State of Vermont
                           Department of Libraries

                                   N E W S

No. 113, Spring 1999

In February, the Gates Library Initiative (GLI) invited the Department of
Libraries to apply for a State Partnership Grant under Round 3, and the
Department submitted its application April 30.  The State Partnership Grant
Program is the first step in a process that will allow eligible public
libraries in the state to apply for grants from GLI sometime during
2000-2001. Vermont was one of 15 states to be included in Round 3.  States
have been selected as candidates for grants based on their poverty levels as
determined by the U.S. Census, 1990.  

GLI is primarily concerned with reaching those persons in society who are
caught in the "digital divide" - i.e., those who, by virtue of poverty, low
income, or other life circumstances do not have access to computers and
digital information resources.  The State Partnership Grant Program builds
cooperative relationships among GLI, state library agencies, and public
libraries in the states in order to expand access to information technologies
in libraries and to build capacity and skills among library staff members so
that they can effectively manage networked computer systems, use digital
information resources, and provide training and assistance to their patrons.

In submitting Vermont's application, State Librarian Sybil Brigham McShane
called on the assistance of a public library leadership coalition which
reviewed and refined drafts.  The coalition included Hilari Farrington (VLA
President), Pat Hazlehurst (VLA Government Relations Committee Chair), Mary
Kasamatsu (VLA Public Library Section President), Kathy Naftaly (VLA
Secretary), Joan Rahe (member, Vermont Board of Libraries), and  Pat Urban
(Chief Information Officer for the State of Vermont).  Sheila Kearns and
Marianne Kotch of the Department's staff also assisted.

State applications are being evaluated for technological readiness,
commitment to sustainability over time, and commitment to establishing
programs for reaching people who do not otherwise have access to computers
and the Internet.  Upon approval of the Department's application by GLI,
eligible public libraries will be invited to submit grant applications on a
schedule jointly developed by GLI and the Department.  Grant workshops would
be conducted, and applications submitted directly to GLI.
As part of the application process, the Department of Libraries conducted a
technology inventory.  161 of the state's 197 public libraries completed the
forms and will, thus, be eligible to apply for grants from GLI for public
access computers, extensive training, and ongoing technical support. 
Eligibility standards for individual libraries within a state are:
1.  Library building is within a State that has been accepted for a State
    Partnership Grant Program.

2.  Library building is a public library recognized by the state library
    agency as a public library.

3.  Library building serves an area of greater than 10% poverty based on US
    Census Department data for 1990.

4.  Library building has not previously received a GLI (or GLF) grant.

Under this program, public libraries in towns with poverty levels lower than
10% will be eligible to purchase public access computers at reduced cost and
to apply for software grants from GLI.  More information about the Gates
Library Initiative is available at its website:  www.glf.org.


Department of Libraries consultants actively encouraged local public
librarians to apply for telecommunications discounts under the Schools and
Libraries Universal Service Program ("E-Rate") this year.  Since December 1,
1998, three regional librarians held seven formal training sessions in
various locations to explain the e-rate and offer specific assistance in
filling out application forms.  In addition, they provided 83 libraries with
informal assistance in 148 sessions in person and over the phone.  Regional
consultants also promoted the application process through phone calls and six
e-mail "broadcasts" to libraries in various areas of the state.

While, by many accounts, the application process has been cumbersome, the
e-rate has had a positive effect on Vermont's public libraries and their
planning for technology and connectivity.  In very small libraries, having a
phone line exclusively for Internet access had seemed nearly impossible to
afford, but the e-rate has led many librarians to get "two phone lines for
the price of one."  Larger libraries have found that high-speed connections
are within the realm of possibility sooner than they had anticipated.  Many
librarians had not explored any access besides dial access until the e-rate
came along.  

In the first round year of e-rate discounts, 37 Vermont public libraries
received $55,667.  82 public libraries have submitted applications in the
current round, to cover the period from July 1, 1999, through June 30, 2000.  

