TUNBRIDGE SOIL SERIES

No. 9 of the Acts of 1985, effective March 27, 1985, designated the Tunbridge
Soil Series as the official State Soil.  The Tunbridge series (course-loamy,
mixed, frigid Typic Haplothrod) consists of moderately deep to bedrock, well
drained soils.  It was selected from among more than 160 different soil
series in the state.  As it is a typical "hill farm" and "sugarbush" soil,
the Tunbridge series well represents the soil resources of Vermont.  A soil
formed in loamy glacial till, it has good potential for agriculture and
forestry.  As Professor Richmond Bartlett of UVM says, "It's the soil that
makes Vermont hills greener than those either in New Hampshire or New York."

       from Office of the Secretary of State, Vermont Legislative Directory
  and State Manual, Biennial Session, 1993-1994, p. 16.