  • Speed up copy cataloging with high hit rates from WorldCat, OCLC’s authoritative bibliographic database that connects you to more than 217 million materials records for popular and hard-to-find items
  • Intuitive Web-based interface is easy for library staff to use, regardless of previous cataloging experience


  • Simple six-step process for copy cataloging
  • Search for and retrieve MARC records
  • Basic editing of bibliographic records
  • Print spine and pocket labels for items in your collection
  • Download OCLC-MARC records
  • Online documentation and context-sensitive help

CatExpress subscribers can receive upgraded WorldCat records automatically, through the Bibliographic Record Notification service, at no additional charge

For more information:

Each year the Vermont Department of Libraries:

  • Collects orders from libraries for the number of CatExpress MARC records the library will use in the coming year and submits the order for the entire group of libraries to OCLC.
  • Purchases (up to) the first 250 CatExpress MARC records for participating libraries, at no cost to the individual library
  • Invoices and collects funds from participating libraries that choose to order additional MARC records for the coming year (above and beyond the initial “free” 250 records)
  • Maintains a list of participating libraries and tracks use of the CatExpress service

Each participating library:

  • orders the number of records they will use in the coming year
  • pays $1.00 per item for records beyond the first 250 records

If your library is a member of the VOKAL consortium:

  • Contact Debbie Roderer at the Doratohy Alling library in Williston for more details about your subscription
  • DOL will create a separate buying group for VOKAL libraries
  • The Department of Libraries will purchase the first 2,250 records for the VOKAL consortium of libraries
  • VOKAL libraries can purchase additional records as a consortium, with no minimum requirement of records for individual VOKAL libraries
  • VOKAL will decide as a consortium the total number of records they will order
  • Billing for additional MARC records will be made to the VOKAL consortium, and not to individual VOKAL libraries

For more information, contact:

Tom McMurdo, Head of VTLIB Technical Services Unit: 802-828-6953 / or see the 2013-2014 letter inviting VT public libraries to participate in the CatExpress program


Last updated: December 23, 2013