Last year, the State of Vermont's Chief Information Officer (CIO) submitted
an application on behalf of the Department of Libraries for discounts on
services the Department purchases from the state network (GOVnet/K12net) for
public libraries.  The discount in the first round amounts to about $20,000
which will be used in combination with LSTA funds to assist public libraries
in implementing connectivity beyond basic dial access.  For the current round
of applications, the CIO was able to optain a Service Provider Identification
Number (SPIN) for the state network, so that it can act as a provider of
services to the Department of Libraries.  Information Technology Manager
Sheila Kearns submitted an application in this round for discounts on the
services the Department purchases for 135 public libraries.

The e-rate was created by Congress in the Telecommunications Act of 1996 to
make telecommunications affordable for every K-12 school and public library
in the nation.  The program provides discounts ranging from 20% to 90% toward
the purchase of telecommunications services, Internet access, and internal
connections.  For more information, contact your regional librarian or
contact the SLC at its website  , via email at
question@slcfund.org, or by calling 1-888-203-8100.  

The Department of Libraries recently awarded Elva Sophronia Smith Grants to
five libraries to help them improve their children's collections for specific
age groups.  The annual grants were awarded to the Arvin A. Brown Library,
Richford, for materials for 4th - 6th graders; Georgia Public Library, for
transitional readers; Woodbury Community Library, for Young Adults; and
Jaquith Public Library, Marshfield and Cutler Memorial Library, Plainfield,
for a joint project to serve Young Adults.  Each project will receive $1,000
for materials.  In addition to selecting the books and other materials, the
libraries have all planned a series of programs for the targeted ages:  a
special club and book discussion for first through third graders in Georgia,
summer weekly arts programs for teenagers in Marshfield and Plainfield, 
workshops on hobbies (e.g. beading, flytying) for teens in Woodbury, and
science activities in Richford.

All of the winning entries showed evidence of strong community cooperation
and collaboration, great enthusiasm and a definite need.  Committee members
were: Chess Brownell, trustee, Stowe Free Library;  Sally Dain, Children's
Librarian, Waterbury Public Libraries, Linda Wells, Librarian, Craftsbury
Public Library; Marianne Kotch, Department of Libraries, Director of Public
Library Support Services; and Chair, Grace W. Greene, Children's Services
Consultant  of the Vermont Department of Libraries.


At its annual meeting in March, the Vermont Certification Board voted to
award certification to the following librarians who will be recognized at the
annual Vermont Library Conference in May:

   Elizabeth Day         Gates Memorial Library, White River Junction
   Carole Dempsey        Norwich Public Library
   Annette Goyne         Arvin A. Brown Library, Richford
   Margaret Little       St. Johnsbury Athenaeum
   Alice Lohutko         Whiting Library, Chester
   Jill Markolf          Warren Public Library
   Judy Martin           Haston Library, Franklin
   Janine Moore          Aldrich Public Library, Barre
   Linda Norton          Lincoln Library
   Phyllis Russell       Proctor Free Library
   Marjorie Shane        Tenney Memorial Library, Newbury
   Kit Stephenson        Westford Library
   Maureen Wilson        Morrill Memorial & Harris Library, Strafford

Congratulations to each of these librarians who completed a minimum of 150
credit hours, including workshops in Cataloging, Reference, Collection
Development, Basic Public Library Administration, and Technology; many far
exceeded the 150 credit minimum.  Members of the Certification Board are
Sybil Brigham McShane, State Librarian; Deborah Krisko, Trustee, Warren
Public Library; Hilari Farrington, President, Vermont Library Association;
Kathie Ludwig, Director, Norman Williams Public Library, Woodstock; and Grace
W. Greene, Continuing Education Coordinator, Chair.


In February, Vermont Secretary of State Deborah Markowitz issued an opinion
that "public library trustees are not in compliance with state law if they
keep the money in an account controlled by the trustees and write their own
checks on that account."  She went on to state that because town treasurers
are the only persons authorized to control town funds, they must do so for
public libraries as well.  Nonetheless, a town treasurer "may put the library
money in a separate account - particularly since the library may receive
special gifts designated for support of the library."

