Instructions for Viewing and Filling-in PDF Files using Adobe Acrobat Reader

General Explanation | Instructions for Fill-In Forms

General Explanation:
Electronic versions of DOL's grant applications and report forms are posted on this website in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). PDF files maintain the format and look of print documents and are easily accessible to people using various computer platforms.

To access a PDF file, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader program. This free software, and along with instructions on installation and use, is available at Adobe's website:

If you are having difficulty downloading a PDF, please make sure you have the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Older versions of the program have bugs that have been fixed in subsequent versions. If you need further help, try Adobe's customer support at:

If you only see a blank page when you download the PDF, usually you are not waiting long enough for the file to download. If you have this problem, or would like to speed the download a bit, please try this: Instead of clicking on the link for the PDF, right-click. On the pop-up menu select "Save Target As" (Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As" (Netscape). Select the place on your hard drive to save the file, and the name. Once you click Save, the file will download to your computer hard drive. Once the file has downloaded, you can double-click on it to open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is usually quicker to download the file this way, because it is downloading the file immediately instead of waiting for your Adobe Acrobat Reader program to open before downloading the file.

All applications and report forms on the website in PDF format are also available in paper format. Please call DOL at 802-828-3261 to request the documents you wish to receive.

Instructions for Fill-in Application and Report Forms:
Applicants can download the electronic version of DOL application and report forms and, using freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader software, type into the forms on any computer. This eliminates the need for a typewriter or for re-creation of DOL's forms. Completed forms can then be printed out and mailed to DOL as part of your application or report package. At this time, DOL is not accepting electronic submission of grant applications or reports. Please read the following instructions carefully.

CAUTION: Please note that Adobe Acrobat Reader does not allow you to save your completed forms. You must completely fill in and print the forms in one operation. The ability to save completed forms is available commercially with the purchased, full version of Adobe Acrobat 3.0 (or later) product suite.

Note:  You may also fill-in and print a single page of the form in one session.  In your next session, this page will be blank, but just skip to the next page you need to complete and continue.  Just remember, after exiting Adobe Acrobat Reader, the filled-in information will be lost.  (It may be easier to fill-in and print one or two pages at a time, instead of trying to complete the entire form in a single session.)

Step by Step Instructions:
Before you start to fill out a form, please make sure that you have all the correct, final information available. You may wish to print the forms first, and fill them out by hand and ensure its accuracy before filling in the final form on your computer. Since Adobe Acrobat Reader does not allow you to save the form once it is filled out, you will be unable to go back and edit your completed form (or completed page(s)) after you close the window containing your form.

Please note that currently, there is no computation, validation or verification of the information you enter. Form fields simply allow you to type in information - you must ensure it is correct.

1) Verify that you have installed on your computer Adobe Acrobat Reader version 3.0 or later. You may download this free of charge at

2) Download the forms you are interested in by clicking on the appropriate link.  Depending on the configuration of your web browser, the form will open in a second web browser window or you will be prompted to save the file.

3) If the form is not currently open in your web browser, find the file you downloaded and open it.

4) If your cursor is not already in the shape of a "hand", select the "hand" tool from the Acrobat toolbar menu. This will allow you to move the page around to see each portion.

5) Move the "hand" pointer over a form box on the document. The "hand" should turn into an "I-beam". The "I-beam" signifies a "fill-in" section to the form. Click inside the box. You can now type into the box. When the pointer hovers over a check box, button, or item list, it will turn into a hand with one finger pointing. This means you can select the item.

6) To move from field to field, use the Tab key. Shift + Tab will move you to the previous field.

7) Fill out the form by typing text into the appropriate areas and checking boxes where needed. (Boxes can be checked either by clicking on the box with your mouse, or by tabbing into the box and hitting the "enter" key.)

8) Print the form using the "print" icon in the Acrobat toolbar menu - not the print icon or command in your web browser. If you print using your web browser's print command instead of the Acrobat command, the contents of the fields might not print properly.

9) Check the printed forms very carefully for any errors, fields that did not print, or omissions. You may go back and make changes to any of the fields in your open document, and then reprint it.

10) Only when you are certain the printed version is correct should you close the window containing your filled-out form. Again - Adobe Acrobat Reader will NOT allow you to save the completed forms.

11)  If you find need to make a change in a page once you have exited Adobe Acrobat Reader, you will need to fill-in the entire page again and reprint.

12) Be sure to keep a paper copy for your records, as you will not have an electronic copy.

If you are having difficulty filling out forms after having followed all steps above, you may visit Adobe Acrobat's online support center: