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Vermont Union Catalog


What Is It?

The Vermont Union Catalog (VUC) remains a focal point for interlibrary loan and the Vermont Resource Sharing Network. The VUC began in 1942 as a Works Progress Administration project. At that time, the VUC was housed in and maintained by the Department of Libraries' Reference and Law Division. Initially, the VUC was limited to adult non-fiction, but was later expanded to include all types of materials. Today, the VUC is maintained by the VTLIB Technical Services Division and it includes all kinds of library materials--everything from juvenile books to DVDs. The Vermont Union Catalog works hand in hand with the Vermont Automated Libraries System (VALS).

Which Libraries Are Eligible?

All Vermont libraries of any type--public, private, school, academic, or special (including museum, hospital, government agency, business libraries, etc.)--may contribute to and benefit from the VUC.

How Is It Used?

The VUC is used by libraries to locate materials within the state for interlibrary loan. Libraries can directly search the online catalogs in the Vermont Automated Libraries System (VALS). When materials cannot be found in VALS, VTLIB Reference and Law staff look for out-of-state library holdings. Thus, the library resources of Vermont are made available to all citizens through libraries of all types and sizes.

Why Should a Library Participate?

Libraries are required to contribute to the VUC in order to:

  • Meet minimum standards
  • Be eligible to have a VALS account
  • Participate fully in VALS interlibrary loan

How Does a Library Participate?

Each participating library needs a VUC symbol (see the Vermont Library Directory). If your library is not listed contact Tom McMurdo at the Technical Services Unit: email: or phone:802-828-6953.

Libraries using catalog cards or those with automated catalogs that do not communicate with VTLIB's VALS system through Z39.50 (such as LibraryWorld, Mandarin, and the like) should follow the procedure below. If your library is a member of either the VOKAL or Catamount Consortia, or if your library has an automation system that is capable of communicating with VTLIB's VALS system, you do not need to do anything.  If your library is automated and you do not know whether your catalog is capable of communicating with VALS, please contact TSU.


Libraries submitting holdings to VTLIB must now submit them via email to When sending the email, please be sure to include your library name in the subject of the email.


To submit holdings via email, please complete the VTLIB holdings submission excel form: VTLIB VUC excel form. Note that there is a tab at the bottom for added items and a tab for deleted items. Enter new items acquired on the Adds tab, and deleted items on the Deletes tab. Enter title, author, date and ISBN information at minimum. Holding code means your library's VUC code. Simply supply that code once.


If your library uses LibraryWorld, use these instructions, authored by Becky Jensen at the Peacham Library to run a report that will provide this information in an excel sheet: LibraryWorld VUC submission instructions.


If you use a different ILS and have instructions for generating a similar report with your system, please submit them to TSU at:


Once you have a completed your excel sheet, please email it to the TSU address: .


If your library is automating for the first time, joing Catamount or VOKAL, or if your library is changing to a new ILS, please contact TSU. This change could affect the way that you report your holdings.

Libraries must submit holdings or have them available to VALS to maintain good standing in the VUC, and to be eligible for interlibrary loan.


  1. Public libraries must contribute VUC holdings at least once a year (Oct. 15 - Oct. 14) in order to meet minimum standards. Public libraries that order cataloging from the Card/MARC Service do not need to send VUC holdings unless the cataloging is obtained from other sources.
  2. School libraries must submit MARC record holdings to the VUC once per school year (Nov. 1 - Oct. 31). The Oct. 31 deadline must be met in order to remain eligible for interlibrary loan services ( including VALS) the following school year. Instructions for school libraries holdings submissions are available here:
  3. Other libraries must contribute at least once per year.

How to Check Your Own VUC Status (School and Public Libraries Only)

The Technical Services Unit enters public and school library VUC contributions online in DOLcat. Public and school libraries can find your library's VUC status by searching the web2 DOLcat.

To find your VUC status in web2 DOLCAT choose one of the following:

  1. Type the name of your library as a title search, ex. Brooks Memorial Library
  2. Type your library's VUC symbol as a call number search, ex. B733
  3. For public libraries that use OCLC for cataloging, type your library's OCLC symbol as a call number search, ex. BSYA

Next, click on your library name. You will be linked to the record for your library. Ignore the message, "The library currently has no holdings for this title," because this message does not refer to your VUC holdings. Instead, see the section of the record that follows, "Display Related Subjects." Your VUC contributions are listed as Notes.


Notes: VUC Cards: Adds: 2-22-08 (274)
VUC Cards: Discards: 2-22-08 (60)
MARC Records: Adds: 11-17-2007 (78)
MARC Records: Discards: 3-27-2008 (7)

Dates are followed by the number of additions or discards, which are given in parentheses. School libraries that send diskettes or ftp MARC records should contact the Technical Services Unit for their VUC status because records are loaded in batches and the contributions are entered less frequently than public library contributions.

For questions or information:

Technical Services Unit
Vermont Dept. of Libraries
109 State St.
Montpelier, VT 05609-0601
Phone: 802-828-6953
FAX: 802-828-2199

Revised December 4, 2013 by Technical Services Unit


This program supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services,
a federal agency, through the Library Services and Technology Act
as administered by the Vermont Department of Libraries.


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