Request A State Library Card

The Department of Libraries is currently in the process of moving to a new location. Beginning Friday, June 15th we will have intermittent access to this form and will not be able to send out cards. We anticipate sending out cards again beginning Monday, July 2nd. Thank you for your patience.

Vermont State Employees are eligible to receive a free borrower's card for the Vermont State Library, interlibrary loan service, access to Universal Class online classes, and Vermont Online Library databases. To receive your card and barcode number, please fill out and submit the following electronic form:

Provide the full address of where you work, including city and zip code. Your library card will be mailed to your work location.

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We will send your library card barcode number via email so that you may access Universal Class and Vermont Online Library databases immediately.

Your Vermont State Library borrower's card will follow via BGS inter-office delivery within a few days.


If you have a question about the Vermont State Library, Universal Class Access, or the Vermont Online Library, please contact:

Tom McMurdo,

If you have a question about Interlibrary Loan Service, please contact;

April Shaw,