An April revisiting of the opinion noted that "not all public libraries in
Vermont are departments of town government.  Some are nonprofit corporations
which, while they receive money from the town (or village), operate
independently of the town or its offficials.  In these cases, accounts should
be handled the way the trustees decide they should be handled, without the
involvement of the town treasurer."  In addition, "A word of further
explanation is also needed to answer questions about the role of the
selectboard when a public library is a town department.  Although funds
collected from various sources (whether by gift, bequest, book and bake
sales, grants, or town appropriation) have been kept in accounts overseen by
the town treasurer, the library trustees have full and exclusive authority to
decide how those funds are used (subject to whatever controls may have come
with the vote of the town or the will or trust that directed the moneys be
paid to the library).  The selectboard has no role over the financial
decisions of the town library.  That job belongs to the trustees, whose "full
pwoer" is theirs to exercise."

Further questions concerning this issue should be directed to the Secretary
of State's Office.  The Secretary's website  also
features a handy pocket guide to the Open Meeting Law which library boards
will want to print out for future reference.

                         "BOOK BOXES" HIT THE ROAD

Regional libraries recently added four special collections that may be mailed
to local libaries throughout the state.  The books and materials included in
"Book Boxes" are intended to serve as starter collections for public
libraries.  Based on local response, public libraries may decide to purchase
similar materials in those subject areas.  The materials may also serve to
supplement local collections in particular subject areas.

Each book box comes with a list of books included in the box as well as some
resource material to help librarians work with the targeted audiences.  Most
of the 50 or so books included in the "Book Boxes" are paperbacks.  The four
topics are:

Adult New Readers - fiction and nonfiction for adults learning to read,
including excerpts from popular titles, some titles written specifically for
new readers, and GED preparation materials.  All of the Adult New Reader book
boxes contain the same titles, selected by Marianne Kotch.  Libraries taking
these collections are urged to publicize their availability to local literacy

Young Adults - fiction and nonfiction of interest to young adults,
approximately in grades 6-12.  There are four book boxes, each with different
titles for YAs, selected by Michael Roche.  These collections are just in
time for summer.

Babies and Toddlers - books for the very young, including board books.  There
are four book boxes, each with different titles for this age range, selected
by Amy Howlett and Grace Greene.  These books would be great to use in
cooperation with early childhood programs, day care centers, etc.

Inspirational - fiction for men and women who enjoy gentle stories or
fiction, science fiction and mysteries with religious themes.  All of the
Inspirational book boxes contain the same titles, selected by Marianne Kotch.

NERL and SERL each have one set of book boxes while MRL has two.  Book boxes
circulate to public libraries for 120 days, just like normal bulk loans.  To
reserve a book box, call your regional librarian.

                          FOR FUTURE REFERENCE...

                           by Marjorie D. Zunder
                Director, Library and Information Services
Send us your wishes...

We love receiving suggestions for our library science and reference
collections.  If you have a title or topic you would like us to consider
purchasing, please contact Marjorie Zunder, 802-828-3261 or

Interlibrary Loan Lore...

It's great to have so many libraries using DOL_ILL for their information
needs.  We want to help locate the resources you need.  Here's an example of
the type of email message that helps us:


     Our patron needs instructions for building a chimney.  
     Instructions need not include instructions for fireplace building.  

Your message begins with a request number that includes your library's symbol
from the Vermont Library Directory.  The last name of your patron, Smith in
the example, is optional.  When you type your message, it helps if you press
return at the end of each line instead of letting your message "wrap around." 
Words that "wrap around" sometimes do not get printed here.  We will reply
using your request number which saves retyping your message.

Think green...

Grants are waiting to be won!  You may steer your patrons to Montpelier for
help.  We have a CD-ROM database with grants and grantmakers.  Keyword
searching with this CD-ROM is helpful for non-profit organizations searching
for funding.  It is available in the law library at the Department of
Libraries central offices in Montpelier.  For more information, contact
Marjorie Zunder, 802-828-3261 or mzunder@dol.state.vt.us.


