State of Vermont
                           Department of Libraries

                                   N E W S

No. 104, Fall 1996

                           CONSOLIDATION BEGINS

This summer the Department of Libraries took steps toward implementing the
legislatively authorized consolidation of regional library service.  The
Northwest Regional Library (NWRL) in Georgia was closed beginning August 26
due to staff shortage and funding reductions.  Libraries which formerly used
NWRL for supplementary collections may use the Midstate and Northeast
Regional Libraries in Berlin and St. Johnsbury, respectively.  Consulting and
interlibrary loan service for libraries in the Northwest region are also
available from the Midstate Regional Library.  Individual users of NWRL have
been encouraged to use local public libraries.  A timeline for closing the
Southwest Regional Library in early 1997 is being developed.  Libraries and
the general public in the Southwest region will receive written notification
this fall.

Between 1991 and 1996, the Department has undergone several significant
budget reductions and has lost of 25% of its staff and funding.  Staff,
alone, has reduced from 59 to 45 since 1990 and will be further reduced by at
least four positions as a result of the state's early retirement program.  In
FY96 the regional library budget for all five facilities was $700,000, with
less than $10,000 available for books and materials.  No significant funding
has been available for regional library books in the past four years.  Recent
legislative mandates to cut both state spending and the number of state
employees and an ongoing decline in available funds and personnel have
precluded the Department's ability to continue to operate and staff five
facilities that, in some ways, duplicate public library service.
The continuing decline of the Department's operating budget from both state
and federal sources served as the impetus for a re-examination of all of the
Department's services in pursuit of its mission.  The Department's staff and
its Board of Libraries believe that the coordination of resource sharing
among the state's libraries and the strengthening of local public library
service are vital components of the Department's mission into the 2000's. 
Consolidation is viewed as the only way to make funds again available to
purchase current materials to supplement those owned by local libraries.

Vermont ranks first in the nation in the number of public libraries per
capita and per square mile.  Vermont public libraries also rank third in
volumes of books owned per capita and first in hours open to the public per
1,000 population.  The number of interlibrary loan requests to regional
libraries and the Department's Central office decreased 22% between FY90 and
95, yet the total number of interlibrary loans received by public libraries
grew steadily during that period.  With over 125 libraries using VALS for
interlibrary loan, public libraries are clearly doing more of the work that
regional libraries used to do for them.  "We should be concentrating our
limited resources on providing services local libraries cannot afford
individually," said State Librarian Patricia E. Klinck. "We should focus more
attention on training and educating local library personnel to meet the needs
of an information society." 

Currently, materials that will be of future use in interlibrary loan are
being transferred from NWRL to NERL and MRL.  Libraries which still have
materials belonging to NWRL should wait until after October 2 to return them
by appointment only.  Later this fall, public libraries in the Northwest
region will be invited to choose, by lottery, materials from the NWRL
collection for their own.  After all interested public libraries have chosen,
local school and institutional libraries may choose materials.  The same
process will be followed in the Southwest region in 1997.  Librarians and
trustees with questions concerning the consolidation may call Marianne Kotch,
Regional Libraries Services Coordinator, at 828-2320.


The Department of Libraries announced in late July that federal Library
Services and Construction Act Title II funds will again be available for
public library new construction, renovation, and major technology
enhancement.  Up to 50% or $100,000, whichever is less, of a limited number
of local projects can be funded on a matching basis to libraries which meet
or promise to meet the minimum standards for Vermont public libraries. 
Projects should be ready to start within 150 days after award of the grants.  

Letters announcing availability of the LSCA Ti. II funds were mailed to
public librarians, trustee chairs, and selectboards.  Any library or town
interested in applying for a grant should write State Librarian Patricia E.
Klinck by September 15, 1996, and include in general terms the nature, scope
and estimated cost of the project.  Final applications with attachments will
be due April 1, 1997, for consideration at the April meeting of the Vermont
Board of Libraries.  For more information contact Klinck at 828-3265.  

                       BOARD MEETS, ELECTS OFFICERS

The Vermont Board of Libraries held its regular meeting on Tuesday, August
20, at the Midstate Regional Library, Berlin.  At that time, William Howard
Schubart III of Shelburne and Reeve Lindbergh of Passumpsic were reelected
Chair and Vice Chair, respectively, for one year terms.  

