State of Vermont
                           Department of Libraries

                                   N E W S

No. 105, Winter 1996-97

                     STATE LIBRARIAN TO RETIRE OCT. 31

State Librarian Patricia E. Klinck has announced her retirement on October
31, 1997.  At that time, she will have served as State Librarian, under five
Governors, for 20 of her 27 years with the Department of Libraries.  The
State will begin a nationwide search for her successor this spring.  After
consultation with the Board of Libraries, the Secretary of Administration
will make the appointment, which must then be approved by the Governor and
receive the advice and consent of the Senate (ed. note:  this is a correction
to statements made in the summer issue of News).  The successful candidate
will hold a library degree and have considerable managerial and library


The Board of Libraries met on December 10, 1996, to review applications for
the FY97 minimum standards for Vermont public libraries program.  At that
time, it was found that 111 public libraries meet standards this year and
are, therefore, eligible to use the Vermont Centralized Card/MARC Service. 
The Board made special note of the fact that the Alice M. Ward Memorial
Library in Canaan and the Grafton Public Library met standards for the first
time ever.  This year, libraries were given the opportunity to meet either
the standards adopted in 1986 or those of 1993.  The latter were approved by
the Board of Libraries and are continuing to go through the legislative
Administrative Rules process.  Of the 111 libraries meeting standards this
year, 43, including the library in Canaan, meet the 1993 version of the

Public libraries which applied for standards should receive notification of
their status by December 30.  Libraries found not meeting standards may
appeal the Board's decision in writing by January 17.  The Board of Libraries
will hold a public hearing on appeals and make final decisions at its
February 18 meeting.  If you have any questions about the standards, call
Marianne Kotch, Regional Libraries Services Coordinator, 828-2320.


The Department of Libraries plans to reinstate the Vermont Centralized
Card/MARC Service for public libraries meeting minimum standards, beginning
in January.  Public libraries will be able to request up to 1,400 card sets
or records for new acquisitions only, and the service will remain available
until the Department's allocation of federal Library Services and
Construction Act (LSCA) funds for it are used up.  In the past, public
library usage of the Card/MARC Service has approached, but generally not
exceeded, that amount.

The reinstatement of the Card Service is just one symptom of a gradual, 
slight improvement in the Department of Libraries budget picture.  Federal
funding was unstable last year, and fewer funds were received than expected. 
State funding was tight.  While funding from federal sources is fairly
certain this year, State Librarian Patricia E. Klinck anticipates lean times
through FY98, as regional library consolidation continues.  Once "bricks are
turned into books," she said, referring to an editorial in the Burlington
Free Press last September, "we expect to be better able to provide the
resources Vermont libraries and the general public need."  Klinck also
anticipates a slight increase in federal funds from the new Library Services
and Technology Act in the next fiscal year.

                          CONSOLIDATION CONTINUES

The Southwest Regional Library will be closed to the public beginning January
6 due to staff shortage and funding reductions.  As with materials owned by
the Northwest Regional Library, which closed last August, all items owned by
SWRL will no longer be available on interlibrary loan after that date. 
Public and school libraries were asked not to borrow long term collections
from SWRL after December 1; they should return any collections to SWRL by
appointment when they are due.  All libraries in the state may borrow
collections from any of the three remaining regional libraries, in Berlin,
Dummerston, and St. Johnsbury, at any time.

Public library consulting is still available for ALL public libraries in the
state.  Currently, the Midstate Regional Library (Marianne Kotch) is the
primary contact for libraries in the Midstate and Northwest regions as well
as most of the Southwest.  The Southeast Regional Library (Amy Howlett) is
the primary contact for libraries in Bennington County as well as in the
Southeast.  And the Northeast Regional Library (Michael Roche) continues to
serve its area.  Grace Greene, Children's Services Consultant and Continuing
Education Coordinator, is also available to answer questions relating to
youth services, librarians' certification, and DOL workshops.

Regional librarians Kotch and Roche spent much of the summer going through
the NWRL collection with interlibrary loan in mind and moving items to their
respective libraries.  In November and December, after a lottery, public
libraries in the Northwest had the opportunity to choose up to 1,000 books
each from NWRL.  Other libraries in the region will choose permanent
collections this winter.  The same process will be observed at SWRL, with a
spring lottery anticipated.  Disposal of equipment and buildings takes some
time; NWRL will not be permanently closed until June and SWRL will remain
staffed until October.  Anyone with questions about regional library services
should contact Marianne Kotch, Regional Libraries Services Coordinator, at

At this time, no decision whatsoever has been made concerning the future of
the Southeast Regional Library.  The Department's current plan is to take a
breather after closing NWRL and SWRL and then to reassess the future of SERL
in FY99.  Until then, Department staff are busy with the many details
associated with closing two facilities and reorganizing staff.