At the spring, 1999, Federal-State Cooperative System (FSCS) for public
library data training session in Rockville, MD, the Vermont Department of
Libraries received the Keppel Award for the sixth consecutive year.   FSCS, a
cooperative program of the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)
and the U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS)
annually recognizes state library agencies that have excelled in the
completeness, promptness, and high quality of local public library data that
they collect, edit, and submit annually to NCES.  Department of Libraries
Director of Public Library Support Services Marianne Kotch serves as state
data coordinator for FSCS.  

                   124 LIBRARIES MEET STANDARDS IN FY99

A record number of public libraries - 124 - meet the minimum standards for
Vermont public libraries this year.  Of those, 74 meet the 1993 version of
the minimum standards.  Libraries were able to apply for either the 1986 or
the 1993 version.  Meeting standards for the first time ever were the
Charlotte Library, Highgate Public, Jericho Town, Abbott Memorial, and
Woodbury Community Libraries.  The Tenney Memorial Library, Newbury, and the
Calef Memorial Library, Washington, met standards after not meeting them last
year.   Following is a complete list of towns with libraries that meet
standards.  Those that meet the 1993 version are marked with an asterisk (*).

Alburg                       Arlington                     *Bakersfield
*Barnet                      *Barre and E. Barre branch    *Barton
Orleans                      Bennington                    North Bennington
Bradford                     *Brandon                      *Brattleboro
Island Pond                  *Bristol                      Burlington
*Cabot                       *Canaan                       Castleton
Cavendish                    Charlotte                     Chelsea
*Chester                     *Colchester                   *Craftsbury
Danville                     Derby                         Derby Line
*Dorset                      *Dover                        Enosburg
Essex                        *Essex Junction               *Fairfax
*Fairfield                   *Fair Haven                   Fairlee
*Franklin                    *Georgia                      *Grafton
Grand Isle                   *Greensboro                   Groton
*Hartford                    *Quechee                      *West Hartford
*White River Junction        *Wilder br. of Gates & Quechee 
Hartland                     Highgate                      Hinesburg
*Hyde Park                   *S. Londonderry               *Lyndonville
*Marshfield                  *Middlebury                   *Middletown Spgs.
Milton                       *Montpelier                   *Morristown
Newbury                      *Wells River                  New Haven
Newport                      *Northfield                   *North Hero
*Norwich                     Pawlet                        Peacham
*Pittsford                   *Plainfield                   *Pomfret
Poultney                     *Proctor                      Putney
*Randolph                    Reading                       Readsboro
*Richford                    *Richmond                     Rochester
*Rockingham                  *S. Royalton                  *Rutland
*St. Albans                  St. Johnsbury                 *Shelburne
*Sherburne                   *S. Burlington                *South Hero
*Springfield                 *Stamford                     *Stowe
*Strafford                   Swanton                       *Thetford
*Post Mills                  *Thetford                     *N. Troy
Tunbridge                    *Underhill/Jericho & Jericho Town br.
Vergennes                    *Vernon                       *Waitsfield
Wallingford                  Wardsboro                     *Warren
Washington                   Waterbury                     Waterbury Ctr.
Ascutney                     *Westford                     West Rutland
Whitingham                   *Williamstown                 *Williston
Wilmington                   *Windsor                      Winooski
Wolcott                      Woodbury                      *Woodstock


                            COOPERATION CORNER

Focusing on local libraries' efforts to work together and with community
groups by Marianne Kotch, Director, Public Library Support Services. 

              by Grace Greene, Children's Services Consultant

Children's librarians are probably better than most at "begging, borrowing
and stealing," because programming requires so much time, energy and
creativity.  Sometimes the sharing is between two librarians who are friends. 
Other times it's in a more formal setting such as cooperative groups.  The
most visible cooperative group of children's librarians in Vermont, Booked
for Breakfast, was started by Rutland Children's Librarian June Osowski and
Middlebury Children's Librarian Carol Chatfield and has eight to ten regular
attendees.  Begun two years ago, they meet every two to three months for two
hours, rotating the meetings among members' libraries.  Carol Chatfield says,
"The reason this group works so well, is that there are no  sponges'. 
Everyone participates and shares equally."  They usually don't have a formal
agenda, but always ask people to bring two to four books to share.