Board discussion centered around the consolidation of regional library
service.  The group also worked on revising its by-laws to reflect the move
of the Department of Libraries under the Agency of Administration.  The Board
voted to make the Midstate Regional Library its regular meeting place on the
third Tuesday of the even numbered months.  Other Board members include
Deborah Greenwood- Fletcher of Enosburg Falls, Randall F. Mayhew of
Woodstock, Leslie Morris Noyes of Charlotte, and Rosemary Rogers of Proctor.


The 1996-97 Minimum Standards for Vermont Public Libraries program
administered by the Department of Libraries will again allow libraries an
opportunity to meet either the standards adopted in 1986 or those of 1993. 
The latter were approved by the Board of Libraries and continue through the
legislative Administrative Rules process.  Libraries will receive application
forms for both sets of standards, and completed forms should be mailed to the
Department of Libraries by November 1, 1996.  The timetable for this year's
standards program is as follows:

early September - forms mailed to libraries; copies of standards mailed to
trustee chairs

October 15 - compliance date for some standards

November 1 - application deadline (postmark date)

December 10 - Board of Libraries meets to determine which libraries meet

December 30 - Department of Libraries notifies all applicants if they meet
standards or not

Jan. 17 - Deadline for receipt of appeals from libraries found not meeting

Feb. 18 - Board of Libraries holds public hearing on appeals and makes final

If you have any questions about the standards or would like an extra set of
application forms, call Marianne Kotch, Regional Libraries Services
Coordinator, 828-2320.

                               "A GOOD MOVE"

As reported in the last NEWS, the Department of Libraries was recently moved
under the Agency of Administration in state government.  Since its inception
in 1970, the Department had been an independent department reporting to the
Governor.  The recent reorganization results in a closer involvement of the
Department of Libraries with other state departments that serve Vermonters
and state government, notably the departments of Tax, Finance and Management,
State Buildings, State Personnel, and Telecommunications.

The Vermont Board of Libraries will become advisory and appointed by the
Governor.  The Secretary of Administration will appoint the State Librarian
with the Board's advice.  Speaking at the Board of Libraries' June meeting,
Secretary of Administration William Sorrell noted that the move makes
particular sense now that libraries are accessing the Vermont Automated
Libraries System (VALS) via the state government information network, GOVnet.  

Sorrell noted that the Department of Libraries should be the "primary access
point to state information" and that access to VALS and other information
will "whet the appetite of Vermonters for more information" to be found via
local libraries and private Internet providers.  He also hoped the
Department's closer alliance with other state departments would make state
government "more sensitive to library issues."  State Librarian Patricia E.
Klinck called the move an opportunity to increase communication, particularly
on issues relating to dissemination of information, regardless of format.


By the time this newsletter reaches you, 20 Vermont public libraries will be
receiving grants to enable them to offer public access to the Internet. 
Using federal LSCA Ti. II funds, the Department of Libraries is matching
funds from IBM and NYNEX to offer computer equipment, software, and training
for public and community libraries to access the Vermont Automated Libraries
System (VALS), the Internet, and other emerging online resources.  Interest
in the grant program has been high as a large number of public libraries are
seeking to upgrade equipment purchased in the 1980's.  

Applications for equipment grants were due on July 30, and winners will be
announced by mid- September.  Public and community libraries that meet the
Minimum Standards for Vermont Public Libraries were eligible to apply for the
grants, and a large number voiced interest in applying.  "Librarians and
trustees are beginning to view the Internet as an essential reference tool,"
noted State Librarian Patricia E. Klinck.

The Vermont Library Association (VLA) is helping to coordinate the training
component funded by NYNEX which seeks to help librarians become more
comfortable with accessing information electronically.  A schedule of
workshops and locations will be prepared this fall and should begin this

                         DEPARTMENT RECEIVES KUDOS

During a time when it seems that a negative spin is all we find in the news,
the Department of Libraries and its staff recently received recognition from
a number of sources:

--Paul Donovan, Senior Reference Librarian, received the 1996 West Excellence
in Government Law Librarianship Award from West Publishing.  More than 70
members of Vermont's legal community nominated Donovan for the annual award
which is presented to a government law librarian who attains special
distinction in managing and providing effective access to information. 
Donovan has worked for the Department for over 20 years, during which time he
has provided assistance for Pro Se litigants and non-law libraries, legal
reference support for the Court, and resources in many formats available
throughout the state.  Donovan received the award and cash prize in July at
the American Association of Law Libraries' annual meeting in Indianapolis.

