State of Vermont
                           Department of Libraries

                                   N E W S

No. 107, Fall 1997

                       BOARD MEETS, ELECTS OFFICERS
The Vermont Board of Libraries met in Berlin on Tuesday, August 19, and
elected Reeve Lindbergh of Passumpsic chair and Randall Mayhew of Woodstock
vice chair for the coming year.  Lindbergh served as vice chair of the Board
last year.  Other Board members are William Schubart of Charlotte,  and
Rosemary Rogers of Proctor. 

One major agenda item was the recently submitted final draft of the
Children's Services Task Force plan for Department of Libraries Children's
Services for FY98-FY02.  The Board will discuss the plan further at its
October 21 meeting and invites comments from Vermont librarians and trustees
in the meantime.  The draft is available via the Department's Web page
 and paper copies are also available from Pam Scott 
(828-3261).  Comments should be sent to Children's Services Consultant Grace
Greene by October 1 (e-mail ggreene@dol.state.vt.us).

The Board of Libraries also discussed progress in the recruitment of a state
librarian in view of Patricia E. Klinck's planned retirement October 31. 
Several finalists are being interviewed, and the Board hopes to make its
recommendations to Secretary of Administration Kathy Hoyt by mid-September. 
Candidates will be interviewed by Hoyt, the Board, Department staff,
University of Vermont Dean of Libraries Rebecca Martin, and Vermont Library
Association President Lyman Ross.


Information and application forms for the FY98 minimum standards program were
mailed to all public libraries in early September.  Any Vermont public or
community (joint school-public) library may apply for standards, which
represent a basic level of service as defined by the Vermont library
community.  Last year 112 libraries met standards.  Public libraries that
meet standards are again eligible to use the Vermont Centralized Card/MARC
Service which provides free cataloging in card or computer format for new
acquisitions and makes materials readily available for interlibrary loan via
the PUBCAT database on VALS.  The Vermont Board of Libraries approved revised
minimum standards in late 1993.  The new standards are currently undergoing
the Legislative Administrative Rules process and may become official in 1998. 
Therefore, this will again be a transition year when public libraries may
meet either the 1986 standards or the 1993 version.  

Forms should be reviewed, completed and returned to the Department of
Libraries by November 3, 1997.  A library must apply each year in order to be
considered for standards.  

All libraries - whether applying for standards or not - should complete and
return the pink Public Library Report in order to be listed accurately in the
Vermont Library Directory which is kept up-to-date via the Vermont Automated
Libraries System (VALS).

The Board of Libraries has developed the following schedule for the
application, approval and appeals processes, as well as compliance dates for
individual standards:

Oct. 15, 1997 - compliance date for standards that do not have to be met in
                the last completed fiscal year

Nov. 3, 1997 - application deadline (postmark date)

All completed forms should be signed by the librarian and the board
chairperson and returned to

Marianne Kotch, Dept. of Libraries, 109 State St., Montpelier, VT 05609-0601.

Dec. 9, 1997 - Board of Libraries meets to determine which libraries meet

Dec. 31, 1997 - Department of Libraries notifies all applicants if they meet
                standards or not

Jan. 16, 1998 - Deadline for receipt of appeals from libraries found not
                meeting standards

Feb. 17, 1998 - Board of Libraries holds public hearing on appeals and makes
                final decision

If you have any questions about filling out the forms or about standards in
general, don't hesitate to call Marianne Kotch, Regional Libraries Services
Coordinator, 828-2320.

                             NOLTE JOINS STAFF

James S. Nolte of Montpelier was recently named regional librarian at the
Department of Libraries' Midstate Regional Library (MRL), serving local
libraries and the general public.  Starting his library career at the age of
14 as a page at the Akron (OH) Public Library, Nolte has worked in public and
college libraries in Colorado and New York state.  Most recently the
Interlibrary Loan and Collection Development Librarian at Clarkson
University, Potsdam, NH, he holds a bachelor's degree from Syracuse
University and an MALS from the University of Denver.  Particular interests
include working with community arts organizations, grant writing, and local

Nolte will share supervision of MRL with Regional Libraries Services
Coordinator Marianne Kotch, and he will have primary consulting
responsibility for public libraries in Addison, Orange, Rutland, and part of
Windsor Counties.  While Kotch will continue to have primary consulting
responsibility for public libraries in Chittenden, Franklin, Grand Isle,
Washington, and part of Lamoille Counties, either is available to public
librarians and trustees in person or by phone at 828-2320.