Because the Department is small, all staff are affected by the reduction in
numbers from over 50 in the early 1990's to 39 by 1998.  While the
Department's priorities for serving public libraries remain the same -
interlibrary loan, technical assistance, and training - response time to
library questions may be slower.  Consultants may not be able to make field
visits with short notice as may have been in the case in the past.  Regional
libraries must maintain staff coverage of at least two people in the
buildings at all times.  There may be times when regional libraries will have
to close to the public temporarily if coverage is unavailable.  Patience,
perspective, and a sense of humor will get all of us through this time of

                                       Marianne Kotch
                                       Regional Libraries Services Coordinator


On October 16, Governor Howard Dean announced the recipients of the
cooperative technology grant program of the Department of Libraries, IBM, and
NYNEX.  "This program will help libraries expand their vital community role
in providing no-cost public access to information in today's electronic age,"
he said.  Each library receiving a grant will be offering public access to
library information, state government information, the Vermont Automated
Libraries System (VALS), and the Internet.  The following libraries received

Aldrich Public Library, East Barre Branch
Barton Public Library
Bennington Free Library
Cabot Public Library
Craftsbury Public Library
Dailey Memorial Library, Derby
Dover Free Library
Jaquith Public Library, Marshfield
Kellogg-Hubbard Library, Montpelier
Milton Public Library
New Haven Community Library
Quechee Library Association
Rockingham Free Public Library, Bellows Falls
St. Johnsbury Athenaeum
Stowe Free Library

Thirty-nine public libraries applied for the grants which were jointly funded
by IBM, NYNEX, and the Department of Libraries with its federal Library
Services and Construction Act (LSCA) funds.  IBM's contribution came in the
form of state of the art equipment, and NYNEX's contribution is training for
librarians, staff, and the public, which is scheduled to begin this winter.

The DOL/IBM/NYNEX program increases the number of public libraries in Vermont
that offer public access to VALS and the Internet.  Many other libraries are
offering public access computers purchased with library funds, gifts, local
fundraising efforts, and Friends of the Library contributions.  

                         CONTINUING EDUCATION NEWS

The Department of Libraries plans another full schedule of workshops for
library staff and trustees in 1997.  The packet containing the certification
guidelines and the information about all the workshops should arrive at all
Vermont public libraries in February.

For the first time in many years, the Vermont Certification Board is changing
the requirements for certification of public librarians.  At a recent
meeting, the Board voted to add a ten credit technology requirement to the
list of required workshops, although the total needed will still be 150
credits.  For this requirement, technology includes computers, CD-ROMs, VALS,
the Internet, etc.  Although librarians may take Department of Libraries
workshops to meet the requirement, taking workshops through institutions
other than the Department of Libraries, such as local Vocational Education
programs and Community College, is encouraged.  The requirement will go into
effect for people certified in 1998 or later.

Another change is that the Department's four required courses (Collection
Development, Basic Public Library Administration, Cataloging and Reference)
will be offered only every other year, but in two locations.  This is being
phased in over the next two years; in 1997 there will be two sections of
Reference, but only one section of Basic Library Administration because it
was taught last year.  Then in 1998 there will be two sections of both
Collection Development and Cataloging.

Besides the basics listed above, workshop topics this year will include
Picture Book Storytelling, Planning for Automation, Summer Reading Program,
Adult Programming, Facilitating a Discussion, and Issues For Support Staff. 
If you have questions about the workshops or the certification program,
please call Grace Greene, Continuing Education Coordinator, 828-3261.

                       TRUSTEES ENERGIZED IN RUTLAND

85 trustees, members of Friends of the Library groups, and librarians braved
high winds and heavy rain on Saturday, November 9, to attend the annual
conference of the Vermont Library Trustees Association.  Diantha Schull,
Executive Director of the national citizen's advocacy group Libraries for the
Future, made the trip worthwhile as she exhorted those present to deepen
their libraries' connections with their communities and create public support
at many levels.  She noted that it is important for libraries to move out of
their buildings and into neighborhoods to build partnerships and reach beyond
traditional library supporters.  "The library is the knowledge center of the
entire community," she said.  "It's the best answer we have."

General discussion after Schull's keynote focussed on public library roles in
communities.  State Representative Matt B. Dunne of Hartland briefly outlined
his views on the importance of libraries and last year's proposed legislation
encouraging libraries to promote themselves as community centers.  Because
Dunne's proposal did not pass in the biennium just ended, a proposal must be
reintroduced, if the Vermont library community is interested.

Afternoon workshops offered a variety of opportunities for trustees and
Friends to learn about starting and keeping Friends, roles and
responsibilities of all players, asking for funds without whining, and
partnership building with community organizations.  In closing the
conference, State Librarian Patricia E. Klinck built on Waterbury trustee
Robert Johnson's characterization of many Vermont libraries as "Cinderella
before the ball."  "We need to be the fairy godmothers," Klinck said, noting
that the power to change was within all who work in and care for our

Trustees are encouraged to participate in the spring round of Town Officers
Educational Conferences sponsored by the UVM Extension Service and the
Vermont Institute for Government.  Specific information will be mailed to
each library, but specific dates for the sessions are listed in the calendar
section of this News.  Carpooling with other town officials may be an
excellent way for trustees to learn more about what's going on and to discuss
their libraries' services and resources.  Call your Town Clerk for more


The Norwich Public Library joined a small group of others in being designated
by the Department of Libraries as "Envisioning Excellence" this fall.  The
library successfully completed peer review of its long range plan of service. 
The Department of Libraries acknowledged the Norwich library's achievement
along with that of libraries in Quechee and Rutland at the annual Vermont
Library Trustees Association conference this fall.  