--State Librarian Patricia E. Klinck received recognition from the Vermont
Business Roundtable at its semi-annual dinner at Basin Harbor in June for the
Department's efforts in broadening information access to Vermonters via

--The Department of Libraries also received, for the third year in a row, the
Francis Keppel Award from the National Commission on Library and Information
Science for successfully completing its submission of public library data to
the Federal-State Cooperative System, a joint project of NCLIS and the
National Center for Education Statistics.  

                     FEDERAL FUNDING PICTURE:  "MURKY"

The Department of Libraries' federal Library Services and Construction Act
(LSCA) funding for the fiscal year beginning in October continues to be
uncertain.  At this time, there has been no Congressional authorization for
the continuation of LSCA and, therefore, no allocation of funds.  During
FY96, federal library funds dribbled into the Department of Libraries, and it
was June - eight months into the federal fiscal year - before the
Department's actual allocation was known.  State Librarian Patricia E. Klinck
warns that the coming year's federal library funding may be equally fuzzy and
that "uncertainty impacts how you work."
The new Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA), a total revamping of
library funding, is not scheduled to take effect until federal fiscal year
1998.  LSTA will not include funds for library construction now under LSCA
Ti. II and will not be administered by the U.S. Department of Education but
most likely by the Institute for Museums.  News of the Department's federal
funding will be relayed in the next issue of News, if it is available.  

                           VHRAB TO OFFER GRANTS

The Vermont Historical Records Advisory Board (VHRAB), a statewide board of
historical records managers and users, has received a grant of $49,500 from
the National Historical Publications and Records Commission of the National
Archives.  VHRAB will distribute funds as small grants throughout Vermont to
assist town clerks, librarians, and archivists in local historical societies
with the management of their historical records and to help teachers and
scholars promote wider use of historical records in elementary through
college education.

Under this new program, VHRAB will make four kinds of grants:

--Professional organizations may apply for funds to conduct instructional
workshops for their constituencies around the state - deadline:  October 1,

--Municipalities, local historical societies, libraries, museums, and other
nonprofit organizations may request funds to pay for visiting archivists to
help local records managers conduct surveys of their archival collections and
self-evaluations of their records management practices and needs - deadline: 
December 1, 1996

--Municipal and nonprofit institutions may request support to improve the
arrangement and description of historical records in their collections -
deadline:  May 1, 1997

--Scholars may apply for funds to conduct projects that analyze the use of
historical records; and teachers may receive support to develop curriculum
units that introduce students in elementary through post-secondary schools to
the use, handling, and study of historical records - deadline:  March 1, 1997

For more information or to obtain grant guidelines and application forms,
contact Michael Sherman, VHRAB grants coordinator, 20 College St., Montpelier 
05602, 223-2632, or email:  MNSherman@aol.com.


Public libraries in Quechee and Rutland were recently designated by the
Department of Libraries as "Envisioning Excellence" after successfully
completing peer review of their long range plans.  Public recognition by the
Department of Libraries will be made in each community this fall.

The Quechee Library Association, which opened a new facility last year, had
participated in a coordinated planning process involving all five public
libraries in the town of Hartford.  Working on a long range plan helped the
library pull its facts and thoughts together in order to apply for LSCA Ti.
II construction funds and to organize and implement a large scale
community-based fundraising effort.  Quechee's librarian, Kate Schaal and her
board of trustees worked with peer reviewers of the Cobleigh Public Library,
Lyndonville, to refine the plan to help guide the new library through the
year 2000.

A planning committee of board and staff worked on the Rutland Free Library's
long range plan before submitting it to the whole board of trustees for
approval.  Director Paula Baker and a small group then worked with peer
reviewers of the Dover Free Library to fine tune the plan.

Fall is an excellent time to begin a planning process.  If you are interested
and would like some help, contact your regional librarian for details.