The Southwest Regional Library (SWRL) will be closed by October 31, 1997, as
planned.  Last winter, books thought to be of value in supporting
interlibrary loan were moved to the remaining three regional libraries. 
Public, school, and correctional libraries in the area were invited to choose
up to 1,000 books each for their collections this spring.  An antiquarian
book dealer bid on the remaining books and is organizing sales and giveaways
to other dealers and the public.  The Department of Libraries will vacate the
building on October 24, at which time the state Division of State Buildings
will assume ownership.  


At its June meeting, the Vermont Board of Libraries awarded library
construction grants to public libraries in Bristol, Northfield, and
Wilmington.  This was the final year for such grants which were made
available through the federal Library Services and Construction Act.  The
Lawrence Memorial Library in Bristol will use its grant to add onto the rear
of the building and provide wheelchair access to its main floor and to its
soon-to-be renovated lower level.  Northfield's Brown Public Library will
build an addition that will connect the library with a historic house owned
by the Northfield Historical Society, creating a town cultural center.  In
order to make its challenging building accessible and fully used, the Pettee
Memorial Library, Wilmington, will add an elevator, change its main entrance,
and do extensive interior renovation, making its formerly unusable basement
into public space.


In May, the 1997-98 Vermont General Assembly passed H.404, as discussed in
News last winter and at the fall Vermont Library Trustees Association (VLTA)
annual conference.  Hartland Representative Matt B. Dunne worked with
representatives from the Vermont Library Association, VLTA, the Department of
Libraries to develop some of the specific language.   The first paragraph
codifies a preamble to public library legislation passed in the 1980's, while
the second paragraph responds to requests from community organizations and
librarians around the state wishing to encourage closer ties with each other. 
Many public libraries already serve as community centers, providing space,
resources, and programs and collaborating with schools, clubs, social
services, and other agencies.   The bill reads as follows:
     Sec. 1. 22 V.S.A.  67 is added to read: 

     (a) The general assembly declares it to be the policy of the
     state of Vermont that free public libraries are essential to
     the general enlightenment of citizens in a democracy and that
     every citizen of the state of Vermont should have access to the
     educational, cultural, recreational, informational and research
     benefits of a free public library. 
     (b) The trustees, managers or directors of a public library may
     use library resources as a community center.  Community centers
     may serve as forums and exhibition areas for the exchange of
     ideas that encourage the growth of artistic, educational,
     literary and scientific knowledge as well as the intercultural
     understanding of the Vermont citizenry. Public libraries may
     cooperate with community groups to provide these services.


The State of Vermont has awarded state contracts for the purchase of books
and other materials to seven qualifying vendors.  The vendors and
corresponding state contract numbers are as follows: Brodart Co. (#0017528),
Baker & Taylor Co. (#0017532), Follett Corp. (#0017535), Bound to Stay Bound
Books, Inc. (#0017545), Yankee Book Peddler, Inc. (#0017546), Chelsea House
Publishers (#00017560), and World Book Educational Products (#0017570).  Tax
supported libraries and libraries serving the public throughout the state may
use the state contract numbers to receive state contract discounts and

Each vendor offers discounts for certain types of materials. The customer
service representatives of the various vendors can help libraries with
questions or problems about the contracts.  Libraries should pay attention to
each vendor's policy regarding "net publications," or items that are not
found in their inventories.  These "net publications" at times cost more from
a vendor than from a direct order from the publisher because the vendor has
to place special orders for these items.

Information about the contracts and discounts is found at the Technical
Services website at:

http://dol.state.vt.us/ Choose the link, "Librarians' Resources," followed
by, "TSU Home Page," and then, "Jobbers."  

To go straight to the website the URL is:


Libraries without access to VALS may request a handout from Mary Moore,
828-3261 or e-mail DOL_CENTRAL.  If you have questions about using the
jobbers or about the state contracts, please call Lorraine Lanius, Head of
the Department's Technical Services Unit, at 828-3261 or e-mail

                           FOR FUTURE REFERENCE

                   News from Reference and Law Services
       Marjorie D. Zunder, Library Information Services Coordinator


Need something from ERIC, the educational research collections, a document or
journal article?  Request ERIC documents (ERIC number begins with ED) as you
would a book, with author, title, publisher, date and ED number.  Send your
request to DOL_ILL or your regional library.  For ERIC journal articles,
locate the journal title in the citation. Check for that title in SCOLAR,
MIDCAT and St. Mike's catalogs.  If you find a library with the correct title
and year for your article, request it directly from the owning library.  If
you can't find a library to request from or need to request from UVM, send
your request to DOL_ILL.