Norwich's long range plan was in the works for several years as librarian
Sylvia Fraser and her board examined public needs for service in a growing
community.  The library is now beginning work on a building program, which
was determined as an important first step in achieving the plan.

                      ADA TECH CENTER MOVES TO BOSTON

The New England Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Technical Assistance
Center, a regional resource center for information about the ADA and its
implementation, recently moved to Boston, MA.  The Center provides accurate
and timely information and materials relating to many aspects of the ADA and
makes referrals to regional experts for specialized assistance.  It makes
available, at little or no cost, a wide range of pamphlets relating to the
ADA, architectural barrier removal, employment, discrimination, compliance,
pending lawsuits, etc.  Both public and private entities may use the Center's

The New England ADA Technical Assistance Center is located at Adaptive
Environments, Inc., 374 Congress St., Suite 301, Boston, MA  02210.  Phone
1-800-949-4232 for a list of available brochures, or email
.  Visit the World Wide Web site:
 for more information.  


In January, all public libraries in the country will be receiving resource
kits relating to learning disabilities from the American Library Association. 
ALA plans a major national advertising campaign, Roads to Learning, designed
to acquaint the general public with learning disabilities.  The packet will
include suggestions for collection development, organizations to contact for
information or referral, adaptations to programming and services, and
materials for staff training.  A number of single sheets are designed to be
photocopied and distributed directly to the public.

Roads to Learning is funded through a grant from the Emily Hall Tremaine
Foundation and is administered by ALA's Association of Specialized and
Cooperative Library Agencies division.  The project responds to the growing
number of questions on learning disabilities at reference desks, in
children's rooms, and in literacy project offices throughout the country. 
One in seven children and an estimated 15% of the total population, or about
39 million Americans of all ages, have some form of learning disability.  

ALA's American Libraries magazine plans a series of articles on the issue,
beginning with January's introduction to learning disabilities and a
description of what some libraries are already doing to serve their
communities.  For more information on Roads to Learning, call Audrey Gorman
or Cheryl Malden at ASCLA, 1-800-545-2433, ext. 4027.

                               COMING EVENTS

Wed., Jan. 1 - State holiday. Department of Libraries central office and
regional libraries closed.

Fri.-Sat., Jan. 10-11 - Flynn Storytelling Festival, Flynn Theatre,
Burlington.  Featuring Charlotte Blake Alston, nationally renowned
storyteller/singer telling African-American original stories.  Contact: Joan
Robinson, 863-8778.

Fri., Jan. 24, 9:30 am - Public Library Director's Forum, Midstate Regional
Library, Berlin. Topics: Political action; public access computers. Contact:
Penny Pillsbury, Brownell Library, Essex Jct., 878-6955.

Mon., Jan. 27, 10:00 am - CSAG meeting, Kellogg Hubbard Library, Montpelier. 
Topic: Outreach, an informal discussion of who does what, and what does and
does not work.  Contact Grace Greene, 828-3261 if you plan to attend.

Wed., Feb. 5, 9:45 am - Vermont Library Association Board meeting, Vermont
Technical College Library. 

Fri., Feb. 14 - American Library Association Midwinter Meeting, Washington,
DC. For information call 800-545-2433.

Mon., Feb. 17 - State holiday. Department of Libraries central office and
regional libraries closed.

Tues., Feb. 18, 10:30 am - Vermont Board of Libraries meeting, Midstate
Regional Library, Berlin.  Contact: Patricia E. Klinck, 828-3265.

Tues., Mar. 4 - State holiday. Department of Libraries central office and
regional libraries closed.

Thurs., Mar. 6 - CAYAL meeting, Noble Hall, Vermont College.  Featuring Mary
Leonard.  Snow date: Fri., Mar. 7. Contact: Scott Lovelett, 223-3338.

Mon., Mar. 24 & Tues., Apr. 29, 9:30 am - "Caring for Historical Records," a
two-day workshop on the preservation and care of letters, diaries,
manuscripts, photographs, ephemera and account books.  Lyndon State College,
Lyndonville. Repeats: Mon., 3/31 & 4/28 (MRL); Mon. 4/7 & 5/5 (SERL). 
Workshop counts toward library certification credit. Contact: Albert Joy,
Bailey/Howe Library, Univ, of Vermont, phone 656-8350 or e-mail:

Wed., Mar. 26 - Town Officers Educational Conferences including workshops for
public library trustees, Brattleboro Inn, Brattleboro. Repeats Mon. 3/31 (St.
Michael's College, Winooski); Wed. 4/2 (Lyndon State College, Lyndon); Tues.
4/8 (Holiday Inn, Rutland); Thurs. 4/10 (Lake Morey Inn, Fairlee). To
register call UVM Extension Service, 223-2389.