                         Technical Services Update
             by Lorraine Lanius, Head, Technical Services Unit


The future of the Card/MARC Service is still uncertain.  State Librarian
Patricia E. Klinck has stated that money has been budgeted for the service,
pending notification in October or November on the availability of federal
LSCA funding.  Nonetheless, the Technical Services Unit can still obtain OCLC
cataloging for public libraries using the Card/MARC Service resubmission
procedure.  Although the funding to have OCLC cards sent to libraries is not
available at this time, libraries can send request slips (or a library's own
order slips) marked with a diagonal slash.  An OCLC record will then be
downloaded into PUBCAT with the library's holdings symbol attached.  Using
the information found in PUBCAT, a library can subsequently prepare its own
cards using a typewriter, memory typewriter, or a catalog card computer
software program.  Automated libraries can either download the record or
key-in the appropriate information into their own systems.

DOL can provide MARC cataloging on disks for automated public libraries that
formerly obtained MARC records from a vendor.  MARC records from OCLC and the
Library of Congress MARC databases are downloaded into PUBCAT and then a disk
is made for the particular order.  Please call 828-3261 or e-mail: TSU with


PUBCAT remains strong despite the suspension of the Card/MARC Service.  With
the elimination of the extra step of ordering cataloging, the technical
services staff is able to enter library holdings faster than when the
Card/MARC Service was operational.  To keep PUBCAT up-to-date and to lessen
the interlibary loan load on certain libraries, librarians are urged to send
VUC cards more frequently to keep up with the ILL requests for current
materials.  This past year the technical services staff started adding PUBCAT
records for VALS libraries that have not been eligible for the Card/MARC


The Technical Services Home Page for librarians in Vermont is now
operational.  The homepage offers: 

--technical services handouts online including information about the Vermont
Union Catalog, the Centralized Card/MARC Service, the state contract (which
is currently being negotiated), and jobbers 

--links to acquisitions, cataloging and other technical services sites
including the Library of Congress, AcqWeb, OCLC, and several other resources
helpful to librarians 

--e-mail access to the Technical Services Unit directly from the homepage                                                                                       

--"who has what" for automated systems in Vermont libraries.  Includes
listings for all types of libraries (under construction)

To access the Technical Services Home Page, enter the URL for the Vermont
Automated Libraries System:  .  

Use the down arrow to select Librarian's Resources. Then select TSU Home
Page.   Or enter the following URL: 


DOL recently purchased DRA Web and Z39.50 client/server software which will
allow the World Wide Web and the Z39.50 protocol, formerly incompatible, to
become one.  Z39.50 is a National Information Standards Organization (NISO)
protocol which allows information exchange between different automation
systems using a common search query.  It allows computers in networked
environments to talk with each other.  Initial applications of the standard
were designed for use with bibliographic data such as online public access
library catalogs (OPACS), but the protocol is broader in scope and works with
many other types of data as well.  For Z39.50 to work, both the client and
server need to have the Z39.50 software.  Some time in the fall, this will be
applied to VALS, enabling the department to have a Web formatted catalog.  An
added benefit will be increased possibilities for information retrieval via
the World Wide Web and use of World Wide Web browsers with VALS.


10.  Improve computer literacy:  There must be a place in every community
where citizens can come and work on a computer.  Not using a computer in the
Information Age is like not adopting machine use during the Industrial

9.  Stay current:  Libraries can no longer operate in a business as usual
atmosphere.  To remain the source for current and exciting information,
library administrators must embrace the Internet as a viable and vital
information source.

8.  Connect to the world:  The Internet will allow rural patrons to connect
to information, places, and, most importantly, people from throughout the

7.  Access to more information:  Electronic publishing is flooding the
Internet.  There is compelling and important information only available via
this resource.

6.  Save money:  Many expensive print reference resources can be downloaded
or accessed via the Internet.  This will alleviate the cost for libraries to
replace this info each year, plus it will free up shelf space.  Dare we
suggest the possible alleviation of expansion of buildings?  Reutilization of
existing space may be the answer.

5.  Relieve isolation:  Through the Internet, patrons can interact with
special interest groups from throughout the country.  By producing a World
Wide Web (WWW) homepage... rural libraries invite the "world" into their

4.  Network with colleagues:  Via the Internet, librarians have access to
discussion groups within the profession which offer strategies and solutions
to common problems and concerns.  No problem or question is too small for the
Internet. No one has to operate alone anymore.

3.  Provide leadership role:  Librarians have traditionally been thought of
as information specialists.  By providing Internet access within the
community, they are once again filling the shoes of the information expert -
the one who is in the "know."