Is your patron desperately trying to study for a vocational exam?  You may
borrow exam prep manuals from Reference and Law Services.  We have titles
such as Civil Service handbook, Civil Service arithmetic and vocabulary, How
to prepare for the Civil Service examinations for stenographer, typist, clerk
and office machine operator, File-clerk--general clerk, Firefighter, Mail
handler, Police Officer, Postal Clerk and Carrier, Real Estate License
Examinations, State Trooper, etc.  Request any of these from DOL_ILL.  You'll
find the full citation to use in your request in DOLCAT.  The "Ref&Law"
copies are usually more recent than those in the regional libraries.  We will
loan the manuals for one month.


Want to satisfy your world traveler patrons?  We loan all of our Fodor's
travel guides.  We have current editions of several dozen titles.  U.S.
places, also.  These also circulate for one month when you request from


Want to increase your odds of filling an interlibrary loan request?  You've
checked all of the VALS catalogs and can't find what you need.  Send your
request to DOL_ILL and add as a separate line, "free o.s. locs."  If we also
can't find a Vermont library that will lend what you need, we will send you a
list of out of state libraries that should supply the material at no cost. 
The list will look like this, "SNN, MTH, CTB, FKL, RIU."  If you need help
translating these codes into library addresses, please send an email message
back to DOL_ILL or ask your regional library.  You'll need an ALA form to
send your request to an out of state library.  We can help you with that,

Questions?  Contact Marjorie Zunder, 802-828-3261, mzunder@dol.state.vt.us


"Foreign librarians...again!?!" I whined as Patty Klinck told me of the
planned two day visit of 21 librarians from all over the world.  I didn't
relish once again the multi-task of pointing out beautiful sites, answering
questions about our libraries, and chauffeuring three or four librarians,
perhaps with limited English, all at the same time.   Worse, we always seem
to have an uncharacteristic heat wave whenever they've come the last few
years.  Vermont was stop #2 in a three week tour of American libraries
sponsored by the USIA/AED.

But what a nice time we had!  My group - from Northern Ireland, Belarus, and
Serbia-Montenegro - told me they were from the "dysfunctional" countries, but
they and their companions were alert and lively.  As we toured UVM's
Bailey/Howe Library, I thought every Vermont librarian should do so
periodically to keep up to date.  It's a great resource, and the librarians
knowledgeable and gracious.  I enjoyed peeking over shoulders in the B/H
classroom as the foreign librarians showed each other their libraries'
homepages on the World Wide Web.  Most seized opportunities to send email
home.  When we first started participating in these tours, most of our
visitors were just getting into automation.  Now, they are very technically
savvy, as an attempted conversation with the Indian visitor revealed.  A
programmer, his English was fine, but the concepts were way over this
generalist's head.

Beyond UVM, visits to other Vermont school, public, and college libraries
were similarly fun and informative, as much for me as for our visitors.  At
dinner time, I overheard them describing Penny Pillsbury's reference hat,
Williston's lovely public library building, Middlebury College's rare book
department, among others.  During Sybil McShane's presentation of the Vermont
Automated Libraries System (VALS) the next day, questions were perceptive. 
In sharing with these librarians, I gained a new appreciation for the
worldwide profession that is librarianship, as well as my own situation. 
Would I be able to work as calmly and competently with the threat of daily
terrorism?  Shouldn't I be learning French so that I could share more with
librarians across borders, as those in Mexico share with Texans?  What
challenges would a black medical librarian in Pretoria face?

Vermont beer and, of course, ice cream were hits, as was the greenery we take
for granted.  But what a sophisticated bunch!   Yvonne from Northern Ireland
wants to organize a librarians' exchange because, she says, our weather and
landscape are comparable.  Any takers?

                  Marianne Kotch, Regional Libraries Services Coordinator     


                               COMING EVENTS

Mon., Sept. 1 - State holiday. Department of Libraries central office and
regional libraries closed.

