No. 22 of the Acts of 1983, effective April 22, 1983, designated milk as the
official State Beverage.  In a state where cows once outnumbered people, milk
production in the Green Mountain state remains the leading agricultural
enterprise, the total value of production having reached $307.9 million in
1980 - four and a half times that of 1950.  Although the number of milk cows
in Vermont has generally declined in this century, improved breeding and
feeding techniques have allowed milk production per cow to more than double
in the last thirty years alone, making the 1980s the highest total production
years on record, averaging 2.3 billion pounds of milk per year.  Besides
being highly regarded as a naturally nutritious beverage, the wholesomeness
of milk itself reflects some of the appealing qualities of rural life.  The
rolling pastures of Vermont's dairy farms and hillside fields dotted with
cows are sights that delight Vermonters and visitors alike and help sustain
the beauty of Vermont's countryside.

       from Office of the Secretary of State, Vermont Legislative Directory
  and State Manual, Biennial Session, 1993-1994, p. 19.