2.  Equalization of information:  Patrons living in rural areas should not be
penalized because they do not have access to the same information as a patron
living in an urban area.  The library is the logical place to provide that
equity of access.

And the number one reason rural libraries should connect to the Internet is:

1.  It's a matter of trust!  Patrons expect the library to be the source of
information.  If the library doesn't connect, then patrons will find someone
else who will, and it probably won't be free, and therefore, not equal.  For
generations the library has been the trusted place for new and compelling
information provided freely in a variety of formats.  It's time to continue
that tradition.

                 *adapted from Sioux Line, May/June, 1996.

                           SPECIAL SERVICES NEWS
               S. Francis Woods, Special Services Consultant


The Special Services Unit is about to introduce a new service for its patrons
- a variation on our mainstay, talking book service for the blind and
visually impaired.  Blue Ridge Radio Players, a nonprofit, volunteer
organization from North Carolina, has been working on a series of half hour
dramas based on well-known short stories and novellas.  Complete with sound
effects, 25 have been produced, featuring amateur and professional actors who
have donated their time.  Some of the plays are based on contemporary works,
but most are of works by authors such as Ambrose Bierce, O. Henry, Mark
Twain, Arthur Conan Doyle, Edith Wharton, and others.  The Vermont
Association for the Blind is helping us collect and duplicate the tapes for
circulation in sets of four to qualified borrowers.  Our arrangement with VAB
also allows us to loan copies to public and school libraries.  Contact me for
more information at 828-3273.


The use of the Department of Libraries' 16mm film collection has been
declining slowly but steadily since the decision to stop purchasing film
about seven years ago.  Now, the time has come to cease film service, and the
Department of Libraries will accept no more requests for 16mm films after
September 15, 1996.  Bibliographic records for films will be removed from the
Department of Libraries catalog (DOLCAT).

Films will be offered to any library interested in taking them.  We will be
holding a two-day open house during the month of October to allow libraries
to come and select films and take them away.  More information on the open
house will be made available as plans are developed.  There will be ample
opportunity for libraries to sign up for the open house.

The cessation of film service will have no effect on video service.  Videos
will continue to be circulated to public libraries.  If you have any
questions or comments, please call, write, or email me (username:  AVSU).

                               COMING EVENTS

Mon., Sept. 2 - State holiday. Department of Libraries central office and
regional libraries closed.

Thurs., Sept. 12, 10:00 am - Children's services meetings, "Summer Programs"
followed by "Redesigning Statewide Children's Library Services," Midstate
Regional Library, Berlin.
Tues., Sept. 17, 9:00 am - Children's materials review session, Midstate
Regional Library, Berlin.  Repeats: Wed., 9/18 (SWRL); Thurs., 9/19 (SERL);
Wed., 9/25 (NWRL); Thurs., 9/26 (NERL).  Contact: Grace W. Greene, 828-3261.

Fri., Sept. 20, 9:30 am - "Bringing History to Life: Laura Ingalls Wilder"
workshop, Flynn Theatre, Burlington.  Contact: Joan Robinson, 863-8778.  

Tues., Sept. 24 - "VALS Update" workshop, Midstate Regional Library, Berlin. 
Repeats: Fri., Sept. 27, Midstate Regional Library.  Contact: Grace W.
Greene, 828-3261. 

Sat.-Sat., Sept. 28-Oct. 5 - Banned Books Week.  Contact: A.L.A.,

Tues., Oct. 1 - "VALS Refresher" workshop, Midstate Regional Library, Berlin. 
Contact: Grace W. Greene, 828-3261.

Tues., Oct. 1, 11:30 am - Second Annual Celebration of Books and Reading
co-sponsored by the Vermont Center for the Book and Dept. of Libraries,
Norwich University, Northfield.  Contact: Vermont Center for the Book,

Thurs., Oct. 3 - "Babies Need Books: Programs & Services for Children Birth -
36 Months" workshop, Midstate Regional Library, Berlin.  Contact: Grace W.
Greene, 828-3261.

Fri.-Sun., Oct. 4-6 - 24th Annual National Storytelling Festival,
Jonesborough, Tenn.  Contact: National Storytelling Festival, P.O. Box 309,
Jonesborough, Tenn. 37659, 1-800-525-4514.

