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Green Mountain Book Award
Handbook 2006-2007

Compiled by
the Green Mountain Book Award Committee

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GMBA Masterlist

How to Apply for the Committee/ Guidelines for writing reviews

Book Suggestion form

Busiek, Kurt and Alex Ross..... Marvels

Chambers, Aidan.....Postcards from No Man's Land

Cox, Lynn and Martha Kaplan.....Swimming to Antarctica

Freymann-Weyr, Garret.....My Heartbeat

Gantos, Jack.....Hole in My Life

Halpin, Brendan.....Donorboy

Hautman, Pete.....Godless

Maynard, Joyce.....The Usual Rules

Myers, Walter Dean.....Shooter

Peters, Julie Anne.....Luna

Picoult, Jodi.....My Sister's Keeper

Ralston, Aron.....Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Thompson, Craig.....Blankets

Trudeau, G.B......The Long Road Home

Werlin, Nancy.....Double Helix


What is the Green Mountain Book Award?

The Green Mountain Book Award is the student-selected award for Vermonters in grades 9-12. Last year it joined the other two Vermont child-selected book awards, The Red Clover Award, a picture book award for children in Kindergarten-grade 4, and the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award, a book award for students in grades 4-8.

How did the award start?

Librarians have been talking about the possibility of such an award for several years, but it was Marsha Middleton, the librarian at North Country Union High School in Newport, Vermont and Sybil McShane, the Vermont State Librarian, who made it a reality. Marsha had both the desire to start a young adult award and the knowledge of high school kids and their reading, and Sybil had strong interest in having the Department of Libraries better serve the teenagers of Vermont. Both librarians are passionate about young adult literature and bringing the best to kids, so it was a natural partnership.

The Department of Libraries agreed to fund a two to three year pilot project, and a group of excited volunteers formed a committee in 2004. The Vermont Educational Media Association contributed funding, and CAYAL, the Children’s and Young Adult section of the Vermont Library Association, pledged support and recruited volunteers.

The first committee set ground rules, established criteria, and selected the first masterlist. This year's committee consists of: Connie Harr, Brownell Library, Essex Junction; Philip Charles Crawford, Library Director, Essex High School; Mary Neville Hood, Retired School Librarian; Kathy Johnson, freelance writer and editor, Cambridge; Dollinda Lund, Librarian, Lyndon Institute; Hannah Peacock, Youth Services Librarian, Burnham Memorial Library, Colchester; Suzy Shedd, Groton Public Librarian; Sharon Richards Weaver, Charlotte; Beth Wright, Youth Services Librarian, Fletcher Free Library, Burlington; Marsha Middleton, Librarian, North Country Union High School, Chair; Grace Greene, Children's Services Consultant, Department of Libraries, Liaison to Committee.

Mission statement
The goal of the award is to select a list of books of good literary quality that:


Criteria for choosing books
To be eligible for the Green Mountain Book Award list, a book must:

In addition, there may be only one book by an author on any given list.

To coincide with the calendars of the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award and the Red Clover Award, voting for the winner of the Green Mountain Book Award is held in April. The committee recommends that in order to be eligible to vote, a student should read at least three books on the masterlist. The new list will be selected in March, and will be made available to all school and public libraries at that time.

Book Sets
The Department of Libraries has bought multiple copies of each book on the masterlist, and will house them at the two regional libraries, Midstate in Berlin and Northeast in St. Johnsbury.

Materials available
The poster we produced last year featuring Jon Fishman, the drummer for the former band, Phish, is still available, and there are new bookmarks that list the nominees for the 2006-2007 award. If you would like some of these materials, please call or email Grace Greene at the Department of Libraries: 828-6954; email:

There is not a separate website for the Green Mountain Book Award, but materials are on both the Web Junction-Vermont site ( and the Department of Libraries website:

The Green Mountain Book Award needs a logo, and plans are underway to conduct a contest for students to design one for the program. The contest will be held in the 2006-2007 school year, and plans will be announced in the fall of 2006.