Thurs., Sept. 4 - Childrens' Services Advisory Group meeting to choose summer
themes, MRL, Berlin.  Public librarians interested in childrens' services are
invited to attend.  Contact: Grace W. Greene, 828-3261.

Mon., Sept. 8, 9:30 am - "Managing by the Numbers" workshop, Midstate
Regional Library, Berlin.  Repeats Tues., 9/9 (Milton Public Library). 
Contact: Grace W. Greene, 828-3261.

Sat., Sept. 13, 9:30 am - Vermont Historical Society Biennial booksale with
Vermontiana, Americana, literature and some ephemera.  For information
contact Paul Carnahan, Vermont Historical Society, 828-2291 or E-mail:
Tues., Sept. 16, 9:00 am - Children's materials review session, Midstate
Regional Library, Berlin. Repeats: Mon., 9/22 (Rutland Free Lib.); Thurs.,
9/18 (SERL); Tues., 9/23 (Milton Pub. Lib.); Wed., 9/24 (NERL). Contact:
Grace W. Greene, 828-3261.

Sat.-Fri., Sept. 20-26 - Banned Books Week.  Contact: ALA, 1-800-545-2433, or

Sun.-Sat., Sept. 21-27 - Vermont Archaeology Week with theme, "Brush Up on
the Past."  For information call coordinator, Cheryl Fregeau, 868-2086 or

Sat.-Tues., Sept. 27-30 - North Atlantic Health Sciences Annual conference
with theme, "Trail Guide to the Health Information Environment," Radisson
Hotel, Burlington.  For information E-mail: NAHSL97@thyme.uvm.edu, or

Tues., Sept. 30, 9:30 am - "VALS Refresher" workshop, Midstate Regional
Library, Berlin.  Contact: Grace W. Greene, 828-3261.

Fri., Oct. 3, 9:30 am - Public Library Directors' quarterly forum.  Contact:
Donna Boring, 244-7036.

Fri.-Sun., Oct. 3-5 - 25th Annual National Storytelling Festival,
Jonesborough, Tenn.  Contact: National Storytelling Festival, PO Box 309,
Jonesborough, Tenn. 37659, 1-800-525-4514.

Sun.-Tues., Oct. 5-7 - New England Library Association Annual Conference,
Sturbridge, MA with theme, "Beyond the Library Walls."  Contact: NELA,
Countryside Offices, 707 Turnpike St., N. Andover, MA 01845, (508) 685-5966,
or E-mail: NELA@world.std.com; or Mary Ann Rupert, 603-673-3923.

Tues., Oct. 7, 9:00 am - Red Clover Children's Choice Picture Book Award
Conference with talks by Eileen Christelow, Margie Palatini and Howard Fine,
Cortina Inn, Mendon. Registration fee of $45.  Contact: Vermont Center for
the Book, PO Box 441, Chester, VT 05143, (802) 875-2751.

Wed., Oct. 8, 9:30 am - "Automation ... Before You Begin" workshop, Midstate
Regional Library, Berlin.  Contact: Grace W. Greene, 828-3261.

Tues., Oct. 14, 9:30 am - "VALS Update" workshop, Midstate Regional Library,
Berlin.  Contact: Grace W. Greene, 828-3261.

Tues., Oct. 21, 10:30 am - Vermont Board of Libraries meeting, Midstate
Regional Library, Berlin.  Contact: Patricia E. Klinck, 828-3265.

Mon., Oct. 27, - Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award program to honor author,
Barbara Park at Killington. Attendance by invitation only.  Contact: Grace
Greene, 828-3261.

Sat., Nov. 1, 9:30 am - Vermont Library Trustees Association annual fall
conference with theme, "Library Make Overs," Rutland Free Library.  Contact:
Marianne Kotch, 828-2320 or E-mail: mkotch@dol.state.vt.us.
Fri., Nov. 7 & Mar. 13, 1998 - VCB/DOL/DOE sponsored Childrens' Literature
Conference with theme, "What's Literature For, Anyway?" with Katherine
Paterson as the keynote speaker, Mount Ascutney Resort.  Registration fee of
$40 for one day and $75 for both days.  Contact: Vermont Center for the Book,
PO Box 441, Chester, VT 05143, (802) 875-2751.

Tues., Nov. 11 - State holiday. Department of Libraries central office and
regional libraries closed.