Fri., Apr. 4 - New England Technical Services Librarians (NETSL) Program.
"What Counts: The Value of Technical Services," College of the Holy Cross,
Worcester, MA. 

Wed., Apr. 9, 9:00 am - Children's materials review session, Midstate
Regional Library, Berlin. Repeats: Thurs., 4/10 (Milton Pub. Lib.); Tues.,
4/15 (NERL); Wed., 4/16 (SWRL); Thurs., 4/17 (SERL). Contact: Grace W.
Greene, 828- 3261.

Sun.-Sat., Apr. 13-19 - National Library Week. Contact: ALA Public
Information Office, 1-800-545-2433.
Wed.-Thurs., May 14-15 - Vermont Library Conference, Radisson Hotel,

Fri., May 30 - State holiday. Department of Libraries central office and
regional libraries closed.


..."Good Ideas '96" by Amy Howlett - Ideas submitted by public librarians
throughout the state. Free from DOL_CENTRAL or Mary Moore @ 828- 3261.

..."How and Why to Read a Town Report," compiled by Paul Gillies.  This
pamphlet and others on topics such as town meeting procedures, increasing
effectiveness in meetings of local and state boards and commissions, tax
grievance and appeals processes, local planning and zoning, town highways,
and the Vermont Citizenship Exam available from Vermont Institute for
Government, RR 4, Box 2298, Montpelier, VT 05602, phone 223-6500.  Full text
is also available at the Center for Rural Studies WWW site.

...Vermont Hand Crafters, Inc. list of members who will give presentations on
their crafts, lifestyles, and the knowledge and skills required to produce a
quality piece.  Available by writing Vermont Hand Crafters, PO Box 967,
Montpelier, VT 05601-0967.

...Subject index to Vermont Life from 1991 to the present developed by Betty
Howlett.  Send a 3 1/2" disk with a return label and $1.00 to cover postage
to Betty Howlett, Joslin Memorial Library, Box 359, Waitsfield, VT 05673.

...Newsletter featuring book and author news.  Free from Misty Valley Books,
Chester, VT 05143.

..."Disabilities Access Symbols Project: Promoting Accessible Places and
Programs," package of 12 graphic symbols to help arts organizations advertise
accessible programs.  Available on camera-ready paper and on computer disk
for $12.95 plus $3.50 s/h from Graphic Artists Guild Foundation, 11 W. 20th
St., 8th Floor, New York City, NY 10011-3704.


...Public Library Association's 1997 Spring Symposium, "Answers. Ideas.
Solutions. Visions. Workshops That Make a Difference." March 20-22 workshop
topics include planning facilities, strategies for successful friends groups,
fundraising, advanced skills for middle managers and public policy in the
information age.  Contact: Public Library Association, Spring Symposium, 50
E. Huron St., Chicago, IL 60611, phone 1-800-545-2433, ext. 5PLA.  Early bird
discount available before Jan. 13.

                           SPECIAL SERVICES NEWS

        S. Francis Woods, Special Services Consultant, 802-828-3273


We have a huge supply of weeded large print books to give away.  Most are in
good or very good condition and are yours for the asking.  Please give us a
call at 1-800-479-1711 or email

16mm FILM COLLECTION IS GONE (Well...almost)

On November 20th, representatives of more than two dozen public libraries
gathered at Midstate Regional Library to witness the dispersal of the
Department's 16mm film collection.  Fortified with coffee and donuts, and
starting at 10 am, three librarians at a time worked their way through the
stacks, selecting their first five films.  New people followed until the
first round was done.  After three rounds, librarians began to drop out, but
a group of die-hards stayed until after 2 pm, carrying off as many films as
their cars could hold.  When the dust had finally cleared, almost two- thirds
of the films had found new homes in public libraries around the state.  

The great film giveaway held some surprises for us:

* the number of libraries participating - 27 in all - was more than we expected
* the number of libraries which signed up but were no shows - 10
* the number of films actually carried away
* the amount of stuff (films, cases, reels, supplies) still left behind

We still have some things that libraries might still find useful, including a
dozen or more good children's films missed or overlooked, the same for young
adults with some choice titles that should be used, empty reels, film
inspection machine, splicers, and, most of all, film cases.  The latter are
those plastic cases our films were stored and mailed in, in four or five
sizes and brand new.  We would like to hear from anyone with ideas for using
these rugged, almost indestructible mailers.  If you are interested in any of
these, please let us know at once by calling Frank or Jennifer at 828-3273 or
emailing .

