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Where can I find information about acquisitions?

  • ALCTS maintains a nice list of resources regarding acquistions.
  • AcqWeb with comprehensive resources for acquisitions and collection development

How can I find out about using Vermont state contracts to order items and receive discounts?

Get Started Cataloging

What is the best way to proceed?

  • Try to find a catalog record that matches your item
  • Use your library ILS to search for catalog records on other systems through Z39.50
  • Z39.50 is a protocol that lets your catalog search other databases
  • Consider doing original cataloging only when pre-existing cataloging is not available

Matching Pre-Existing Cataloging

What guidelines can I use to determine if the cataloging I find is a match for what my library owns?


What are several shortcuts to help with descriptive cataloging

  • Use copy cataloging (cataloging from pre-existing records)
  • Use CIP (cataloging-in-publication, which is cataloging information usually found on the verso of title pages)
  • Use related cataloging for hints on description, classification numbers, subject headings, and setting up various MARC formats
  • Refer to AACR2: Descriptive Cataloguing for Monographs for a summary of the most important rules


Where can I find a tool to convert 10 digit ISBNs to 13 digit ISBNs and vice versa?


Main and Added Entry

Where can I find out how to set up headings and do cross-references?


Subject Cataloging

What are several quick and effective ways to find good subject headings and cross-references to use?


Dewey Decimal and Library of Congress Classification

What are several quick and effective ways to find good Dewey Decimal or Library of Congress classification numbers to use?

  • Refer to Dewey Decimal or Library of Congress classification numbers in cataloging found in VALS Web2 catalogs, the Library of Congress Online Catalog, or other library catalogs on the web
  • Refer to Sears List of Subject Headings for Dewey numbers provided after subject headings
  • Refer to the print version of Library of Congress Headings for Library of Congress classification numbers provided after subject headings
  • Refer to People, Places & Things: a List of Popular Library of Congress Subject Headings with Dewey Numbers (Dublin, Ohio: Forest Press, c2001.)
  • Refer to the online table Map LC (LCC) to Dewey (DDC) Classification  to convert from Library of Congress Classification to Dewey
  • Refer to the online table Map Dewey (DDC) to LC (LCC) Classification  to convert from Dewey to Library of Congress Classification
  • Refer to conversion tables such as: Scott, Mona L. Conversion Tables. LC - Dewey, Dewey-LC. 2nd ed. (Englewood, Colo.: Libraries Unlimited, 1999)
  • Refer to Classify: an Experimental Classification Service
  • Refer to the DeweyBrowser for suggestions of Dewey classification numbers
  • Refer to The Dewey Blog



Where can I find a brief and concise explanation about MARC records?

Where can I find out what a MARC code means?


If I input an original cataloging record, what MARC fields are required?

Cataloging Different Formats

Where can I find basic guidelines on cataloging different formats?

Sources of Cataloging

What are several good sources of catalog cards, MARC records and cataloging information for Vermont libraries?


Downloading MARC Records

How can I download records from DOLCAT, PUBCAT and K12CAT in VALS?

  • Call up a record in the Web2 catalog. Click on "MARC display." Click on "Download MARC Record." The record will appear as one long line of text. From your browser choose "File" and then "Save as." In the "Save as" window, be sure that the "Type" is "Text file" or "All files". You can give the record any file name you wish and an extension your library system uses such as ".mrc" or save it as a text file.


How can I download records from the Library of Congress Online Catalog?

  • According to the Library of Congress Help page for Saving MARC records, LC MARC records cannot be emailed in the MARC format. If the email option is chosen the records will be received in standard ASCII format.

May I download MARC records from any library catalog?


Automated Systems

What other Vermont libraries use the same automated system my library uses in case I need help?


Products and Services

Where can I find the names of companies that offer cataloging products and services?


Cataloging and Classification Terminology

Where can I find definitions for cataloging and classification terminology?


Other Useful Cataloging Sites

Are there additional popular sites  that catalogers use?

Continuing Education

Where can I learn more about cataloging and classification?

                American Library Association List of Continuing Education Opportunities

                Cataloger's Learning Workshop

                Cataloger's Learning Workshop podcasts

                ALCTS's Continuing Education Clearinghouse

                Dewey to the Rescue online multimedia tutorial on Dewey classification

                Let’s Do Dewey

                MARC 21 Tutorial created by Ann Branton and Aipig Chen-Gaffey of the University of
                           Southern Mississippi

                Implementing Authority Control online self-paced workshop created by Lorraine Lanius at
                           the Vermont Department of Libraries


Changes, Trends, and the Future of Cataloging

How can I keep up with changes and trends in the cataloging field?

Cataloging Associations, Organizations, and Groups

What organizations and groups have an interest in cataloging issues?


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