Sun.-Tues., Oct. 6-8 - New England Library Association Annual Conference,
Manchester, New Hampshire with theme, "Defining Libraries: Ourselves, Our
Mission, Our Future".  Contact: Mary Ann Rupert, Conference Manager, 603-685-
5966, fax 603-695-4422 or e-mail marupert@aol.com; or George Parks,
University of Southern Maine, 207-780-4276 or e-mail: grparks@usm.maine.edu.

Sun.-Tues., Oct. 6-8 - North Atlantic Health Sciences Libraries Annual
meeting.  "Current Realities->Future Directions: The Business of Health
Science Libraries", Hyatt Regency Greenwich, Greenwich, Connecticut. 
Contact: Laurie Fornes, 413-784-4294, e-mail: Lfornes@library.bhs.org, FAX:
413-784-4197 or R. Kenny Marone, 203-785-4358, e-mail:
Marone@biomed.med.yale.edu, FAX: 203-785-4369.

Mon., Tues., Mon., Oct. 7, 8, 21 - "Grant Writing" workshop, Department of
Libraries, Montpelier/Midstate Regional Library, Berlin.  Contact: Grace W.
Greene, 828-3261.

Wed., Oct. 9 - "Literacy Works: Sharing Resources, Building Connections"
conference, Radisson Hotel, Burlington.  Registration fee:  $48.  Contact:
Wendy Ross, Department of Education, 828-5148.

Tues., Oct. 15, 10:30 am - Vermont Board of Libraries meeting, Midstate
Regional Library, Berlin.  Contact: Patricia E. Klinck, 828-3265.  

Thurs., Oct. 17 - Red Clover Award Program workshop, South Royalton House,
South Royalton.  Contact: Vermont Center for the Book, 875-2751.

Fri., Nov. 8, 9:30 am - Public Library Directors' Forum, Midstate Regional
Library, Berlin.  Contact: Sharon Bartram, 485-4621. 

Sat., Nov. 9 - Vermont Library Trustees Association annual conference with
theme, "Speak Up for Libraries," Rutland Free Library.  Contact: Marianne
Kotch, 828-3261.

Mon., Nov. 11 - State holiday. Department of Libraries central office and
regional libraries closed.

Fri., Nov. 15, 9:00 am - Eighth Annual Mock Caldecott Award Day, co-sponsored
by the Dept. of Education, Dept. of Libraries, and VEMA.  Vermont Technical
College Old Dorm Lounge, Randolph.  Contact: Leda Schubert, 828-3111.

Mon.-Sun., Nov. 18-24 - Children's Book Week.  Theme: "Oh, The Places You'll
Go!"  Contact: Children's Book Council, Inc., 568 Broadway, Suite 404, New
York, NY 10012, 212-966-1990.

Thurs., Nov. 28 - State holiday. Department of Libraries central office and
regional libraries closed.

Tues., Dec. 3, 9:00 am - Children's materials review session, Midstate
Regional Library, Berlin.  Repeats: Thurs., 12/5 (Milton Pub. Lib.); Tues.,
12/10 (SWRL); Wed., 12/11 (SERL); Thurs., 12/12 (NERL).  Contact: Grace W.
Greene, 828- 3261.

Tues., Dec. 10, 10:30 am - Vermont Board of Libraries meeting, Midstate
Regional Library, Berlin.  Contact: Patricia E. Klinck, 828-3265.

Wed., Dec. 25 - State holiday. Department of Libraries central office and
regional libraries closed.

Tues., Jan. 7 - CD-ROM reference workshop taught by Linda Brew from UVM. 
Contact: CBEC for a registration form.

Fri.-Sat., Jan. 10-11 - Flynn Storytelling Festival, Flynn Theatre,
Burlington.  Featuring Charlotte Blake Alston, nationally renowned
storyteller/singer telling African-American original stories.  Contact: Joan
Robinson, 863-8778.
Wed.-Thurs., May 14-15 - Vermont Library Conference.


..."Bare Bones Vermont History Collection Bibliography," a 4-page
bibliography including current titles to buy, out-of-print titles to preserve
or obtain, major journals, and handbooks for local history librarians and
authors of local histories.  Available free from Mary Moore at 828-3261 or e-
mail: DOL_Central.