                         TECHNICAL SERVICES UPDATE

       Lorraine Lanius, Head, Technical Services Unit, 802-828-3261


The University of Vermont has joined forces with the Vermont Department of
Libraries to participate in the United States Newspaper Program, a
cooperative national effort to preserve and make available to researchers and
scholars newspapers dating from the 17th century to the present.  The project
to catalog Vermont's newspapers and to enter bibliographic data and holdings
into the OCLC database will be funded by a National Endowment for the
Humanities grant awarded to the University of Vermont.  The project will take
place in several locations throughout the state and will begin at the
Department of Libraries, the primary repository of Vermont newspapers.  The
project will then move to sites in Burlington and in the southern part of the
state.  This important project will preserve and provide increased access to
a wealth of information on the historical events of Vermont's past.      


Recently the Technical Services staff began a project to upgrade the many
Cataloging-in-Publication (CIP) records that are found in PUBCAT on VALS. 
CIP is cataloging based on pre-publication information that publishers send
to the Library of Congress.  The information is generally found on the verso
of title pages or at the end of books.  By means of a computer program run at
DOL, over 27,000 records in the database have been identified as CIP records
that need to be upgraded.  Most of the records will be upgraded in an
on-going project for the staff.  However, those records which have not been
upgraded by the Library of Congress will retain their CIP cataloging.  This
project should greatly improve the quality of the PUBCAT database.

                            YOUTH SERVICES NEWS

       Grace W. Greene, Children's Services Consultant, 802-828-3261


This summer's reading program will have a space theme, and the slogan is
"Reach For The Stars.  Read!"  Gail Gibbons, a Vermont author and
illustrator, who has created several books on space, has done the wonderful
artwork which features children on an open book gazing up at the stars.  This
year Vermont has teamed up with Rhode Island for materials, so Melody Allen,
the Rhode Island Children's Consultant, and I are doing a joint manual.  We
hope to have the manuals to you at the beginning of March, but you can start
planning your "Spacey" summers anytime.


(Crown, 1993) will be the featured speaker at a program on Thursday, March 7
(snow date March 8) at Vermont College in Montpelier.  Sponsored by CAYAL,
the Children's and Young Adult section of VLA, this program will explore the
comparative merits of popular and "quality" children's literature.  Price is
$5.00 for members; $6.00 for nonmembers.  To register, please use the form in
the forthcoming VLA News.


Anyone who selects books for children or young adults is welcome to attend
the Materials Review Sessions co- sponsored by the Department of Libraries
and the Department of Education.  The programs, which begin at 9:00 a.m. and
last about 3 1/2 hours, feature oral reviews by Grace Greene of the
Department of Libraries, and Leda Schubert, School Library Media Specialist,
Department of Education.  Books for all levels (preschool - high school) are
reviewed.  In addition to oral reviews, we also take books reviewed by our
volunteer reviewers and nonfiction recommended by the review media.

The sessions are free and do not require registration.  All of the 1997 dates
are listed below.  Please note that the sessions formerly held at the
Northwest Regional Library are now held at the Milton Public Library, and, as
of September, the sessions formerly held at the Southwest Regional Library
will be held at the Rutland Free Library.  We will again have books we
reviewed on display at NERL and SERL after the sessions are over.  In the
spring they will be at SERL April 18 - May 2, and at NERL May 12 - 23.  For
specific dates, check the calendar section of this News.


Approximately 75 librarians and teachers attended the eighth annual Vermont
Mock Caldecott program in Randolph in November.  The overwhelming choice for
our award was THE WAGON (Tambourine) illustrated by James Ransome and written
by Tony Johnston.  We had one honor book:  MY VERY FIRST MOTHER GOOSE,
illustrated by Rosemary Wells and edited by Iona Opie (Candlewick).


Vermont is lucky indeed to have Children's Literature New England return to
St. Michael's College this year.  The institute will be held August 3-9, and
will include lectures, discussion and workshops on children's literature. 
Featured speakers include E. L. Konigsburg, James Ransome, Lois Lowry and
Virginia Euwer Wolff.  Tuition is $700.00.  For an additional $300.00 you can
get three credits from St. Michaels.

The title of the institute is "Looking For The Village:   Child and
Community."  For more information contact Martha Walke, Registrar, at 2111
North Brandyvine Street, Arlington, Virginia 22207.


At its October business meeting, the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Committee
selected the Orange East Supervisory Union as the recipient of a $500.00
Lavalla Grant.  The OESU will create a video of students giving booktalks,
and the students will then write a booklet to accompany the videotape.

VEMA (the Vermont Educational Media Association) has undertaken a project to
promote the DCF program and to raise funds for both groups.  They are
creating T-shirts with the Dorothy Canfield Fisher logo that will be
available for both children and adults.  They will be sold at the Vermont
Library Conference and at the Dorothy Canfield Fisher ceremony.  Watch for
details of price and availability.

