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Green Mountain Book Award Master List 2007-2008

This is the third year for the Green Mountain Book Award, a reader's choice award for students in grades 9-12. Co-sponsored by the Vermont Educational Media Association, Vermont Library Association and the Vermont Department of Libraries, this program is designed to introduce to high school students some excellent books for their pleasure reading.

These books, to be read during the 2007-2008 school year, comprise the master list for the award to be made in 2008. Voting forms will be made available to all Vermont schools and public libraries in the spring so that young adults can vote for their favorite book. The master list titles have been selected to satisfy the reading interests of young adults in grades 9-12, and include both adult and young adult books. All books on the list were first published in 2002-2006 and are available in paperback.



Akbar, Said Hyder. Come Back to Afghanistan. Bloomsbury, 2006. $14.95 ISBN 978-1596910683 (pap.); Bloomsbury, 2005. $24.95. ISBN 978-1582345208.

The author describes his experience as an American teenager when he traveled to Afghanistan to see his father, who was the spokesman for President Hamid Karzai and then became the governor of Kunar.


Almond, Steve. Candyfreak: A Journey Through the Chocolate Underbelly of America. Harcourt, 2005. $13.00. ISBN 978-0156032933 (pap.); Algonquin Books, 2004. $21.95. ISBN 978-1565124219.

    Almond follows his delicious obsession across America, chewing on such weighty matters as product placement, mega-corporations, and the dilemma posed by chocolate-covered coconut as he dips into the stories behind a handful of regional specialties, including Vermont's own Lake Champlain Chocolates. A hip and sometimes flip voice enrobes a sometimes dark and rocky road story.



Dessen, Sarah. The Truth About Forever. Puffin, 2006. $7.99. ISBN 978-0142406250 (pap.); Viking, 2004. $16.99. ISBN 978-0670036394.

    The summer following her father's death, Macy plans to work as the library and wait for her brainy boyfriend to return from camp, but instead she goes to work at a catering business where she makes new friends and finally faces her grief.  


Foer, Jonathan Safran. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Mariner Books, 2006. $13.95. 978-0618711659 (pap.); Houghton, 2005. $24.95. ISBN 978-0618329700.

    Oskar Schell, the nine-year-old son of a man killed in the World Trade Center attacks, searches the five boroughs of New York City for a lock that fits a black key his father left behind.


Gaiman, Neil. Anansi Boys. Harper Torch, 2006. $7.99. ISBN 978-0060515195 (pap.); Morrow, 2005. $26.95. ISBN 978-0060515188.

    A semi-realistic fantasy that blends African myth and contemporary Afro-American/Afro-British culture in a story about an accountant who loses the father who caused him terminal embarrassment, gains a brother he never knew he had, and finds true love.


Green, John. Looking for Alaska. Puffin, 2006. $7.99 ISBN 978-0142402511(pap.); Dutton, 2005. $15.99. ISBN 978-0525475064.

    Sixteen-year-old Miles′ first year at Culver Creek Preparatory School in Alabama includes good friends and great pranks.


Oppel, Kenneth. Airborn. HarperCollins/Eos, 2005. $7.99 ISBN 978-0060531829 (pap.); Eos, 2004. $16.99. ISBN. 978-0060531805.

Matt, a young cabin boy aboard an airship, and Kate, a wealthy young girl traveling with her chaperone, team up to search for the existence of mysterious winged creatures reportedly living hundreds of feet above the Earth's surface.


Otsuka, Julie. When the Emperor Was Divine. Anchor, 2003. $10.95. ISBN 978-0385721813 (pap.).

    A story told from five different points of view chronicles the experiences of Japanese Americans caught up in the nightmare of World War II internment camps.


Rosoff, Meg. How I Live Now. Random/Wendy Lamb, 2006. $7.99. ISBN 978-0553376050 (pap.); Random/Wendy Lamb, 2004. $16.95. ISBN 978-0385746779.

To get away from her pregnant stepmother in New York City, fifteen-year-old Daisy goes to England to stay with her aunt and cousins, with whom she instantly bonds, but soon war breaks out and rips apart the family while devastating the land.


Simmons, Michael. Finding Lubchenko. Penguin/Razorbill, 2006. $8.99. ISBN 978-1595140753 (pap.); Razorbill, 2005. $16.99. ISBN 978-1595140210 .
When his father is framed for murder and bioterrorism, high-school junior Evan, using clues from a stolen laptop, travels from Seattle to Paris with two friends to find the real culprit.
Vaughan, Brian. Runaways Vol. 1: Pride & Joy. Marvel Comics, 2004. $7.99. ISBN 978-0785113799 (pap).   

    When six young friends discover that their parents are all secretly super-powered villains, they run away together and find strength in one another to overcome their evil legacy.

Walls, Jeanette. The Glass Castle. Scribner, 2006. $14.00 . ISBN 978-0743247542 (pap.) Scribner, 2005. $25.00. ISBN 978-0743247535.

    The child of an alcoholic father and an eccentric artist mother discusses her family’s nomadic upbringing, during which she and her siblings fended for themselves while their parents outmaneuvered bill collectors and the authorities.

Whitcomb, Laura. A Certain Slant of Light. Graphia, 2005. $8.99. ISBN 978-0618585328 (pap.).

    After benignly haunting a series of people for 130 years, Helen meets a teenage boy who can see her, and together they unlock the mysteries of their pasts.

Yang, Gene Luen. American Born Chinese. First Second, 2006. $16.95. ISBN 978-1596431522 (pap); First Second, 2006. $29.95. ISBN 978-1596432086 (collector’s edition).

    This graphic novel alternates three interrelated stories about the problems of young Chinese Americans trying to participate in the popular culture.

Zusak, Marcus. I am the Messenger. Knopf, 2006. $8.95. ISBN 978-0375836671 (pap);  Knopf, 2005. $16.95. 978-0375830990 (tr.) ISBN 0-375-83099-5; $18.95. ISBN 978-0375930997 (PLB).

    After capturing a bank robber, nineteen-year-old cabdriver Ed Kennedy begins receiving mysterious messages that direct him to addresses where people need help, and he begins getting over his lifelong feeling of worthlessness.


Green Mountain Book Award Committee Chair:
Marsha Middleton
Library/Media Center Director
North Country Union High School 
PO Box 725
Newport, VT 05855  

Department of Libraries Contact:
Grace W. Greene
Children's Services Consultant
VT Dept. of Libraries
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    This program is supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, a federal agency,
    through the Library Services and Technology Act as administered by the Vermont Department of Libraries.