Turning the Page 2.0 - Pre-Program Survey


Welcome to Turning the Page 2.0! Congratulations on deciding to invest in your library's future! The course will run the week of October 14 through the week of November 18.

It is important that you participate in this survey as it will help us assign you to the appropriate training schedule. It also helps us in the program evaluation process. Please be assured that we will keep your responses confidential. Summarized results of the survey will not be associated with your name, though they may be associated with your general role within your library. It should take 5-10 minutes to complete the survey.


A Little About You...

Please answer some basic demographic questions. Thank you!
Other (please specify)

Your Advocacy Goal

Let's focus on one of your library's advocacy goals.

What are three barriers you face in reaching this goal?

Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeither Disagree nor AgreeAgreeStrongly Agree
I feel the experiences from this training will help me overcome barriers related to advocacy.
Advocacy is an integral part of the job of a library director.
Advocacy is one of the responsibilities of library trustees and/or board members.
I believe that advocacy is something everyone should do every day.

Your Individual Advocacy Skills

Now let's focus on your individual skills.
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeither Disagree nor AgreeAgreeStrongly Agree
...identifying the goals of an advocacy project.
...identifying the key milestones needed to be successful on an advocacy project.
...selecting members and creating a project team to focus on advocacy.
...determining what is required to manage a successful advocacy project.
...identifying and engaging community supporters.
...identifying target audiences that can help meet funding requirements.
...determining what target audiences currently think about the library and what they need to know in order to support it.
...communicating messages in a clear and compelling way to my audience.
...presenting myself and the library in a professional, confident manner.
...selecting and implementing advocacy activities that can help me reach my advocacy project goal.

About Online Learning

A major part of this program involves online learning. Please provide your thoughts and feelings on this form of training as well as your computer experience.
YesNoI'm not sure
I own a computer.
I have internet access at home.
I am comfortable with on-line business transactions (like checking my bank statements or paying my credit card bills online).
I have purchased something through the internet (like airline tickets, movie tickets, items bought through eBay).
I have used a computer for learning something new (like finding a new recipe or how to fix a broken appliance).
I have a personal e-mail account.
I use e-mail more often to communicate with family and friends than I use standard letters.
I have participated in a "chat room".
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeither Disagree nor AgreeAgreeStrongly AgreeI'm not sure
Internet-delivered training classes are an efficient way to deliver training.
It's better to attend a training class with an instructor than gain the same information from a computer.
I learn just as well from an Internet-delivered course as I do from a "traditional" training class.
I like the flexibility of attending an Internet-delivered training class.
Communicating online with classmates in Internet-delivered courses are an enhancement to learning.
I feel uneasy taking an Internet-delivered training class.
Training delivered over the Internet is too impersonal.
I feel Internet-delivered training allows for more interaction between students, and between the students and the teacher, than an in-person class.

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