Vermont Dept. of Libraries News, No. 126, November, 2002

                              State of Vermont
                           Department of Libraries

                                   N E W S

No. 126, November, 2002
                       VERMONT ONLINE LIBRARY DEBUTS

     The "Vermont Online Library" (VOL) is about to open its virtual doors. 
The VOL is a collection of online resources offered as part of a Department
of Libraries contract with the Gale Group. The Gale Group was chosen to
provide the online databases by an advisory committee convened by the
Department of Libraries, representing the libraries of the University of
Vermont, the Vermont State Colleges, Vermont's independent colleges, as well
as public and school libraries.

     VOL's purpose is to ensure statewide, online access for all Vermont
residents and students in Vermont schools and colleges to a core set of
full-text information resources through the licensing of online/electronic
information database products.   Participants in VOL have unlimited access to
the licensed materials and are authorized to provide their patrons with
on-site, walk-in access or remote access from home or office to the licensed
materials.  These resources are:

                Infotrac One-File PLUS - with Ingenta 
                General Reference Center GOLD 
                Expanded Academic Index - with Ingenta 
                InfoTrac Senior Edition 
                InfoTrac Junior Edition 
                InfoTrac Kids Edition 
                Senior Edition - K12 Graphic Interface 
                Junior Edition - K12 Graphic Interface 
                Kids Edition - K12 Graphic Interface 
                Kids Edition - K12 Graphic Subject Browse 
                InfoTrac K12 Professional Collection
                Computer Database ASAP 
                Business & Company Resource Center 
                Health & Wellness Resource Center with Alternative Health Module 
                InfoTrac Custom Newspapers - New York Times + (1) Other Newspaper yet to be
More information on these databases with title listings is available at:

     State Librarian Sybil Brigham McShane said that she anticipates a
nominal membership fee for libraries which for public libraries will be based
on their Legal Service Area (LSA) population (2000 census), for school
libraries on their highest grade level, and for colleges on their FTE student
population. About three-quarters of the total cost for the statewide service
will be covered by state and federal funding and one-quarter by membership
payments from Vermont public, school and college libraries.

     The databases will be coming online in November, with official kickoff
on December 1, 2002, and running through November 30, 2004.  Libraries will
need to sign up during November, but the membership payment will not be due
until July 1, 2003 and will cover two years service (Dec., 2002 thru Nov.,
2004).  A library that currently subscribes to a Gale Group online database
that is also offered in VOL can receive a prorated credit that can be used
toward the purchase of any other Gale Group online database, CD-ROM or print
product.  Special VOL discounts on Gale products will also be available for a
limited time.  More information about access, demos, membership, and training
will be available to libraries shortly.

                           BOARD ADDS NEW MEMBER

     David E. L. Brown of Peacham was recently appointed by Governor Howard
B. Dean, M.D., to the Vermont Board of Libraries.   The former chair of the
Peacham Library board of trustees, Brown served on that board during
2000-2001 expansion project, helping to raise funds and work with contractors
and community volunteers.  Brown is also a member of the Vermont Library
Trustees Association Steering Committee and has led a number of workshops at
various statewide conferences for trustees.   A retired librarian with
degrees from Columbia, Yale, and Rutgers, Brown most recently worked at the
Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital in St. Johnsbury.  Prior to that, he
was a librarian at private schools in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and was a
United Church of Christ Pastor in Montana and two towns in Vermont.

     The Board of Libraries serves in an advisory capacity to the State
Librarian and generally meets at 10:30 am on the third Tuesday of the
even-numbered months at the Midstate Regional Library, Berlin.  Other members
include Joan Rahe, Chair (Bennington); Susan Bruce (St. Albans); Nancy Price
Graff (Montpelier); Laura Lewis (Guilford); John Rosenthal (Charlotte); and
Rosemary Rogers (Proctor).

     Public libraries eligible to apply for Year 2 Public Library Incentive
Grants from the Vermont Public Library Foundation/Freeman Foundation had
until September 30 to submit proposals this year.   State Librarian Sybil
Brigham McShane noted that she was "delighted to continue this unique
opportunity for Vermont's public libraries to demonstrate their vital role in
the community."  The two year VPLF program matches 50% of each public
library's operating income as reported to the Department of libraries in 1999
each year, with amounts ranging from a $5,000 minimum to $250,000.