Sat.-Sun., Nov. 15-16 - Vermont Council on the Humanities 1997 Autumn
Conference with theme, "Abraham Lincoln: The Man and the Myth," Lake Morey
Inn, Fairlee. Registration fee of $150 before 10/1, $175 after.  Contact: Vt.
Council on the Humanities, 888-3183.  

Mon., Nov. 17 - "Literacy Works: Sharing Resources, Building Connections,"
one day conference, Radisson Hotel, Burlington.  Contact: Wendy Ross, Dept.
of Education, (802) 828-5148.

Mon.-Sun., Nov. 17-23 - Children's Book Week with theme, "Anytime is Book
Time."  Contact: Children's Book Council, Inc., 568 Broadway, Suite 404, New
York, NY 10012, (212) 966-1990.

Thurs., Nov. 27 - State holiday. Department of Libraries central office and
regional libraries closed.

Fri., Nov. 28 - State Offices Closed. Department of Libraries central office and
regional libraries closed.

Tues., Dec. 2, 9:00 am - Children's materials review session, Midstate
Regional Library, Berlin. Repeats: Thurs., 12/4 (Milton Pub. Lib.); Tues.,
12/9 (NERL); Wed., 12/10 (Rutland Free Lib.); Thurs., 12/11 (SERL). Contact:
Grace W. Greene, 828-3261.

Tues., Dec. 16, 10:30 am - Vermont Board of Libraries meeting, Midstate
Regional Library, Berlin.  Contact: Patricia E. Klinck, 828-3265.


..."League Lines," newsletter of the League of Vermont Writers, including
news of events, lists of members' publications, and information for writers.
Available at $20/year from League of Vermont Writers, Box 179, S. Pomfret, VT

...1997-1998 Catalogue of Reading and Discussion Programs for General
Audiences, free from Vermont Council on the Humanities, 17 Park St., RR 1 Box
7285, Morrisville, VT 05661, 888-3183.

...Sustainable Small Schools: a Handbook for Rural Communities".  Available
for $15 plus $1.50 postage and handling from ERIC/CRESS, Appalachia
Educational Laboratory, PO Box 1348, Charleston, WV 25325.

..."Emergency Response and Salvage Wheel," quick information to help
librarians and archivists protect and salvage materials in danger of damage,
created by the National Task Force on Emergency Response.  Available for
$9.95 from National Institute for Conservation, 3299 K St., NW, Suite 602,
Washington, DC 20007-4415.

..."Child Safety on the Information Highway," discussing benefits and risks,
as well as guidelines for parents.  50 copies are free from the National
Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 1-800-843-5678.

...Pamphlets to help citizens work more effectively with local government,

     "Changing the World: a Guide to Public Meetings"
     "The [Town] Meeting Will Come to Order"
     "Isn't This My Land?"
     "The Public Right of Way and You"
     "How and Why to Read a Town Report"
     "Are You Appealing" (tax assessments)
     "It's Your Turn: a Call to Local Office"

All are free from the Vermont Institute for Government, RR 4 Box 2298,
Montpelier, VT 05602.

..."The Character of Vermont: Twentieth-Anniversary Reflections," by Michael
Sherman, Jennie Versteeg, Samuel B. Hand and Paul Gillies.  Available for $7
from Center for Research on Vermont, 656-4389; E-mail: crv@uvm.edu or visit
the website at http://www.uvm.edu/~crvt

..."Directory of Nonprofit Consulting Services, 1997," available from the
Vermont Community Foundation, PO Box 30, Middlebury, VT 05753, 462-3355, FAX
462-3357 or E-mail: vcf@together.net

...Partners in Prevention display materials on substance abuse prevention.
Several free booklets available along with low-cost video titles.  Contact:
National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information, PO Box 2345,
Rockville, MD 20847-2345, 1-800-729-6686 or http://www.health.org.

                           CONTINUING EDUCATION

...Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science Fall
Institutes for Continuing Education offering many weekend and evening courses
on library space planning, computers, statistics, space planning, book repair
grant writing and other topics.  Contact: Office of continuing Education,
Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Simmons College, 300 The
Fenway, Boston, MA 02115, 617-521-2803, FAX: 617-521-3192, E-mail:
GSLISCE@simmons.edu or http://www.simmons.edu/programs/GSLIS/ce.html.

