State of Vermont
                           Department of Libraries

                                   N E W S

No. 103, Spring 1996

                             A TASTE OF REALITY

       For several years, we have publicly discussed and written about these
  severe financial times and the fact that we expect the near future to be no
  more generous to the Department.  Nonetheless, reality finally hit the
  Vermont library community on February 8 when I sent an electronic mail
  message followed by a letter, telling libraries that the Vermont
  Centralized Card/MARC Service would be immediately suspended until at least
  October 1.  We regret the suddenness of this decision; nonetheless, it was
  our only choice given the circumstances.  We have run out of options.
       While most people are aware of this year's federal budget negotiations
  and government shutdowns, you may not be aware that the Department of
  Libraries receives a large portion of its annual operating funds from the
  federal Library Services and Construction Act (LSCA).  When federal
  programs resumed on January 26, 1996, after a shutdown, LSCA funds were
  funded at only 75% of previous levels.  The federal fiscal year began
  October 1, but the Department of Libraries is halfway through its fiscal
  year which began July 1.

       When we received word of the 25% cut in LSCA funds ($110,000), we
  found that eligible public libraries had already expended more than 75% of
  the amount budgeted for the Card Service.  Suspending all nonessential
  expenses was not going to yield enough to keep all of our federally-funded
  services running.  These include regional libraries, services to the blind
  and physically handicapped, interlibrary loan, and others.  We have not
  purchased adult books for regional libraries for nearly a year, and we have
  two unfilled consultant positions that we do not anticipate filling.  The
  Department's total budget has been drastically
  reduced over the last five years.

       In the next few months, the Department and its Board of Libraries will
  be re-evaluating all of our programs, keeping in mind these factors:

* The new Library Services and Technology Act, LSCA's replacement,
  will take effect in federal FY98.  At this writing LSCA funds for FY97 are

* The state's proposed early retirement package, designed to reduce
  overall state expenses, includes a provision for departments to replace
  only every other person who retires.  Several of our employees are eligible
  for this program.

* The Executive Order to move the Department of Libraries under the
  Agency of Administration is expected to occur by April 15, 1996.  This move
  will make the Department a closer partner in the state's information

* Regional library circulation and use have decreased dramatically
  since 1990, yet the number of online requests, training sessions, and
  consulting contacts have increased proportionately.  

       Some tough choices need to be made.  We need to think carefully about
  what services the Department provides and could be providing.  Which are
  essential?  Which duplicate those provided by other libraries and other
  agencies?  What changes would make our future services more effective?  The
  Board of Libraries plans to devote its April 16 meeting to these matters,
  and the Department staff will also be discussing alternatives in the coming

       We believe the shock many librarians voiced at the suspension of the
  Card Service is partly due to our staff's hard work.  Each individual has
  tried to continue to provide service at past levels with far fewer
  resources.  This simply isn't possible anymore.  We would like to thank the
  librarians who responded both positively and negatively to the reality of
  losing the Card Service.  We would like those who have not been as vocal to
  know that their opinions are also valuable to us.  Please let us know what
  you would do if you were in our shoes.

  					Patricia E. Klinck, State Librarian

                       GOVNET/VALS DEBUTS IN LIBRARIES

       Dial access to the Vermont Automated Libraries System (VALS) and
  graphical access to the Internet via the state government network, GOVnet,
  is now available at all five regional libraries and a growing number of
  public libraries around Vermont.  This switch to GOVnet offers staff and
  the public the opportunity to make library catalogs around the state
  available to the public via VALS and to use the multimedia Netscape
  Internet Browser.  Increasingly, government and other information resources
  are available on the Internet, and information can be printed, mailed
  electronically, or downloaded.  Multimedia provides easier means of moving
  around the World Wide Web and offers text and visual links to related

       The Department of Libraries has paid the $250 per library annual
  GOVnet access fee and, for libraries with multimedia computers, has
  provided GOVnet software.  Local libraries will need to cover the cost of
  local telephone access.  Regional librarians are providing introductory
  training in the Netscape browser to local library staffs which will then be
  able to assist the public using their libraries' equipment.

       Public libraries participating so far are those in Barre, Dover, Essex
  Junction, Derby Line, Fairfax, Lyndonville, Morrisville, Richmond, St.
  Albans, St. Johnsbury, Springfield, Williamstown, Williston, and Woodstock. 
  Another group of public libraries will be added very soon, and more will be
  added as libraries upgrade equipment to include multimedia capabilities. 

       In the next few months, all public libraries will be accessing VALS
  via GOVnet, which allows sharing of telecommunications resources and
  support among state agencies.   For those without multi- media machines,
  basic VALS access will remain the same using GOVnet as it was with
  Infopath.  The switch will  involve changing the telephone number in the
  library's software to a local number and will make dial access subject to
  local telephone usage charges.  Anyone with questions should contact their
  regional librarian.

                        113 LIBRARIES MEET STANDARDS

       The Vermont Board of Libraries met February 20, 1996, to hear two
  appeals from libraries determined in December as not meeting standards for
  FY96.  One appeal was granted and the other denied.  State Librarian
  Patricia E. Klinck noted that, while libraries could meet either the 1986
  or the 1993 versions of the standards, this year saw a great increase in
  libraries meeting the 1993 set.  Adopted by the Board of Libraries in 1993,
  this revision has been submitted to the Legislative Administrative Rules
  Committee for which approval is expected prior to next fall's round of
  standards applications.  Libraries needing help in meeting the new set of
  standards should contact their regional librarian or Marianne Kotch at

       Following is the final list of towns whose libraries meet standards
  (the 25 meeting the 1993 version are noted with an *):

Arlington            Bakersfield        Barnet         Barre and
                                                       East Barre branch       
Barton               Barton/Orleans     Bennington     North Bennington
Bradford             Brandon            Brattleboro    Brighton/Island Pond
Bristol              Burlington         Cabot          Castleton
Cavendish            Chelsea            Chester        Colchester
Craftsbury           Danville           Derby          Derby Line
Dorset               *Dover             Enosburg       Essex
*Essex Junction      *Fairfax           *Fairfield     *Fair Haven
Fairlee              Franklin           *Grand Isle    Greensboro
Groton               *Hartford, Quechee,
                     West Hartford,       
                     White River Jct.,
                     and Wilder

Hartland             Hinesburg          Hyde Park      Lincoln
South Londonderry    *Lyndonville       Marshfield     *Middlebury
Middletown Springs   Milton             Montpelier     Morristown
Newbury              New Haven          Newport        *Northfield
North Hero           Norwich            Pawlet         Peacham
Pittsford            Plainfield         Poultney       Proctor
Putney               *Randolph          Reading        *Readsboro
Richford             Richmond           Rochester      Rockingham
*South Royalton and
 Royalton branch
Rutland              *St. Albans        *Shelburne     *Sherburne
*South Burlington    *South Hero        Springfield    *Stamford
Stowe                Strafford          Swanton        Thetford and
                                                       Post Mills
Townshend            North Troy         Tunbridge      Underhill/Jericho
Vergennes            *Vernon            Waitsfield     Wallingford
Warren               Waterbury and
                     Waterbury Center
Weathersfield        Westford           West Rutland   Whitingham
Williamstown         *Williston         Wilmington     Windsor
Winooski             Wolcott            Woodstock


       Public libraries in Barton, Canaan, and Shrewsbury will enhance
  services to children in their communities from birth to age five, thanks to
  Smith Grants awarded at the Vermont Board of Libraries' February meeting. 
  The annual grants are funded through the Department of Libraries' Elva
  Sophronia Smith Fund.  Barton Public Library, under the direction of Cindy
  Karasinski, will improve storytime, expand outreach programs, and present a
  ten week parenting workshop with the grant of $1,240.   
       In Canaan, librarian Gloria Bunnell will take rotating collections of
  books to four sites, improve the library's new storytime by adding crafts
  and new books, and begin nighttime storyhours and parent programs with the
  $1,125 award.  In Cuttingsville's Shrewsbury Library, co-children's
  librarians Eleanor Tufano and Rene Pollack will create ten multimedia bags,
  each on a theme, to be borrowed by daycare providers and parents with the
  $1,500 grant.  All three libraries will receive a Beginning With Mother
  Goose or Growing With Books program free from the Vermont Center for the
  Book in Chester.

       This year's committee, chaired by Grace W. Greene, Children's Services
  Consultant included Lorraine Lanius, Head, Technical Services Unit; Michael
  Roche, Northeast Regional Librarian; Sally Anderson, Executive Director,
  Vermont Center For the Book; June Osowski, Children's Librarian, Rutland;
  Susan Tracy, Director, Richford Public Library and Nancy Price Graff,
  Trustee, Kellogg- Hubbard Library, Montpelier.

                          1995 STATISTICAL ROUND-UP

       Vermont's 204 public libraries circulated 3,316,085 items (5.7 per
  capita) in 1994, slightly fewer than 1993's total of 3,261,625 items (5.8
  per capita).  Interlibrary loans continued to climb from 41,732 in 1993 to
  45,145 in 1994.  The average per capita tax support rose to $7.26 in 1994
  from $6.55 in 1993, and the average per capita collection expenditure rose
  from $2.00 in 1993 to $2.12 in 1994.  Total public library attendance, for
  those libraries that counted this data, was 1,726,491.

       Superlatives for the 1994 statistical year are as follows:

* Public libraries with the highest total circulation  
       Montpelier - 207,194                   Burlington - 160,474
       Rutland - 194,767                      Brattleboro - 158,755

* Public libraries with the largest collections 
       Burlington - 115,666                   Rutland - 92,741
       Brattleboro - 104,158

* Public libraries with the highest circulation per capita 
       Montpelier - 25.21                     Sherburne - 22.98
       Greensboro - 23.06                     Orleans - 22.79

* Public libraries with the highest collection turnover
       Essex Junction - 5.2                   Charlotte - 4.0
       Brandon - 4.1                          Richmond - 3.7

* Public libraries with the highest per capita tax support
       Sherburne - $74.66                     Essex Junction - $43.05
       Dover - $65.49                         Fairfax - $40.24

* Public libraries with the highest per capita collection expenditure
       Sherburne - $15.50                     Westminster - $12.53
       Greensboro - $14.44                    Dover - $12.13

* Public libraries with the highest annual number of visits 
       Burlington - 218,400                   Middlebury - 98,800
       Essex Junction - 108,888               Bennington - 94,432

* Public libraries with the highest annual program attendance 
       Burlington - 10,606                    Essex Junction - 5,114
       Middlebury - 8,681                     Barre - 4,842

       These statistics and more are featured in the Department of Libraries'
  1996 Biennial Report Supplement, available from Marianne Kotch, 828-2320
  (or e-mail MKotch).


       The Vermont Department of Libraries was the 211th library to join
  OCLC's Internet Cataloging Project, InterCat, funded in part by a grant
  from the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Library Programs.  The
  purpose of the project is to create and evaluate an experimental database
  of MARC records for Internet materials.  

       Since the Internet is still largely unorganized and contains a vast
  array of important information, it is important to make these resources
  accessible.  Furthermore, many information resources are now available only
  on the Internet.  Many of the search engines such as Yahoo have
  revolutionized searching on the Internet, but subject searching is still
  inefficient and at times inaccurate.  Librarians can play a part in
  providing better access to the Internet by cataloging titles of lasting
  value.  The Technical Services and Reference staffs at the Department of
  Libraries have identified and begun cataloging several local and other
  electronic resources that are useful to Vermont library patrons.
       OCLC's project database, InterCat, contains over 3,000 records and can
  be accessed on the World Wide Web at the following URL address: 

       Sample records may be viewed via VALS as well.  Simply type the
  following searches:

	t=State of Vermont home page
	t=State of Vermont, Agency of Natural Resources 
	t=State of Vermont, Department of Agriculture home page

       Note that the cataloging records have [computer file] after the title. 
  The call number field (092) and the physical description field (300) are
  absent because cyberspace items can't be shelved nor described physically. 
  Also note several other fields that describe electronic resources.

                               Lorraine Lanius, Head, Technical Services Unit


       With the suspension of the Vermont Centralized Card/MARC Service, many
  libraries have had questions about how to obtain cataloging.  Libraries may
  continue to take advantage of the state contract with Brodart to obtain
  cataloging.  Unfortunately, orders for cataloging services cannot be placed
  using Brodart's 48-hour shipping option.  The orders need to be mailed,
  faxed, or ordered electronically.  Brodart's electronic ordering system,
  PCRose Plus, is available free of charge to libraries.  When ordering
  cataloging from Brodart, be sure to include the Department of Libraries
  state contract number, 15217, so that your library may receive cataloging
  at a reduced rate.

       Many other vendors offer cataloging services as well.  A list of
  cataloging vendors is available from the Technical Services Unit or from
  regional librarians.  Libraries can also obtain information about
  cataloging services from the December buyers' guide issue of Library

       Even though federal funding for OCLC cards is unavailable, the
  Technical Services staff will still be able to download OCLC records into
  PUBCAT for libraries for cataloging that cannot be obtained from Brodart or
  from other vendors.  Libraries are asked to continue using the resubmit
  procedure only after other sources such as Brodart have been exhausted. 
  Upon receipt of request slips (or your own order slips) marked with a
  diagonal slash, an OCLC record will be downloaded into PUBCAT. 
  Unfortunately, the funding to send cards to libraries is no longer
  available, but libraries will at least have access to cataloging by
  checking PUBCAT.  Using PUBCAT cataloging, libraries can prepare their own
  cards using a typewriter, memory typewriter, or a catalog card computer
  software program.

       With the new procedures, we will be able to provide cataloging in a
  limited manner and still maintain the integrity of the PUBCAT database
  based on VUC cards.  Please call 828-3261 or email:  TSU with questions.

                                  Lorraine Lanius, Head, Technical Services Unit

                            SPECIAL SERVICES NEWS
                S. Francis Woods, Special Services Consultant


       The standard procedure for borrowing large print books from SSU is to
  make a request via VALS to DOL_ILL (or via regional libraries if you don't
  use VALS for interlibrary loan).  DOL_ILL will make arrangements with SSU. 
  Libraries already signed up to borrow large print deposit collections from
  SSU may contact us directly by sending an e-mail message to SSU, phone
  (828-3273), or mail for individual large print titles.  

       Remember that, if you are searching for large print titles in the VALS
  database, they will almost always appear to be available.  SSU circulates
  through its own system without changing the status in VALS.


       It is now more than five years since the Audio-Visual Services Unit
  was closed and the responsibility for circulating video and film
  transferred to SSU.  At that time procedures were changed dramatically and
  a decision was made to circulate these media only through public libraries. 
  This means that individuals and schools must ask a public library to borrow
  any films or video belonging to AVSU.  Schools and individuals may not
  request materials directly from us and must seek help from their local
  public library which may request the material for them on interlibrary

                                COMING EVENTS

Apr. - National Poetry Month.

       Tues., Apr. 2 - Vermont Library Trustees Assn./Vermont Dept. of
  Libraries/UVM Extension Service Town Officers Educational Conference,
  Lyndon State College.  Contact:  UVM Extension Service, 223-2389.

       Tues., Apr. 9, 9:00 am - Children's materials review session, Midstate
  Regional Library, Berlin.  Repeats: Wed., 4/10 (SWRL); Thurs., 4/11 (SERL);
  Tues., 4/16 (NWRL); Wed., 4/17 (NERL).  Contact: Grace W. Greene, 828-3261.
       Wed., Apr. 10 - "Empowering Users: Emerging Implications for Reference
  Service", Holy Cross College, Worcester, Mass.  Sponsored by Reference
  Technology Advisory Committee of NELINET.  Contact: Marj Zunder, 828-3261
  or e-mail DOL_ILL.

       Fri., Apr. 12 - New England Technical Services Librarians (NETSL)
  Program.  "Tech Services Online", College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA. 
  NELA members $35.00; Nonmembers $45.00.  Contact: Martha Beshers,
  401-865-1996 or Cynthia Spell, W.E.B. Dubois Library, University of
  Massachusetts - Amherst, Amherst, MA 01003-4710, phone: 413-545-2728.

       Sun.-Sat., Apr. 14-20 - National Library Week.  Theme: "Libraries
  Change Lives".  Contact: ALA Public Information Office, 1-800-545-2433,
  press 6 or Becky Hollis, 463-4270.

       Tues., Apr. 16, 10:30 am - Vermont Board of Libraries meeting,
  Midstate Regional Library, Berlin.  Contact: Patricia E. Klinck, 828-3265.

       Tues., Apr. 16 - Log On at the Library Day, ALA sponsored public
  awareness campaign to highlight the role of libraries in providing access
  to the information highway.  Contact: ALA Public Information Office,
  1-800-545-2433, press 6.
       Thurs., Apr. 18 - "Filing without Tears" workshop, Northwest Regional
  Library, Georgia.  Contact: Grace W. Greene, 828-3261.

       Sun.-Sat., Apr. 21-27 - Week of the Young Child.  Contact: National
  Association for the Education of Young Children, 1834 Connecticut Ave., NW,
  Washington, DC 20009, 202-232-8777.
       Wed., Apr. 24 - "Library Displays & Graphics" workshop, Northeast
  Regional Library, St. Johnsbury.  Repeats: Tues., Apr. 30,Southwest
  Regional Library, Rutland.  Contact: Grace W. Greene, 828-3261.

       Wed., Apr. 24 - New England Library Association's Media Section Spring
  Program, "The Power of Presentation Software", Newton, MA Free Library. 
  Members $35.00; non-members $45.00.  Contact: Lauretta Cloherty, P.O. Box
  351, Salem, MA 01970-0351.

       Wed.-Tues., Apr. 24-30 - National TV Turnoff Week, sponsored by
  TV-Free America.  Contact: TV-Free America, 1322 18th St., NW, Ste. 300,
  Washington, DC 20036, 202-887-0438.
       Mon., Apr. 29 - "Legal Reference" workshop, Springfield Town Library. 
  Contact: Grace W. Greene, 828-3261.

       Thurs., May 2 - "Internet for Non-Graphical Users" workshop, C.I.T.
  Training Room, 133 State St., Montpelier.  Contact: Grace W. Greene,

       Fri., May 3 - "Internet for Graphical Users" workshop, C.I.T. Training
  Room, 133 State St., Montpelier.  Contact: Grace W. Greene, 828-3261.

       Sat.-Sat., May 4-11 - Vermont Archaeology Week with many statewide
  events.  Week starts with Northeastern Open Atlatl (spear thrower)
  Championships, Chimney Point State Historic Site, Addison, VT on May 4. 
  Call: 828-3226.

       Sat., May 4 - New England Leadership Development Workshop on
  Intellectual Freedom, co-sponsored by NELA and NEEMA.  Speaker: Karen Jo
  Gounaud from Family Friendly Libraries.  Location to be announced. 
  Contact: Gail Weymouth, Sherburne Public Library, 802-422-9765 or e-mail:

       Mon.-Fri., May 6-10 - "Cataloging & Organization of Library Materials"
  workshop, Southwest Regional Library, Rutland.  Contact: Grace W. Greene,

       Wed., May 8, 9:45 am - Vermont Library Association Board meeting,
  Hartness Library, Vermont Technical College, Randolph.  Contact: Albert
  Joy, 656-8350.

       Wed., May 15 - Vermont Library Pre-Conference, "Libraries on the Web",
  Bailey/Howe Library, Univ. of Vermont, Burlington.  Contact: Lyman Ross,
  phone: 656-2020.

       Thurs.-Fri., May 16-17 - Vermont Library Conference, Radisson Hotel,
  Burlington with theme, "Hurricane Library: Eye in the Information Storm". 
  Contact: Joanne Hill, Middlebury College, 388-3711, ext. 5501 or e-mail:

       Wed., May 22 - "Children's Reference: Print Sources" workshop,
  Kellogg-Hubbard Library, Montpelier.  Contact: Grace W. Greene, 828-3261.

       Fri., May 24 - "Library of Congress Subject Headings" workshop,
  Midstate Regional Library, Berlin.  Contact: Grace W. Greene, 828-3261.

       Wed., May 29 - "Legal and Copyright Issues" workshop, Midstate
  Regional Library, Berlin.  Contact: Grace W. Greene, 828-3261.

       Thurs., May 30 - State holiday. Department of Libraries central office
  and regional libraries closed.

       Tues., June 4 - "Personal Safety" workshop, Northeast Regional
  Library, St. Johnsbury.  Repeats: Wed., June 5, Southwest Regional Library,
  Rutland.  Contact: Grace W. Greene, 828-3261.

       Fri., June 7 - "Understanding MARC" workshop, Southwest Regional
  Library, Rutland.  Contact: Grace W. Greene, 828-3261.

       Thurs., June 13 - "Fundraising" workshop, Southeast Regional Library,
  Dummerston.  Repeats: Thurs., Aug. 1, Northwest Regional Library, Georgia. 
  Contact: Grace W. Greene, 828-3261.

       Sun.-Sat., June 16-21 - Institute of Publishing and Writing,
  "Children's Books in the Marketplace", Vassar College. $525.00.  Contact:
  Institute of Publishing and Writing, Vassar College, Box 300, 124 Raymond
  Avenue, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601.

       Tues., June 18, 10:30 am - Vermont Board of Libraries meeting,
  Midstate Regional Library, Berlin.  Contact: Patricia E. Klinck, 828-3265.

       Wed., June 19, 10:00 am - Foundation Center workshop, "Introduction to
  the Center's Publications on Grantsmanship".  Instructor: Beth Lewitzky,
  librarian, Foundation Center.  Sponsored by DOL and the Foundation Center,
  Conference room, DOL central office.  Contact: Marjorie Zunder, 828-3261 or
  e-mail mzunder@dol.state.vt.us.
       Thurs., July 4 - State holiday. Department of Libraries central office
  and regional libraries closed.

       Fri.-Thurs., July 5-11 - American Library Association Annual
  Conference, New York, NY.  Contact: ALA at 1-800-545- 2433.

       Mon.-Fri., July 8-19 - UVM Summer Writing Program.  Two courses on
  writing fiction for children, "Writing Picture Books for Children" with
  Jean Marzollo, and "Writing the Novel for Children" with Karen Hesse.  3
  credits.  Tuition: &790.00, Vermont resident; $1,594 non-resident.

       Thurs., July 11 - "Children's Reference/CD-ROM Sources" workshop,
  University of Vermont, Burlington.  Contact: Grace W. Greene, 828-3261.

       Sat.-Sat., July 13-20 - Highlights Foundation Writers Workshop,
  Chatauqua, NY.  Phone: (717)253-1192, ask for Writers Workshop.

       Wed.-Tues., July 17-23 - "Collection Development" workshop, Northwest
  Regional Library, Georgia.  Contact: Grace W. Greene, 828-3261.

       Sun.-Sat., Aug. 4-10 - Children's Literature New England Summer
  Institute, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.  Theme: "Endings and
  Beginnings: The Shape of Story".  Contact: Martha Walke, Registrar, 2111
  North Brandywine St., Arlington, VA 22207, 703-243-5135.
       Fri., Aug. 16 - State holiday. Department of Libraries central office
  and regional libraries closed.

       Tues., Aug. 20, 10:30 am - Vermont Board of Libraries meeting,
  Midstate Regional Library, Berlin.  Contact: Patricia E. Klinck, 828-3265.

       Mon.-Fri., Aug. 26-30 - "Basic Public Library Administration"
  workshop, Midstate Regional Library, Berlin.  Contact: Grace W. Greene,


       ...Vermont Telecommunications Relay Service information for relay
  service users.  Contact: Kristine Wiltse/VTRS, Box A-11, One Mill St.,
  Burlington, VT 05401, FAX 802-863-3139.

       ..."Put Your Kids to the Test", a 10 minute lead poisoning prevention
  video targeted for parents.  Contact: Karen Garbarino or Becky Cyr, Vermont
  Division of Environmental Health, phone: 1-800-439- 8550 (865-7786 in the
  Burlington area).

       ..."Vermont Dept. of Education News" via e-mail.  Contact: Tom Bisson,
  phone: 802-828-3147 or e-mail Tom_Bisson@together.org.

       ...Possible source of library volunteers through SHARE (Self Help and
  Resource Exchange) New England, a program where people can purchase a
  monthly food package for $14 plus two hours of community service.  Contact: 
  SHARE, PO Box 63, 146 Will Drive, Canton, Mass. 02021, phone: 617-

       ...Preservation bibliography developed by the Vermont Historical
  Records Advisory Board.  Available free from Gregory Sanford, State
  Archivist, Office of the Secretary of State, 26 Terrace St., Montpelier, VT
  05609-1103, phone: 802-828-2369 or e-mail vt_archives@dol.state.vt.us.

       ..."Directory of Peer Consultants and Speakers: Experts from A
  (Americans with Disabilities Act) to Z (Z39.50 Protocol)", from the
  Reference and Adult Services Division of the Association of Specialized and
  Cooperative Library Agencies.  Available free from ASCLA/RASD, phone:

       ...National Archaeology Week posters and calendars.  Available free
  from the regional libraries (the end of April), phone: 828-3226.

       ..."1996 Living History Events and Resource Directory" listing living
  history events, reenactments, sites and museums.  Contact: Living History
  Association, Inc., PO Box 1389, Wilmington, VT 05363, phone: 802-464-5569.

       ..."Why Do I Need to Know MARC", handout describing ways MARC (Machine
  Readable Cataloging) has an influence on libraries.  Contact: Mary Moore at
  828-3261 or e-mail: DOL_Central.

       ..."Survey of Director Schedules in 10 Chittenden County Libraries",
  providing number of hours worked.  Contact: Marianne Kotch @ 828-2320 or e-
  mail: MKOTCH.

       ..."National Directory of TTY Numbers" (the Blue Book), listing
  libraries that have a TTY (text telephone).  To add a library's TTY number,
  FAX the number to TDI @ 1-301-589-3797.


       ...American Bar Association, Adult Public Education About the Law
  Mini-Grant Program.  Grants ranging from $2,000-$5,000 awarded to
  not-for-profit organizations with projects addressing law and the family,
  law and the workplace, and law and the community.  Applications must be
  postmarked by May 15, 1996.  Contact: Gary Alexander, American Bar Assoc.,
  Public Education Division, 541 North Fairbanks Court, Chicago, IL
  60611-3314, phone: 312-988-5742 or FAX 312-988-5032.