In the Northeast Kingdom where there are as many one person libraries as
there are children's librarians, a group of public librarians meet monthly to
share ideas and resources.  Calling themselves COLOGNE (Cooperative Order of
Librarians Of the Great NorthEast) they designate every other month to
discuss children's issues.  In a great example of sharing, Kim Prangley at
Derby Line has developed puppet shows that she has taken to several other
neighboring libraries. Also, the librarians have recently started sharing

Central Vermont has just decided to begin its own group, and Carol Aubut from
the Aldrich Library in Barre is inviting everyone interested in children's
services to attend a meeting at her library on Tuesday, June 15 at 9:30. 
Call her at (802) 476-7550 for more information or directions.  If you are in
or near Chittenden County, and would like to be part of such a group, call
Mary Graf at the Brownell Library in Essex Junction at (802) 878-6956 for
information on an initial meeting.

A group in the Southeast part of the state, led by Molly Oglesby of Dover,
Cynthia Nau of Newfane and Amy Howlett, the Southeast Regional Librarian, met
last fall and instead of continuing with informal meetings they asked for
workshops.  Amy and Grace Greene prepared a one-day workshop on services for
early childhood which turned into a two-day workshop, and that was followed
by a work bee to make new flannel boards for the Children's Book Exhibit
Center.  So cooperate, share, coordinate, beg, borrow or steal.   There are
many ways to do this, and the important thing is to remember, you're not
alone and it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel.  

                             by Marianne Kotch

Morning sessions at all five trustees "tracks" of this year's spring Town
Officers Educational Conferences focussed on ways public libraries can
collaborate with the public and private sectors.  Librarians from area public
libraries, hospital librarians, and representatives from RSVP, local school
districts, and other nonprofits shared success stories and offered
suggestions about where and how to start working together to expand and
promote library service throughout a community.  All of the speakers agreed
with Burlington librarian Robert Resnik who noted that collaboration helps a
library increase its visibility and find new ways to reach people who may not
be in the habit of using libraries.  Participants heard about the Richford
library's involvement in the Richford summer day camp, the Ilsley Library's
new web page developed in conjunction with Middlebury town government,
collaborative projects with various schools, and details of  the LOON project
for consumer health information in the Northeast Kingdom.

Afternoon sessions centered around "Building Projects from Start to Finish,"
attracting trustees and librarians who are about to embark on construction
projects and even a few architects.  Speakers included trustees and
librarians with immediate experience - Meg Armstrong (Underhill), Rickie
Emerson (Williston), Sharon Bartram and Lee Alison Crawford (Northfield),
Gail Weymouth (Sherburne),  and Bruce Cole (Wilmington).  The final session
of each day was an open discussion for trustees, during which public access
to the Internet, personnel issues, accessibility, long range planning, and
other issues were raised.

The Vermont Library Trustees Association Steering Committee, in conjunction
with the Department of Libraries, planned the five trustees sessions at the
conferences which were held in April in Colchester, Fairlee, Lyndonville,
Rutland, and Mt. Snow.  Next on the VLTA agenda will be planning for the fall
statewide trustees' conference, tentatively scheduled for Saturday, November
6.  Anyone with ideas or requests for the fall program should contact
Marianne Kotch at 828-2320, or email mkotch@dol.state.vt.us.



...The Vermont Community Foundation's TAP-VT program listing a number of
excellent sessions for nonprofit management and leadership development,
including grant seeking, marketing, personnel issues, capital campaigns, etc.
- call or write the VCF, PO Box 30, Middlebury  05753, 388-3355.