...Records Management for the New Millennium Seminar for librarians and town
clerks including courses in State Statutes Regarding Public Records and
Preservation & Records Management, Oct. 22 at LaGue Inn, Berlin or Oct. 23 at
Holiday Inn, Rutland.   Registration is $15 and registration forms available
from Town Clerks.  For information call Cynthia Davis, 802-365-7300 (work),
802-365-7517 (home) or FAX: 802-365-7309.
...Nonprofit Management and Leadership fall workshops sponsored by TAP-VT,
Vermont Community Foundation. Programs on marketing for nonprofits, fund
raising, financial management, tax reporting and other topics.  Contact: Pat
Sharpe, TAP-VT, Vermont Community Foundation, PO Box 30, Middlebury, VT
05753, phone: 462-3355 or E-mail: vcf@together.net.


                            YOUTH SERVICES NEWS


The first year of the Red Clover Award, Vermont's new children's choice
picture book award was a resounding success.  Over 19,000 children in 158
schools and public libraries read, or had read to them, at least five of the
ten titles on the masterlist.  Four thousand, seven hundred ninety-nine
(4,799) voted for the winner, Piggie Pie by Margie Palatini, illustrated by
Howard Fine.  The three other top vote getters were Whistling Dixie (2,984
votes), Tops and Bottoms (2,835), and The Ballad of the Pirate Queens
(2,586).   The Department of Libraries has free silver stickers to affix to
copies of the winning book - available by calling or via email. 

For the second year, the Red Clover Award will be kicked off with a
conference for librarians and teachers.  This year, the day-long conference
will be held at the Cortina Inn in Mendon on Tuesday, October 7.  Highlights
of the day will be talks by Margie Palatini and Howard Fine, the author and
illustrator of the 1997's Red Clover award-winner, Piggie Pie.  Workshops
will include discussions of this year's ten nominees, of the art of the
picture book, and of ways to ensure the success of the Red Clover program in
your school or library.  The $45 registration fee includes a Red Clover
Guide, lunch, and other materials.   All public libraries will be mailed a
registration form in early September.  For further information or to register
for the conference, call the Vermont Center for the Book at 802-875-2751.

Eileen Christelow, a Vermont author and illustrator of children's books, has
created a wonderful poster to advertise the program.  Copies will be
available at the fall conference. The manual for the 1997-98 program is
available from the Vermont Center for the Book (875-2751) for $10, or as part
of the fall conference registration fee.  The Red Clover Children's Choice
Picture Book Award is a joint endeavor of the Vermont Center for the Book,
Windham County Reads, the Vermont Department of Education and the Vermont
Department of Libraries.


"What's Literature For, Anyway?" - a two-day conference on the nature of the
reading experience - for librarians, teachers and the interested public will
be held at the Mount Ascutney Resort on Friday, November 7.  The conference
will encourage participants to ask the sort of fundamental questions about
literature and reading that often get shunted aside.   Keynote speaker
Katherine Paterson, author of award-winning novels such as BRIDGE TO
TERABITHIA, LYDDIE and JIP, will set the investigations in motion.  Workshops
will explore topics such as talking about poetry with children, recognizing
and finding good literature, developing a philosophy of literature, and what
the research shows about reading motivation, among others.  In addition,
participants will receive copies of Dava Sobel's thought-provoking work,
LONGITUDE, which will be used to investigate the question "What makes good
literature good?"  

The day will conclude by preparing for the second day of the conference,
which will take place at Mount Ascutney on March 13th, 1998.  The cost of the
conference is $40* for one day or $70 for both days; the fee includes lunch,
LONGITUDE, and other materials.  The conference is co-sponsored by the
Vermont Center for the Book, the Vermont Department of Libraries, the Vermont
Department of Education, the Vermont Library Association, the Vermont
Educational Media Association, the Vermont Council of Teachers of English and
Vermont-NEA.  All public libraries will be mailed a registration form in
early September.  For further information or to register for the conference,
call Vermont Center for the Book at 802-875-2751.

* Public librarians please note: VLA is offering four scholarships for
November 7.  Contact Grace Greene (802-828-3261)if you are interested.


...CEREMONY - The winner of the 1997 Dorothy Canfield Fisher award is Barbara
Park for MICK HARTE WAS HERE (Knopf, 1995).  The ceremony to honor Ms. Park
will be held on October 27 at Killington.  All schools and public libraries
which voted will receive invitations in September.  The 40th anniversary of
the Dorothy Canfield Fisher award will be noted with a special memento for
all attendees.  Many of Barbara Park's books will be for sale, and the
Vermont Educational Media Association will be selling their new Dorothy
Canfield Fisher t-shirts.