For the third year in a row, Vermont ETV is producing and airing booktalks of
DCF books.  This year they are also doing ones of Red Clover books.  The
schools and public libraries that were selected to do the booktalks for DCF

     Lakeview Union Elementary School, Greensboro
     Readsboro Central School & Library
     Hazen Union School, Hardwick
     Cobleigh Public Library, Lyndonville
     Blue Mountain Union School, Wells River
     Sherburne Elementary School, Killington
     Green Mountain Union High School, Chester
     Orchard Elementary School, South Burlington
     Newport City Elementary School 
     Cavendish-Fletcher Community Library, Proctorsville
     Riverside Middle School, Springfield
     Weathersfield Middle School, Ascutney
     Bennington Free Library
     Missisquoi Valley Union Middle School
     Thetford Elementary School

The sites for Red Clover are:

     Sherburne Elementary School 
     Barton Graded School 
     Ferrisburgh Central School
     Bennington Free Library
     Newport City Elementary School 

Shooting should begin in January, and the booktalks will be aired as soon as
possible after that.


In an earlier NEWS, I listed some listservs that were useful for children's
librarians.  Here is a short list of web sites pertaining to children's
literature and services.

Children's Literature Website      http://www.ucalgary.ca/~dkbrown/index.html
Information about bestsellers, book awards, movie tie-ins and other
resources.  Links to author homepages (check out the Brian Jacques one - it's

Children's Services Page of the Utah State Library          
Has bibliographies, storytime tips, book awards

Kay Vandergrift's Children's Literature Home Page      
A beautiful, as well as useful site maintained by a children's literature
professor at Rutgers.  Good bibliographies, thoughtful information and links
to publishers.

Children's Book Council       http://www.CBCBooks.org 
List of children's book publishers (updated monthly) and other information
about this sponsor of Children's Book Week.

Young Adult Librarian's Home Page       
Begun by a young adult librarian extraordinaire, this has bibliographies and
other information on young adult literature and services, teen pages, and
links to other library home pages.

Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site         
Maintained by a professional children's literature consultant, this has lists
of recommended books, activities to do with featured books, and subject

Fairrosa Cyber Library        http://www.users.interport.net/~fairrosa/
Information about authors, list of authors' birthdays, many thematic
booklists of varying quality, and a lot of information on Lewis Carroll.

Another resource is the web sites of publishers themselves, which vary
greatly in quality.  Two particularly good ones are Bantam Doubleday Dell's
(http://www.bdd.com/forum/bddforum.cgi/trc), which has audio interviews with
authors such as Caroline Cooney and Christopher Paul Curtis, and
HarperCollins (http://www.harpercollins.com/kids/) which is fun as well as

A site all librarians should know about because it serves the same purpose as
BOOKS IN PRINT, but is free, is Amazon.com Books http://www.amazon.com   This
is an online bookstore, but can be used just to look up ordering information.

Please share with me any sites that you have found particularly helpful. 
Next I will list some good sites for children, so let me know about both


                           CHANGES TO DIRECTORY

#3    HOURS                  M,W,Th 1-5pm, T 9am-5pm,          
                             F 1-9pm

#11   NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Peter Wagner, 633-4768

#20   NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Dorothy Hathaway, 525-3084
      CHANGE OF BOX #        549

#25   NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Eugene Rudewicz, 442-6729

#30A  NEW VUC                Mt. Anthony Union Middle School
      (B43MS)                640 Main St.
                             Bennington, VT 05201
      LIBRARIAN              David M. Wohlsen

#37   NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Cherie Collett, 537-2089
      HOURS                  M 6-8pm, W 3:30-5:30pm

#44A  NEW VUC                Smilie Memorial School
      (B63S)                 RR 1 
                             Waterbury, VT 05676
      LIBRARIAN              Shiela Aiken

#45   HOURS                  M 2-5pm, T,W 11am-5pm,  
                             F 12N-5pm, Sa 9am-1pm

#46   NEW LIBRARIAN          Dorothy Grazier       

#66   HOURS                  M 8am-12N, 1-4pm, Th 1-7pm,           
                             F 8am-12N, 1-7pm, Sa 10am-12N     

#68   NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Sylvia Coffin
      HOURS - CHANGE         M 10am - 5pm                       

#71   NEW LIBRARIAN          Florence Barnum, 276-3277
      NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Jeff Kimmel, 276-3845       
      HOURS                  W 3-6pm, F 9-12N, Sa 10am-2pm

#87A  NEW VUC                Lyman C Hunt Middle School
      (B92LH)                1364 North Avenue
                             Burlington, VT 05401
      LIBRARIAN              Madeline Bujold

#87B  NEW VUC                Mater Christi School       
      (B92MC)                50 Mansfield Avenue
                             Burlington, VT 05401
      LIBRARIAN              Linda Audette     

#98   NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Mary Carpenter                  

#113  NEW LIBRARIAN          Alice Lohutko, 885-9405
      HOURS                  M,W 10am-8pm, F 10am-5pm,
                             Sa 10am-2pm

#131  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Elizabeth Paterson, 

#132A NEW LIBRARIAN          Arlene Thompson         

#134  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Rev. James Kellan, 

#135  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Hugh Bromley, 293-5379
      HOURS                  W 2-7, Sa 2-5,        
                             Summer: Sa 2-5