       ...Vermont Library Association conference grant of up to $200 awarded
  to any member who wants to attend the 1996 conference.  Contact: Teri
  Austin, Sherburne Memorial Library, PO Box 73, Killington, VT 05751, phone:
  802-422-9765 or e-mail: Sherburne.

                            CONTINUING EDUCATION

       ...SymQuest Group, Inc. (formerly McAuliffe) Computer Learning Center
  classes offered in Burlington, Montpelier and Rutland.  Contact: SymQuest
  Group, Inc., 50 Cherry St., Burlington VT 05402-8370, phone:

       ...Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science
  Institutes for Continuing Education.  Spring 1996 institute topics include
  the Internet and World Wide Web, Copyright, In-service Training, Public
  Library Building Planning Process, Library Space Training.  Contact: Dr.
  Ching-chih Chen, Graduate School of Library and Information Science,
  Simmons College, 300 The Fenway, Boston, MA 02115, phone: 617-521-2803 or
  2804 or e-mail elevitan@vmsvax.simmons.edu (Eileen Levitan).    

       ...Nonprofit Management Education spring programs sponsored by TAP-VT,
  Vermont Community Foundation.  Programs on nonprofit organization, long
  range planning, fundraising, grant proposal writing and other topics. 
  Contact: Pat Sharpe, TAP- VT, Vermont Community Foundation, PO Box 30,
  Middlebury, VT 05753, phone: 462-3355.

                             YOUTH SERVICES NEWS
               Grace W. Green, Children's Services Consultant


       We are delighted to announce that Vermont will soon have two
  children's choice book awards: the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award for grades
  4-8 (begun in 1956), and the Red Clover for grades K-3.  The Red Clover
  Award was begun by Windham County Reads in 1995, and has been so successful
  that it is going statewide.  Administered by the Vermont Center for the
  Book and cosponsored by the Vermont Department of Libraries, the Vermont
  Department of Education, and Windham County Reads, this program is designed
  to introduce excellent books to the youngest students.  

       Teachers and librarians will purchase the ten nominated books and then
  build activities and discussions around the titles.  To help with ideas,
  the Red Clover Award committee is putting together a packet of information
  and suggested activities.  Packets will be available for $10 from the
  Vermont Center for the Book, P. O. Box 441, Chester, Vermont 05143 (802)
  875-2751, from May 7 - October 15, 1996.  Schools and libraries are
  encouraged to photocopy the packet to share with colleagues.  Voting for
  the favorite picture book will take place in the spring, and all
  participating classrooms will receive certificates.  The books on the
  1996-1997 list are:                                                        

       London, Jonathan.  LIKE BUTTER ON PANCAKES, illustrated by G. Brian
  Karas.  Viking.  $13.99.  ISBN 0-670-85130- 2.
       MacLachlan, Patricia.  WHAT YOU KNOW FIRST, engravings by Barry Moser. 
  HarperCollins.  $14.95.  ISBN 0-06- 024413-5.

       McMillan, Bruce.  NIGHTS OF THE PUFFLINGS, illustrated by author. 
  Houghton.  $14.95.  ISBN 0-395-70810-9.

       Moss, Lloyd.  ZIN! ZIN! ZIN! A VIOLIN, illustrated by Marjorie
  Priceman.  Simon.  $15.00.  ISBN 0-671-88239-2.

       Palatini, Margie.  PIGGIE PIE! illustrated by Howard Fine.  Clarion. 
  $13.95.  ISBN 0-395-71691-8.

       San Souci, Robert D.  THE FAITHFUL FRIEND, illustrated by Brian
  Pinkney.  Simon.  $16.00.  ISBN 0-02-786131-7.

       Stevens, Janet.  TOPS & BOTTOMS, adapted and illustrated by the
  author.  Harcourt.  $15.00.  ISBN 0-15-292851-0.

       Vaughan, Marcie.  WHISTLING DIXIE, illustrated by Barry Moser. 
  HarperCollins.  $14.89.  ISBN 0-06-021029-X.

  illustrated by the author.  Dial.  $12.99.  ISBN 0-8037-1782-2.

       Yolen, Jane.  THE BALLAD OF THE PIRATE QUEENS, illustrated by David
  Shannon.  Harcourt.  $15.00.  ISBN 0-15- 200710-5.