...COMMITTEE OPENINGS - If you love to read children's books, have we got the
job for you!  Next year, (beginning in March) there will be two openings on
the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Committee.  If you live or work in Vermont, and
are interested in reading 300-400 books a year; participating in animated and
sometimes heated discussions, and working with a terrific, dedicated group,
apply to be a member by sending a letter of interest, a brief resume and two
reviews, one positive and one negative of any children's books of your
choosing to: Grace W. Greene, Children's Services Consultant, Vermont
Department of Libraries, 109 State Street, Montpelier, VT  05609.  Deadline
is October 3.  Terms are three years.  Questions?  Call me at 828-3261. 
Please get the word out to interested teachers, parents, etc.

...MARJORIE GILLAM LAVALLA GRANTS - Thanks to the Marjorie Gillam Lavalla
fund, which was created to honor a former chair of the Dorothy Canfield
Fisher Committee, the DCF Committee is again sponsoring a small competitive
grant round.  Any school or public library that has ideas for innovative ways
to promote the DCF program this year should request an application from Pam
Scott, (802)-828-3261, email CBEC@dol.state.vt.us, or from Leda Schubert,
(802)838-3111, email lschubert@doe.state.vt us  The total to be given is
$500.00.  Deadline for application is October 3, 1997.


Due to an unusually full fall schedule, we have decided not to hold a Mock
Caldecott program this year.  Instead, we encourage you to attend the Red
Clover celebration on Tuesday, October 7 and/or the conference on children's
literature on Friday, November 7, "What's Literature For, Anyway?"  Next year
we will re-evaluate and determine if there is still demand for a Mock
Caldecott program.


Almost 40 people joined Holly Turner, the children's librarian from Lawrence,
MA, and me for one of two one-day workshops on children and the Internet in
late July. A great deal of territory was covered in the one short day, but
regardless of the level of an individual's experience at the beginning,
everyone left with more knowledge as well as fabulous handouts.  Best of all,
Holly created a web page just for participants to learn from.  The URL is:  
 and it
will be available through the end of this year.  She has included links to
sites on copyright, library programming, library home pages, search engines,
evaluating websites, child safety on the net, training, designing policies,
etc.  There is a wealth of information in these sites.  Pick your topics and
check them out!  If you would like Holly's handouts, which include a list of
great sites for kids and one of great sites for librarians, call Pam Scott at
828-3261 or email CBEC@dol.state.vt.us

One must-visit site for every librarian is the ALA homepage at
http://www.ala.org.  Particularly helpful, if you are formulating policy, is
Questions and Answers to Access to Electronic Information, Services and
Networks: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights.
Two publications that every library should have as handouts are available
free in quantities up to 50 and are also available online.  They are: "Child
Safety on the Information Highway," available by calling 1-800-THE-LOST, and
"50 Great Web Sites for Kids and Parents," available from ALA (800-545-2433,
x 5044; email: pio@ala.org).  Call today!


Anyone who selects books for children or young adults is welcome to attend
the Materials Review Sessions co-sponsored by the Department of Libraries and
the Department of Education.  The programs, which begin at 9:00 a.m. and last
about 3  hours, feature oral reviews by Grace Greene, of the Department of
Libraries and Leda Schubert, School Library Media Consultant, Department of
Education.  Books for all levels (preschool - high school) are reviewed.  In
addition to oral reviews, we also take books reviewed by our volunteer
reviewers, and nonfiction recommended by the review media.  At each session
there are several hundreds of new books to examine.  The sessions are free
and do not require registration.  Check "Coming Events" above for specific
dates through December. 


The Department of Libraries will again partially underwrite nature programs
from the Vermont Institute of Natural Science for 30 libraries.  Libraries
which did not receive a VINS program in 1995-96 or 1996-97 will be given
first chance at the funding in a first come first serve manner.  The 30
successful applicants will each receive $50.00 off the cost of a program. 
Fliers explaining the program will be sent to all Vermont public libraries at
the beginning of September.


This summer, in preparation for a picture book storytelling course, I revised
most of the bibliographies in the Storyteller's Survival Kit.  If you would
like any or all of the following, please contact Pam Scott at 828-3261, or
CBEC@dol.state.vt.us.  They are:


All of these bibliographies, plus more, should be available at the Department
of Libraries web site  or by going to "DOLDOCS" at
#3A on VALS. 