#147  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Connie Wisse, 464-5781

#149  ADDRESS CHANGE         P.O. Box 70                  
                             (not General Delivery)
      ADDITIONAL HOURS       Th 10-11am, 3:30-5:00pm

#159  HOURS                  M,F 10am-5pm, W 12N-5pm,            
                             T,Th 10am-9pm, Sa 10am-2pm

#160  HOURS                  M,W,F 9am-9pm, T,Sa 
                             9am-5pm, Th 1-5pm

#169  TRUSTEE CHAIR          Robert Howrigan (Spelling)
      HOURS                  M-F 8am-3pm, T,Th 
                             5:30-8:30pm, Sa 10am-12N,
                             Summer: W,Th 9am-1pm, 
                             T 9am-12N, 5:30-8:30pm

#172  NEW CO-TRUSTEE CHAIRS  Patricia Ackerman, 
                             Tina Barney, 333-9112

#177  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Lucy Petrie, 933-6130
      HOURS                  T 11am-4pm, W, Sa 8am-12N,
                             Th 12N-7pm,                        
                             Summer: T 8am-12N,      
                             W, Sa 8am-12N, Th 11am-7pm

#178  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Dottie Jangraw, 524-6111
      CHANGE OF HOURS        Sa 10am-12N          

#193  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Laura Lewis, 254-4839

#196  NEW LIBRARIAN          Susan Smolen, 767-9501 
      ADDRESS CHANGE         P.O. Box 159           
      NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Karin Hubbard, 767-3291
      CHANGE OF HOURS        W 3-7pm, Sa 10am-12N     
                             Summer: Sa 2-5pm

#198  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Joyce Merrill   
      NEW BOX #              536
      LIBRARIAN - SPELLING   Dawn Drechsler
      HOURS                  M,W 1-5pm, 6-8pm, F 1-5pm, Sa 10am-12N 

#200  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Nettie Olson

#202  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      John Hazen, 295-2302
      HOURS                  M,F 5-7pm, T,Th 9am-2pm,  
                             W 9:30-11:30am

#212  HOURS                  T,Th 2-6pm, W 9am-12N, Sa 8-12N,
                             Summer: T,W 9-12N, T,Th 2-6pm

#214  NEW LIBRARIAN          Susan Barden, 482-2671

#219  NEW HOURS              M 10am-12N, 2-7pm,         
                             Th 2-7pm, Sa 10am-12N

#219A NEW VUC                Brewster Pierce Mem School
      (H92S)                 120 School St 
                             Huntington, VT 05462
      LIBRARIAN              Kathleen Lawrence, 899-1139

#225A NEW VUC                Jay/Westfield School
      (J33)                  RR 2, Box 63
                             Jay, VT 05859
      LIBRARIAN              Carla Rice, 754-8466

#229  NEW LIBRARIAN          Jean Engel           
      NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Mary Skadyk, 635-7454
      LIBRARY PHONE          635-7141       
      HOURS                  T 10am-12N, 2:30-6pm, F 2:30-5pm,
                             F 7-8:30pm, Sa 11am-1pm

#235  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Shirley Newhall, 824-6321

#237A NEW VUC                Lowell Elementary School 
      (L94S)                 Rt 100             
                             Lowell, VT 05847                  
      LIBRARIAN              Robin Messier, 744-6823

#238  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Charlotte Sumner              

#246  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Elizabeth Fritz, 362-1627
      ADDITIONAL HOURS       Sa 10am-1pm

#250  ADDITIONAL HOURS       W 12:30-7:30pm

#260  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Beth Miller   
      HOURS                  M-F 2:30-4:30pm, Sa 10am-12N 

#264  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Patricia Casey

#270A NEW VUC                New England Culinary Inst.
      (M761NE)               250 Main St.
                             Montpelier, VT 05602
      LIBRARIAN              Jenny Hermenze

#294  ADDITIONAL HOURS       Sun 1-3pm

#298  NEW HOURS              T,W,Th 3-5pm, Th 7-9pm,      
                             Sa 9am-3pm 

#299  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Charles C. Horrath

#309  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Catherine Sells, 372-3424

#322  NEW LIBRARIAN/         Gary Bullard                          

#323  NEW LIBRARIAN          Robin Sales, 426-4128
      HOURS                  T,Th 1-8pm, Sa 10am-1pm, 
                             Su 1-5pm

#325  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Eliza Ward, 672-3660
      ADDITIONAL HOURS       Summer: T, Th 2:30-4:30pm

#326  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Michael Reese, 457-4575

#328  ADDITIONAL HOURS       W 2-8pm

#329  NEW PHONE NUMBER       Green Mt. College

#334  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Jean Lertola, 459-2716

#336  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      R. Scott Henry, 387-5701

#342A?NEW VUC                Randolph Village School
      (R16E)                 28 N. Main St.
                             Randolph, VT 05060
      LIBRARIAN              Dale Gasque