..."Live! at the Library," a national training project to help librarians
develop and support programs that bring cultural events such as author
readings, book discussions and performances to their libraries.  To be held
in 5 locations around the country, including White Plains, NY, on Sept. 24. 
Deadline for registration is Sept. 1 for the NY conference.  Contact: 
Malinda Little, ALA Public Programs Office, 50 E. Huron St., Chicago, IL 
60611, 1-800-545-2433, ext. 5045.


..."Vermont Public Library Statistics:  Supplement to the Biennial Report of
the Department of Libraries," including charts arranged by population served
and statistics of non-public libraries - free from Marianne Kotch, 828-2320,
email:  mkotch@dol.state.vt.us.

...Center for Research on Vermont "Speakers List," listing experts around the
state who are interested in giving public programs on special topics - free
from the Center for Research on Vermont, 589 Main St., Nolin House, UVM,
Burlington  05401-3439, 656-4389, email:  crv@uvm.edu.

...Membership in the Vermont Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations (VANPO),
which provides continuing education and forums for nonprofits to organize,
train and advocate - contact VANPO, PO Box 8345, Burlington  05402, 862-0292,
email:  vtnonprof@aol.com.

...The American Library Assnocation's spring graphics catalog with posters,
bookmarks and other goodies to spruce up your library - free from ALA, 50 E.
Huron St., Chicago, IL  60611, 1-800-545-2433, ext. 7.
..."Born to Chair," a new four page pamphlet from the Vermont Institute for
Government and compiled by Paul Gillies, explains how to run a meeting
successfully - call or write VIG, c/o UVM Extension Service, 617 Comstock
Rd., Ste. 5, Berlin, VT  05602-9194, 223-2389.

..."Humanity and the New Genetics," a four-session scholar-led book
discussion program series, to be offered to 25 libraries, schools, and other
reading groups in Vermont this fall and next winter/spring.  Contact Nick
Boke, Vermont Center for the Book, 256 Haywood Rd., Chester  05143, 875-2751,
or stop by the VCB booth at the Vermont Library Conference.


...The Vermont Communty Foundation's Paul Post Fund Awards for young adult
services in Vermont libraries - deadline is June 1.  Contact Judy Dunning,
VCF, PO Box 30, Middlebury  05753, 388-3355.   Typical grants are in the
$500-1000 range.


www.webrary.org A subject guide to the Internet arranged by Dewey developed
by the Morton Grove (IL) Public Library.

www.ala.org/booklist Reviews of current fiction, nonfiction, and media from
ALA's Booklist.

www.cartalk.org Information on car maintenance and buying from those guys on
public radio.

www.gallup.com Polls in the news or opinion polls, special reports, trends,
and social audits dating back to Jan., 1997.

www.library.uiuc.edu/edx/rankings.htm Compilation of efforts to rank various
colleges around the country by a librarian at the Univ. of IL.

www.howstuffworks.com Clear explanations about car engines, VCRs, web pages,
bread, and other interesting things.

                               COMING EVENTS

Fri., May 21, 9:30 am - Franklin-Grand Isle County Librarians meeting,
Swanton Public Library.  Contact:  Marianne Kotch, 828-2320.

Wed., May 26 & Thurs., May 27 - Annual Vermont Library Conference, Killington
Mountain Resort.  Contact:  Susan Englese, 879-3076, email: vlcsusan@aol.com.

Mon., May 31 - State holiday.  Department of Libraries central offices and
regional libraries closed.

Wed., June 2, 9:30 am - Book Discussions for Children and Young Adults
workshop, Sherburne Memorial Library, Killington.  Contact:  Grace Greene,

Fri., June 4 - Annual Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award presentation, VTC,.
Randolph.   Contact:  Grace Greene, 828-3261.

Mon., June 7-Fri., June 1, 9:30 am - Basic Reference workshop, Rutland Free
Library.  Contact:  Grace Greene, 828-3261.

Tues., June 8, 9:30 am - Vermont Library Assn. Government Relations Committee
meeting, Midstate Regional Library.  Contact:  Pat Hazlehurst, 626-6175.