Weren't we smart to choose "space" for this year's summer theme!  The Mars
landing, Hale-Bopp comet, the almost daily developments on the space station
Mir, as well as the re-release of the Star Wars movie trilogy, combined to
make interest in space at an all-time high this summer.  Libraries around the
state were filled with aliens, space capsules, suspended planets and portable
planetariums.  Great job, everyone!  Now we need to decide on themes for 1998
and 1999.  Please come to a meeting at the Midstate Regional Library in
Berlin on Thursday, September 4 at 10:00 a.m. to choose topics and slogans
for the next two years.  All public librarians are invited, but please let me
know if you are coming.


                            CHANGES TO DIRECTORY

#81A  NEW VUC                        Lawrence Barnes Elem School
      (B92LS)                        123 North St
                                     Burlington, VT 05401
                                     (802) 864-8480
      LIBRARIAN                      Joan Tetzlaff
#84A  NEW VUC                        Champlain Elem School     
      (B92CE)                        800 Pine St
                                     Burlington, VT 05401
                                     (802) 864-8479
      LIBRARIAN                      Valli Blanchard, 658-3514

#95A  NEW VUC                        C.P. Smith Elem School
      (B92CS)                        332 Ethan Allen Pkwy
                                     Burlington, VT 05401
                                     (802) 864-8479
      LIBRARIAN                      Joan Tetzlaff    

#117  NEW HOURS                      M&F 10-6, W 10-8, Sa 10-2,
                                     Su 1-4                     

#119  NEW ADDRESS                    Vermont Center for the Book   
                                     256 Haywood Dr #B       
                                     Chester, VT 05143

#178  LIBRARIAN NAME CHANGE          Debra Edmands

#200  NEW ADDRESS                    PO Box 9                 

#269A NEW VUC                        Middlebury Union Middle School
      (M58M)                         Middle Rd            
                                     Middlebury, VT 05753
                                     (802) 388-0130
      LIBRARIAN                      Steve Madden        

#337  ZIP CODE                       05760 NOT 05670                       

#338  ZIP CODE                       05760 NOT 05670

#321  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR              JAMES GALLOT                

#339  NEW LIBRARIAN PHONE #          (802) 325-3592                

#349  NEW HOURS                      Th 10-8, Sa 9-1 (all year) 

#357  NEW LIBRARIAN                  Phyllis Russell, 459-2954      

#435  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR              Shirley Bullard, 897-8255

#446  NEW TRUSTEE CHAIR              Henry Hammonds,

#447A NEW VUC                        Park Street School      
      (SP8E)                         60 Park St
                                     Springfield, VT 05156           
                                     (802) 885-4774
      LIBRARIAN                      Harriot (Hatsy) McGraw,      

#449  ADDRESS CHANGE                 PO Box 2003                         
      NEW LIBRARIAN                  Ellen Pearce

#474  NEW LIBRARIAN                  Marilee Attlee, 365-4531

#506  NEW LIBRARIAN                  Joanne Shaw              
      NEW LIBRARY PHONE #            (802) 241-3252        

#526  NEW LIBRARIANS                 Summer: Cecilia Swann,       
                                     (802) 387-5693
                                     Winter: Janet Lum, 
                                     (802) 387-4490

#568  NEW LIBRARIAN                  Marie McAndrew-Taylor      
      HOURS                          M-F 9-5, & by Appointment


Patricia E. Klinck, State Librarian. . . . . . 828-3265

Grace Greene, Children's Services Consultant 828-3261

Library and Information Services Division

  Sybil B. McShane, Director . . . . . . . . . 828-3261

    Marjorie D. Zunder, Head, Reference and Law Services  828-3261
    Lorraine Lanius, Head, Technical Services Unit  828-3261
    S. Francis Woods, Special Services Consultant  828-3273

Marianne Kotch, Regl. Libs. Svcs. Coord., Midstate Regional Library 
                (Berlin)  828-2320
    James Nolte, Midstate Regional Library (Berlin)  828-2320

    Michael Roche, Northeast Regional Library (St. Johnsbury)  748-3428
    Amy Howlett, Southeast Regional Library (Dummerston)  257-2810

NEWS is a federal-state program under the Library Services and Construction

109 State St.
Montpelier, VT  05609-0601