#347  TRUSTEE CHAIR PHONE #  434-4583
      NEW HOURS              M,W,F 10am-12N, M,F 1-5pm, 
                             W 1-8pm, Sa 10am-2pm,                           

#349  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Mary Ann Barnes, 434-3220

#353  NEW HOURS              T,Th 12:30-7pm, Sa 9am-1pm

#362  NEW PHONE #            485-6860
      HOURS                  Th 9-11:30 am, 2-4:30 pm, Sa 10-12N. 
                             Summer:  Th 9-11:30 am, Sa 10-12N

#364  NEW LIBRARIAN(INTERIM) Elaina Griffith, 763-7630 

#369  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Mark Foley, 773-3367(work)

#397  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Ruth Geer                   

#399A NEW VUC                Sharon Academy
      (S35A)                 P.O. Box 234
                             Sharon, VT 05065
      LIBRARIAN              Judy Moore

#403A NEW VUC                Shelburne Comm. School
      (SH4S)                 Harbor Road
                             Shelburne, VT 05482 
      LIBRARIAN              Karolyn Ahern/Pamm Shelton

#412  NEW PHONE NUMBER       S. Burlington Comm Library

#418  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Shirley Niebling, 372-5304

#419  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Alice Lohulko, 885-9405

#426  TRUSTEE CHAIR          (only) Homer Perkins
      HOURS                  M,Sa 9:30-11:30am, T 3-6pm

#428  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      John Van Tol, 253-7781

#432  NEW LIBRARIAN          David Webb               

#439  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Heidi Lansburgh, 333-4227

#440  NEW LIBRARIAN          Jane Labun, 866-5506

#444  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Patty Chayk, 333-4717

#445  LIBRARY PHONE #        446-2498

#449  HOURS                  M 4-7pm, T 12N-5pm,         
                             W 3-7pm, Th,Sa 9am-1pm

#451  ADDITIONAL HOURS       W 6-8pm

#453  NEW LIBRARIAN          Ann Dorman, 899-5851         
      ADDITIONAL HOURS       W 9:30am-11:30am

#462  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Tom Carroll, 257-1186
      HOURS                  M,W,F 2:30-5pm, T 9am-12N, 2-5pm, 
                             7-9pm, Th 1:30-6:30pm, Sa 9am-12N

#464A NEW VUC                Vershire Elem. School
      (V61S)                 P.O. Box 52
                             Vershire, VT 05079               
      LIBRARIAN              Heidi Webster

#469  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Sue Thayer, 259-2997

#470  NEW LIBRARIAN          Vivian Miles, 464-3973
      HOURS                  T, Sa 9am-12N, W 12N-8pm

#470A NEW VUC                Wardsboro Elem. School
      (W21S)                 P.O. Box 107
                             Wardsboro, VT 05355    
      LIBRARIAN              Dale Copps, 896-6958

#471  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Carl Lobel, 496-4025
      HOURS                  M,W,F 10am-6pm,             
                             Sa 10am-4pm

#482  HOURS                  T 11am-5pm, W 6-8pm,      
                             F 2-8pm, Sa 9am-12N

#490  HOURS                  M,W 1-8pm, Sa 9am-3pm

#492  HOURS                  T, Th 2-8pm

#495  NEW LIBRARIAN          Carole Crompton, 254-4833

#497  TRUSTEE CHAIR PHONE #  773-8344

#505  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Lila Denton, 479-3598     

#511  HOURS                  M,F,Sa 10am-2pm,            
                             T 12N-6pm, Th 12N-5pm

#516  NEW LIBRARIANS         Donna Fogarty/           
                                 Devik Hemmings
      NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Carol Steingress, 674-5208

#522A NEW VUC                Winhall Elem. School   
      (W725S)                RR 1, Box 147A
                             Bondville, VT 05340 
      LIBRARIAN              Dale Copps, 896-6958

#529  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR      Mary Jane Dexter, 888-2820
      HOURS                  M,T,F 7:30am-3:30pm,        
                             W 8:30am-4:30pm,            
                             Th 10am-6pm, Sa 9-11am


Patricia E. Klinck, State Librarian     828-3265
  Grace Greene, Children's Services Consultant    828-3261
Library and Information Services Division
  Sybil B. McShane, Director  828-3261
    Marjorie D. Zunder, Head, Reference and Law Services    828-3261
    Lorraine Lanius, Head, Technical Services Unit     828-3261
    S. Francis Woods, Special Services Consultant 828-3273
  Marianne Kotch, Regl. Libs. Svcs. Coord., Midstate Regional Library (Berlin)
    Michael Roche, Northeast Regional Library (St. Johnsbury)    748-3428
                  , Northwest Regional Library (Georgia)    524-3429
    Amy Howlett, Southeast Regional Library (Dummerston)  257-2810
                   , Southwest Regional Library (Rutland)   786-5879

NEWS is a federal-state program under the Library Services and Construction Act.

                               109 State St.
                        Montpelier, VT  05609-0601