Tues., June 15, 10:30 am - Vermont Board of Libraries Retreat, Cortina Inn,
Mendon.  Contact:  Sybil Brigham McShane, 828-3265.

Tues., June 15, 9:30 am - Legal Reference workshop, NERL, St. Johnsbury. 
Repeats Thurs., June 17, Ilsley Library, Middlebury.  Contact:  Grace Greene,

Tues., June 15, 9:00 am - Chittenden County  Librarians meeting, Richmond
Free Library.  Contact:  Mary Ann McMaster, 434-3036.

Wed., June 16, noon - Rutland County Librarians meeting, Castleton Free
Library.  Bring a lunch.  Topic:  Planning for automation from the Technical
Services point of view.  Contact:  Marianne Kotch, 828-2320.

Thurs., June 24-Tues., July 1 - Annual American Library Association
conference, New Orleans, LA.  Contact:  ALA, 1-800-545-2433.

Mon., July 5 - State holiday.  Department of Libraries central offices and
regional libraries closed.

Mon., July 12-Fri., July 16, 9:30 am - Basic Public Library Administration
workshop, Milton Public Library.  Repeats Mon., August 30-Fri., Sept. 3, 
SERL, Dummerston.  Contact:  Grace Greene, 828-3261.

Wed., July 21, 9:30 am - Basic Internet workshop, University of Vermont,
Burlington.  Repeats Wed., July 28, Windsor Jr./Sr.  High School.  Contact: 
Grace Greene, 828-3261.

Thurs., July 22, 9:30 am - Searching the Internet workshop, Burr & Burton
Seminary, Manchester.  Repeats Tues., July 27, Univ. of Vermont, Burlington,
and Thurs., July 29, Windsor Jr./Sr. High School.  Contact:  Grace Greene,

Wed., Aug. 4, 9:30 am - Storytelling workshop, Norwich Public Library. 
Continues Aug. 5 and 12.  Contact:  Grace Greene, 828-3261.

Mon., Aug. 16 - State holiday.  Department of Libraries central offices and
regional libraries closed.

Tues., Aug. 17, 10:30 am - Vermont Board of Libraries meeting, Midstate
Regional Library, Berlin.

                              YOUTH SERVICES
            by Grace W. Greene, Children's Services Consultant


Ceremony...The winner of the 1999 Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award is ELLA
ENCHANTED by Gail Carson Levine, published by HarperCollins.  Ms. Levine will
receive her award at a ceremony on Friday, June 4 at Vermont Technical
College in Randolph.  All libraries and schools which voted will be invited
to take children to the ceremony.

Website...Roger Crowley, technology coordinator at Main Street Middle School
in Montpelier, is continuing to maintain a website for the DCF program.  This
summer he plans to thoroughly revamp and update the site, and would welcome
suggestions.  The Website is at: http://mps.k12.vt.us/msms/dcf/dcf.html.
Check it out, give Roger ideas, and thank him for all his volunteer labor!

Lavalla Grants...Marjorie Gillam Lavalla grants in amounts up to $500.00 will
again be available to schools and libraries wishing to promote the DCF
program.  The committee is looking for projects to promote the DCF program in
libraries, schools and communities.   Money can be used only for books, but
the books can be from this year's list, past DCF lists, or supplemental
titles.  Request an application from Pam Scott, (802) 828-3261 or email
CBEC@dol.state.vt.us      Deadline: October 1, 1999.

Committee Openings...There will be two three-year openings on the DCF
committee beginning in March, 2000.  Please let interested teachers, parents
and community members know about this opportunity.  Applicants should send a
letter of interest, a brief resume and two reviews, one positive and one
negative, of any children's books of their choosing to: Grace W. Greene,
Children's Services Consultant, Vermont Department of Libraries, 109 State
Street, Montpelier, VT 05609.  Deadline: October 1, 1999.


