Paul Post Fund

The goal of the Paul Post Fund is to support Vermont libraries and to encourage and enhance reading by young adults. The fund has a primary interest in literacy projects that will engage young people. Any school, municipal or public nonprofit library in the state of Vermont may apply to the Paul Post Fund. For more information visit


Contact Information:

The Vermont Community Foundation
Christopher Kaufman Ilstrup,
(802) 388-3355 x. 295


Ranges from $250-$1,000


No deadline, applications are accepted via email on a rolling basis throughout the year.

To Apply:

Send your proposal (no longer than two pages) via email to Christopher Kaufman Ilstrup at Include the following information in your proposal:

  • Name, address, and website for your library
  • Name, email address, and phone number of the contact person for your application
  • Amount requested (between $250 and $1,000)
  • Project narrative of no more than two pages addressing the following:
    • Goal - what you hope to achieve
    • Problem - why it is important to do this work
    • Activities - what you will do during the project
    • Evaluation - how you will know you have succeeded
  • Itemized budget for project including expected income and expenses