VALS Z39.50 Registration

Please fill in the following information to register your library's online, automated catalog with the Department of Libraries. If you have questions about the program contact Tom McMurdo in Information Technology Services at the Vermont Department of Libraries. 

School or public libraries who have registered for VALS Z39.50 in the past do not need to fill out the following form. If your library's information has changed, please resubmit the registration form making note in the comment section of the changes. The Department of Libraries will contact you should we have have any questions.

Examples: KOHA, Destiny, ect.
Z39.50 Server Information
Examples: "" or an IP address
The name of the database should be provided with system documentation or by contacting the vendor or application support. Examples: biblios (KOHA), main (Follett)
Standard port is 210, but different vendors/applications may use non-standard ports. Examples: KOHA 9999, TLC 5666
Please provide the contact information for your library's systems administrator and/or network support individual(s). The information provided should allow the Department of Libraries to contact the responsible parties directly.