Green Mountain Book Award Master List 2006-2007


Busiek, Kurt and Alex Ross. Marvels. Marvel Enterprises, 2003. $19.95. ISBN 0785100490 (pap.).

Chambers, Aidan. Postcards from No Man's Land. Puffin, 2004. $7.99. ISBN 0142401455 (pap.); Dutton, 2002. $19.99. ISBN 0-525-46863-3 (Tr.).

Cox, Lynn and Martha Kaplan. Swimming to Antarctica. Harvest Books, 2005. $14.00. ISBN 0-156-0313-02 (pap.); Knopf, 2004. $24.95. ISBN 0-375-4150-76.

Freymann-Weyr, Garret. My Heartbeat. Houghton, 2003. $7.99. ISBN 0-142-40066-1 (pap.); 2002. $15.00. ISBN 0-618-14181-2 (Tr.).

Gantos, Jack. Hole in My Life. FSG, 2004. $8.00. ISBN 0374430896 (pap.); 2002. $16.00. ISBN 0374399883 (Tr.).

Halpin, Brendan. Donorboy. Random, 2004. $12.95. ISBN 1400062772 (pap.).

Hautman, Pete. Godless. S&S, 2005. $7.99. ISBN 1-416-90816-1 (pap.); 2004. $15.95. ISBN 0-689-86278-4 (PLB).

Maynard, Joyce. The Usual Rules. St. Martin's, 2004. $13.95. ISBN 0-312-28369-5 (pap.).

Myers, Walter Dean. Shooter. Amistad, 2005. $6.99. ISBN 0-06-447290-6 (pap.); 2004. $16.89. ISBN 0-06-029520-1 (PLB); $15.99. ISBN 0-06-029519-8 (Tr.).

Peters, Julie Anne. Luna. Megan Tingley, 2006. $7.99. ISBN 0316011274 (pap.); Little, Brown, 2004. $16.95. ISBN 0316733695 (Tr.).

Picoult, Jodi. My Sister's Keeper. S&S, 2005. $14.00. ISBN 0743454537 (pap.); 2004. $25.00. ISBN 0743454529 (Tr.).

Ralston, Aron. Between a Rock and a Hard Place. S&S, 2005. $14.00. ISBN 074349282X (pap.).

Trudeau, G.B. The Long Road Home. Andrews McMeel, 2005. $9.95. ISBN 0740753851 (pap.).

Werlin, Nancy. Double Helix. Puffin, 2005. $6.99. ISBN 014240327X (pap.); 2004. $15.99. ISBN 0-8037-2606-6 (Tr.).

Green Mountain Book Award Committee Chair:

Marsha Middleton
Library/Media Center Director
North Country Union High School 
PO Box 725
Newport, VT 05855  

Department of Libraries Contact:

Grace W. Greene
Children's Services Consultant
VT Dept. of Libraries
109 State St.
Montpelier, VT 05609


How to Apply for the Committee

The Green Mountain Book Award Committee consists of 10 volunteers and the Children’s Services Consultant from the Vermont Department of Libraries. There is currently one three-year opening on the committee, so we are recruiting for that position. We are looking for people who work with high school students and are passionate about books. School librarians, public librarians, teachers and community members are all urged to apply. The chosen candidate will begin work immediately on the next list (2007-2008).

If you are interested in applying, please send a letter of interest, a resume and two reviews, one positive and one negative of any books of your choice to:

    Grace W. Greene
    Children's Services Consultant
    VT Dept. of Libraries
    109 State St.
    Montpelier, VT 05609

Deadline is June 30, 2006.  Decisions will be made in the middle of July.


Guidelines for writing reviews



Book Suggestion for the Green Mountain Book Award

Snail mail or email by October 2, 2006 to:

    Grace W. Greene
    Children's Services Consultant
    VT Dept. of Libraries
    109 State St.
    Montpelier, VT 05609

Novel about 9/11 death of a father (9 year-old autistic child):

by Gary Trudeau

This program supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, a federal agency,
through the Library Services and Technology Act as administered by the Vermont Department of Libraries.