       Frustrated that you never have enough time to look at the books we
  bring to Materials Review Sessions?  Unable to attend the day we're at your
  region?  Then help is on the way.  After a very successful experiment last
  December, we have decided to have the books available at three of the
  regions for you to peruse at your leisure.  The books Leda Schubert and I
  review at the April Materials Review Sessions will be at the Northeast
  Regional Library in St. Johnsbury from the end of our review sessions on
  April 17 to May 3.  Then they will be at the Southeast Regional Library in
  Dummerston from May 8 - May 24, and at the Southwest Regional Library in
  Rutland May 29-June 14.  Let us or the regional libraries know if you want
  this service to continue.

                          SOLVE THE MYSTERY...READ!
  By now all public libraries should have received the summer packet of
  materials including:  

* "Touring Artists in the Public Libraries."  If your library did not
  have a Touring Artist performer in 1994 or 1995, apply for this matching
  funds program by April 12.
* List of paperback books in multiple copy that you can borrow to use
  for discussion.  E-mail CBEC or call 828-3261  with the titles and dates
  you want.  Be sure to have alternatives in mind, in case what you want is

* The summer manual with hundreds of ideas for a mysterious summer.

* An order form for all the free summer materials.  Deadline for
  ordering:  April 26.  All materials will be mailed to you by the end of

                                 DCF PACKET

       Mailed to all schools and public libraries the end of March was the
  Dorothy Canfield Fisher packet containing a voting form for this year's
  list (deadline April 17), and the master list for the 1996-1997 program. 
  Only those schools and public libraries which vote will be invited to the
  ceremony, which we hope to hold the end of May or beginning of June.  So,
  get those 4th-8th graders voting!  Please be sure to explain that only a
  very few (3-5) children will be able to attend from each facility.


       The Vermont Community Foundation recently announced the annual round
  for the Paul Post Fund Award, a special grant for young adult services in
  Vermont libraries in memory of a 12-year-old who was killed in 1987.  Any
  public or school library "with a plan or program to serve its young adult
  population, which would normally be grades 6- 12" may apply.  The fund is
  primarily interested in projects with a program component such as a summer
  reading group, an after school discussion group, authors' visits, etc.

       The typical grant will be in the $500-1,000 range.  For an application
  form and guidelines, or for further information on what's been funded in
  the past, contact Judy Dunning at the Vermont Community Foundation, P. O.
  Box 30, Middlebury, VT 05733, 462-3355.  Deadline for application is May 1,
  1996, with a decision by the end of June.


       The Department of Libraries will sponsor a workshop on the Foundation
  Center's publications on June 19, 1996, 10:00 a.m. to noon, in the
  conference room of the Department's central offices in Montpelier.  The
  Center's publications form the backbone of the grants collection at the
  Reference and Law Services Unit.  Beth Lewitzky from the Foundation Center
  in New York City will explain how these resources are used to locate

       Participants will receive two Dept. of Libraries continuing education
  credits for this workshop.  The content will overlap to some extent with
  the two day workshop on grantsmanship that the Dept. will offer in October. 
  Those wishing a more extensive introduction in this area should try to
  attend the October workshop.

       Because of space limitations, we must limit the June group to 15.  If
  you are interested in attending, please complete the form below and return
  it before May 15, 1996, to  Grace W. Greene, Continuing Education
  Coordinator, Vermont Dept. of Libraries, 109 State Street, Montpelier, VT 




POSITION AT LIBRARY______________________________________________

FULL ADDRESS (please indicate home or library)__________________________


TELEPHONE (WORK)_______________ (HOME)_________________________

       PLEASE INDICATE ANY SPECIAL NEEDS (e.g. large print handouts, sign
  language interpreter)

Patricia E. Klinck, State Librarian. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .828-3265 
 Grace Greene, Children's Services Consultant . . . . . . . . . .  .828-3261 
Library and Information Services Division 
  Sybil B. McShane, Director . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  828-3261 
   Marjorie D. Zunder, Head, Reference and Law Services . . . . . . 828-3268 
   Lorraine Lanius, Head, Technical Services Unit . . . . . . . . . 828-3261 
   S. Francis Woods, Special Services Consultant. . . . . . . . . . 828-3273
   Marianne Kotch, Senior Regional Librarian, Midstate Regional Library 
  (Berlin). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 828-2320 
  Michael Roche, Northeast Regional Library (St. Johnsbury). . . . .748-3428
  Northwest Regional Library (Georgia) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .524-3429 
  Amy Howlett/Joan Knight, Southeast Regional Library (Dummerston) .257-2810 
  Carol Chatfield, Southwest Regional Library (Rutland). . . . . . .786-5879

NEWS is a federal-state program under the Library Services and Construction Act.

109 State St.
Montpelier, VT  05609-0601