The 1999 Red Clover winner is AKIAK by Robert Blake (Philomel, 1997). 
Children from 212 schools and public libraries cast a total of 22,926 votes
for their favorite picture book of the year.  AKIAK received almost half of
the votes cast:  10,654.  Here's a list of the remaining nine books with the
number of votes each got:

LOU GEHRIG                           2,767
BUNNY CAKES                          2,074
MOUSE MESS                           1,888
ONE GRAIN OF RICE                    1,312
THE GARDENER                           925
TIME TO SLEEP                          337
GABRIELLA'S SONG                       290

The Department of Libraries has free silver stickers to affix to copies of
the winning book - available by calling or via email.

This year's conference for librarians and teachers will be held at the Lake
Morey Inn in Fairlee on Thursday, October 7.  The highlight of the day will
be a talk by Robert Blake, the author and illustrator of the 1999 Red Clover
award-winner, AKIAK.  Workshops will include discussion of this year's ten
nominees, the art of the picture book, and ways to ensure the success of the
Red Clover program in your school or library.  The $50.00 registration fee
includes a Red Clover Guide, lunch, and other materials.  All public
libraries and schools will be mailed a registration form in early September. 
For further information or to register for the conference, call the Vermont
Center for the Book at (802) 875-2751.

The $10.00 manual for the 1999-00 program will be available at the Vermont
Library Conference on May 26 and 27 and then subsequently from the Vermont
Center for the Book at (802) 875-2751, or as part of the fall conference
registration fee.  The Red Clover Children's Choice Picture Book Award is a
joint endeavor of the Vermont Center for the Book, Windham County Reads, the
Vermont Department of Education and the Vermont Department of Libraries.


Ten years ago the Guidelines for Public Library Service to Children in
Vermont were last updated, so it is definitely time for a revision.  To that
end the Department has formed a task force which is diligently at work
rewriting and updating.  There will be opportunities for you to give input
after the first draft is done, but please don't wait until then if you have
something on your mind.  Look over the old Guidelines, and then contact me or
any of the other committee members with suggestions and concerns:  Janis
Minshull, Children's Librarian, Cobleigh Public Library, Lyndonvill; Carol
Chatfield, Children's Librarian, Ilsley Library, Middlebury; Sue Barden,
Director, Carpenter-Carse Memorial Library, Hinesburg; Elaina Griffith,
Director, Royalton Memorial Library, South Royalton; Joanna Rudge Long,
Trustee, PO Box 53, South Pomfret, VT 05067


Anyone who selects books for children or young adults is welcome to attend
the Materials Review Sessions co-sponsored by the Department of Libraries and
the Department of Education.  The programs, which begin at 9:00 a.m. and last
about four hours, feature oral reviews by Grace Greene of the Department of
Libraries and Leda Schubert, School Library Media Consultant, the Department
of Education.  Books for all levels (preschool - high school) are reviewed. 
In addition to oral reviews, we also take books reviewed by our volunteer
reviewers, and non fiction recommended by the review media.  At each session
there are several hundred new books to examine.  The sessions are free and do
not require registration.  There are two sessions annually:  one in the fall
and one in the spring.  The fall dates are Tuesday, October 26, Midstate
Regional Library, Berlin; Wednesday, October 27, Rutland Free Library;
Thursday, October 28, Southeast Regional Library, Dummerston; Tuesday,
November 2, Milton Public Library and Wednesday, November 3, Northeast
Regional Library, St. Johnsbury.


Mark your calendars now for the Mock Caldecott day, that fabulous annual
event concerned with discussing, evaluating and enjoying new picture books. 
We are very fortunate this year to have as our speaker, Mary Azarian, the
winner of the 1999 Caldecott Medal for SNOWFLAKE BENTLEY (Houghton, 1998). 
The program will be held on Friday, November 19 at Vermont Technical College
in Randolph.



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NEWS is a federal-state program under the Library Services and Technology
Act. News is published four times each year by the Vermont Department of
Libraries and is distributed to all Vermont libraries, trustee chairs, state
legislators, and others who care about Vermont libraries.   News is available
upon request in Braille, in large print, or on disk.  Call 828-3261.  

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