..."Women's Resource Guide," publication by the University of Vermont's
President's Commission on the Status of Women to assist women at UVM and in
the Burlington community.  Multicultural organizations and crisis services
are among the topics included.  Available from the Commission, 34 South
Williams St., Burlington, VT 05405, phone: 802-656- 7892.

...Preservation bibliography for librarians and records curators developed by
the Vermont Historical Records Advisory Board.  Available free from Gregory
Sanford, State Archivist, Office of the Secretary of State, 26 Terrace St.,
Montpelier, VT 05609-1103, phone: 802-828-2369 or e-mail:

...Vermont Historical Society's annual booklist including titles on various
aspects of Vermont history.  For a booklist, phone: 802-828-2291.

..."Censorship in Public Colleges and Universities" exhibit on censorship for
Banned Books Week or other times.  Cost $48 (includes mailing).  Contact:
Donald Parker, Long Island Coalition Against Censorship, P.O. Box 296, Port
Washington, NY 11050, phone: 516-944-9799.

..."Know Your Rights," American Bar Association brochures on practical law
topics including estate planning, personal injury, buying on credit, buying a
home, selling a home, child custody, tenant-landlord law and starting your
own business.  Available for $7.95 per package from ABA, Publication Orders,
PO Box 10892, Chicago, IL 60610-0892, phone: 312-988-5522 or fax

...Vermonters in Volunteer Administration (VIVA), professional organization
for anyone interested in volunteer management.  Membership offers quarterly
education, networking meetings, an annual conference, newsletters and
affiliation with the national organization.  Send memberships fee of $20 for
individuals or $35 for organizations to VIVA Membership, PO Box 8183,
Burlington, VT 05402- 8183.

...Vermont Booksellers Association listing of library book sales in the
association's newsletter.  Book sales are listed free of charge. Contact:
Donna Howard, The Eloquent Page, 21 Catherine St., St. Albans, VT 05478,
phone: 802-527-7243 or Bill Jackson, Old Schoolhouse Books, PO Box 431, South
Royalton, VT 05068.
...CBEC bibliographies updated for spring and summer workshops including,
"Aids for Developing a Children's Collection," "A Bare Bones Juvenile
Nonfiction Collection," "CBEC Bibliographies, Resources and Traveling
Exhibits," "Sources for Recommendations of Juvenile Reference Books," "Books
About Children's Materials: A Selected List," and "Reference Books for
...Family histories Located in New Hampshire and The Maine Family Histories
Directory.  Available from Rich Rollock, PO Box 1172, Laconia, NH 03247.


...Ezra Jack Keats Mini-Grants.  Mini-grants in the sum of $500.00  open to
public and school libraries for projects to help instill a love of literature
in children.  Priority will be given to programs relating to Keats' works. 
Applications for proposals are available by sending a self-addressed stamped
envelope to Ezra Jack Keats Mini-Grants, 450 14th St., Brooklyn, NY 11215
before Sept. 15, 1996.


Anyone who selects books for children or young adults should plan to attend
the Materials Review Sessions co-sponsored by the Department of Libraries and
the Department of Education.  The programs, which begin at 9:00 a.m. and last
about 3 1/2 hours, feature oral reviews by Grace Greene, of the Department of
Libraries and Leda Schubert, School Library Media Specialist, Department of
Education.  Books for all levels (preschool - high school) are reviewed.  In
addition to oral reviews, we also take books reviewed by our volunteer
reviewers and nonfiction recommended by the review media.  

The sessions are free and do not require registration.  Check the calendar
section elsewhere in this News for specific dates.  Please note that the
December session in the Northwest will be at the Milton Public Library, not
the Northwest Regional Library.  We will again have books we reviewed on
display at NERL and SERL after the sessions are over.  For the first session,
books will be at NERL on Sept. 27-Oct. 11 and at SERL on Oct. 21-Nov. 1.  For
the second session, books will be at NERL Dec. 13-Jan. 3 and at SERL Jan.


Thanks to the Marjorie Gillam Lavalla fund which was created to honor a
former chair of the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Committee, the DCF Committee is
again sponsoring a small competitive grant round.  Any school or public
library that has ideas for innovative ways to promote the DCF program this
year should request an application from Christine Coolidge, 828-3261, e-mail
CBEC or from Leda Schubert, 828-3842, e-mail lschubert@doe.state.vt.us.  The
total to be given is $500.  Deadline:  October 1, 1996.


