Vermont's Picture Book Award For Children In Grades K-4


Aardema, Verna.  Anansi Does the Impossible!  Illustrated by Lisa Desimini.  Atheneum, 1997.  ISBN 0-689-81092-X.

Adler, David.  Lou Gehrig.  Illustrated by Terry Widener.  Harcourt, 1997.  ISBN 0-15-200523-4.  

Blake, Robert J.  Akiak.  Philomel, 1997.  ISBN 0-399-22798-9.

Demi.  One Grain of Rice.  Scholastic, 1997.  ISBN 0-590-93998-X.

Fleming, Candace.  Gabriella's Song.  Illustrated by Giselle Potter.  S&S, 1997.  ISBN 0-689-80973-5.  

Fleming, Denise.  Time to Sleep.  Holt, 1997.  ISBN 0-8050-3762-4.

Riley, Linnea.  Mouse Mess.  Scholastic, 1997.  ISBN 0-59010048-3.

Simont, Marc.  The Goose That Almost Got Cooked.  Scholastic, 1997.  ISBN 0-590-69075-2.

Stewart, Sarah.  The Gardener.  Illustrated by David Small.  FSG, 1997.  ISBN 0-374-32517-0.

Wells, Rosemary.  Bunny Cakes.  Dial, 1997.  ISBN 0-8037-2143-9 (Tr.);  ISBN 0-8037-2144-7 (PLB).

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