Cataloging Services

The Vermont Library Cataloging Service provides standardized MARC records to libraries meeting the Minimum Standards for Vermont Public Libraries. The first 1,000 book and audio-visual titles per calendar year are free, with the ability to order more records. Your library may order records for current acquisitions only. The MARC records will be delivered to your library via email.

Ordering Procedure

Each order should be emailed to: and should include the following:pile of cataloging books

  • Author
  • Title
  • Publisher
  • Date
  • LC control number (if available)
  • ISBN number (if available)
  • Your library's:
    • Name
    • Four letter OCLC symbol 

Audio-visual materials also require:

  • Format type
  • Publisher's number or music publisher's number
  • Distributor or releasing company (if available)
  • In place of author provide one of the following:
    • Producer
    • Composer
    • Artist
    • Performer
    • Conductor

Include any additional information you feel would be helpful in locating the exact record you require. Contact the Technical Services Unit with any problems or questions.

By placing an order with the Vermont Library Cataloging Service your library's holdings will appear in PUBcat, the online database of public library holdings. These holdings are searched through the Vermont Automated Libraries System (VALS) Web2 database. You will not need to submit Vermont Union Catalog holdings for items you receive from the Vermont Library Cataloging Service.

Receiving MARC Records

All records will be sent to your library via email attachment and should arrive one to two business days after we receive your email.  

If you do not receive your records or there is a mistake with the records, resubmit the information and include an additional note explaining the problem.