For the 8th year in a row, the Department of Education and the Department of
Libraries are co-sponsoring a day long picture book evaluation program.  In
the morning, Linda Rubinstein of the Brattleboro Art Museum will give us
techniques to use with children in helping them to evaluate and appreciate
the art in picture books.  In the afternoon we will divide up into groups to
select our favorite picture books of 1996.  Participants will receive a list
of picture books to evaluate upon registration.  Please send in the form in
this newsletter to attend.


The Department of Libraries will again partially underwrite nature programs
from the Vermont Institute of Natural Science for 30 libraries.  Libraries
which did not receive a VINS program in 1994-95 or 1995-96 will be given
first chance at the funding in a first come first served manner.  The 30
successful applicants will each receive $50.00 off the cost of a program. 
Fliers explaining the program will be sent to all Vermont public libraries at
the beginning of September.


Join fellow book lovers for the second annual celebration of books and
reading co-sponsored by the Vermont Center for the Book and the Department of
Libraries on Tuesday, October 1, 1996.  Roger Sutton, new editor for the
prestigious children's book review periodical, The Horn Book, will be the
featured speaker.  The program, which will include a lunch catered by the New
England Culinary Institute, will be held at Norwich University in Northfield
from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.   Please call the Vermont Center for the Book at
875-2751 for further information.


If you missed the workshop on children's reference using CD-ROMs that Linda
Brew taught at UVM in July, do not despair.  Linda has agreed to teach it
again on Tuesday, January 7, 1997 (snow date January 9, 1997).  The workshop
will be a regular full day 5 credit DOL workshop, but because of the timing
will not appear in our regular continuing education packet.  If you are
interested in attending, please request a registration form from the CBEC.


From all reports, mystery has been a very successful theme for the summer
program.  We hope to continue the enthusiasm next year with "space" and the
following year with "humor."  Please come to a meeting on  Thursday,
September 12, 1996 at 10:00 a.m at the Midstate Regional Library in Berlin to
help plan these programs.


Immediately following the summer reading program meeting on Sept. 12 at
Midstate will be another meeting for all those interested in discussing how
to restructure the children's services that DOL has to offer.  This  will be
a brainstorming meeting in which anyone can say anything about the services
that exist or that they wish existed.  This meeting will be the first step in
a six month long process of planning for children's services of the future. 
Please come and be heard.


In spite of drastic budget cuts, VT ETV is committed to continuing televised
booktalks by children on all the titles on the Dorothy Canfield Fisher
masterlist.  In addition, this year they will film booktalks on the new Red
Clover list.  In this way the program will now be open to students K-8! 
Chris McClure, Program Coordinator at ETV, will send out an application to
all public libraries and schools at the beginning of September.  Please note
that libraries and schools which have been selected in the past are eligible
to apply again.


Libraries and teachers who wish to know more about the Red Clover Award
Program, the selected books, and ways to use them with children, should plan
to attend an all day workshop on Thursday, October 17, 1996 at the South
Royalton House in South Royalton.  Presenters will include Windham County
Reads Director Ruth Allard and librarians from Windham County who pioneered
this program last year.  Cost for the workshop and lunch is $15.  For more
information, please call the Vermont Center for the Book at (802) 875-2751. 

Patricia E. Klinck, State Librarian. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .828-3265 
 Grace Greene, Children's Services Consultant . . . . . . . . . .  .828-3261 
Library and Information Services Division 
  Sybil B. McShane, Director . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  828-3261 
   Marjorie D. Zunder, Head, Reference and Law Services . . . . . . 828-3268 
   Lorraine Lanius, Head, Technical Services Unit . . . . . . . . . 828-3261 
   S. Francis Woods, Special Services Consultant. . . . . . . . . . 828-3273
  Marianne Kotch, Senior Regional Librarian, Midstate Regional Library 
  (Berlin). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 828-2320 
    Michael Roche, Northeast Regional Library (St. Johnsbury). . . .748-3428
    Amy Howlett, Southeast Regional Library (Dummerston) . . . . . .257-2810 
    Southwest Regional Library (Rutland). . . . . . . . . . . . . . 786-5879

NEWS is a federal-state program under the Library Services and Construction Act.

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