     Year 1 Interim Reports have revealed that the VPLF funds are being used
"as we hoped they would be," noted McShane.  "Libraries tried offering new
services that they did not have funds to risk."  Delivery service to
homebound residents, internet training at community centers, new collections
of DVDs and books on CD, and reorganizations of space have been among the
projects reported.  Libraries in Bellows Falls, Bennington, North Bennington,
Brandon, Fairfield, Hartland, Lyndonville, Marshfield, Putney, Stamford, and
Vernon embarked on automation projects.  

     Libraries in Dover, Essex Junction, Fairlee, Hyde Park, Quechee,
Richmond, St. Johnsbury, and Wallingford began large scale building
renovation or addition projects.  Many more began building improvements, from
a new slate roof in Derby Line to running water in Weston.   Expanded
programming for all ages and public relations, along with added public
service hours and staff served to enhance library service to many
communities.   The Mt. Holly Library hired its first paid staff using VPLF
funds, and several libraries hired staff to focus on particular populations
such as children and young adults.  Technology services were upgraded,
including additional public access computers, furniture, and training for the
public and staff.   A brief overview of each grant project is available at
the Department of Libraries website, which also includes application forms,
interim report forms, and photos of award ceremonies

     Public libraries were to complete the Year 2 application forms if:  
1) they applied for Year 1 for only a single year of funding/single year
project; 2) they applied for only a partial amount of Year 1 funds and
carried the rest forward to Year 2; or 3) they requested permission to delay
application for both years until Year 2.  Year 2 funds will only be awarded
after Year 1 Interim Reports are filed.  Libraries with questions may contact
McShane (828-3265) or Marianne Kotch, Director of Public Library Support
Services (828-2320).


     Copies of Minimum Standards for Vermont Public Libraries and necessary
application forms were mailed in early September to all public and community
libraries and were due at the Department of Libraries by November 1, 2002.  
The Vermont Board of Libraries will meet on December 10 to review the list of
libraries found eligible for standards with State Librarian Sybil Brigham
McShane.  This year public libraries could again meet either the 1986
standards or the new, 1998 version.  A library must apply each year in order
to be considered for standards.   Libraries will be notified of eligibility
by December 31.

     All libraries - whether applying for standards or not - should have
completed and returned the Public Library Report in order to remain eligible
for Department of Libraries services, to be listed accurately in the Vermont
Library Directory, and to receive interlibrary loan and other materials in a
timely manner.  

     The number of libraries meeting standards has risen from 42 in 1972 to
129 in  2002, with 80 libraries meeting the 1998 version.  Public libraries
that meet standards are again eligible to use the Vermont Centralized
Card/MARC Service which provides free cataloging in card or computer format
for new acquisitions and makes materials readily available for interlibrary
loan via the PUBCAT database on VALS.   In addition, libraries meeting
standards are eligible for various grant opportunities as they arise. 

     If a library applies for standards and is found not to meet them, it may
request help from the Technical Assistance Team (TAT).  The TAT will include
a member of the Board of Libraries, a Department of Libraries consultant, and
a public librarian or trustee from the area.  They will help the board and
librarian develop a written Standards Action Plan, with specific steps and a
timeline for meeting standards during a period of no more than one year. 
While a library is working with the TAT, it will be eligible for the services
that the Department of Libraries provides to libraries meeting standards.  
Libraries found not meeting standards may also appeal in writing to the State
Librarian by January 31, 2003.  Librarians and trustees with questions about
the standards may call Marianne Kotch, Director of Public Library Support
Services, 828-2320.   


      Vermont public librarians learned about maturing adults' concerns and
some practical ways libraries are addressing them in this summer's "Serving
Seniors" workshops sponsored by the Department of Libraries.  Facilitated by
Special Services Consultant S. Francis Woods, the workshops were held in St.
Johnsbury and Middlebury for about 60 librarians.

      Speaking in St. Johnsbury, Pat Burnham of the Council of Vermont
Elders (COVE) offered some interesting statistics:

 80% of hospitalized in-patients are over 65
 5% of older Vermonters are in nursing homes or in long-term care
 40% of elders live under 200% of the poverty level
 two-thirds of Vermonters over age 65 are women
 half of those over age 85 have some dementia

The author of Life's Third Act:  Taking Control of Your Mature Years (Masters
Media, 1997), Burnham noted that older Vermonters should be "as engaged in
life as they prefer," and that key issues are health care, affordable
housing, independence and self-control, transportation, protection of
personal rights and other legal issues, and basic economic security.   She
encouraged those with questions about services for older Vermonters to
contact their local Area Agency (or Council) on Aging.

      Librarians with outreach programs also explained the nuts and bolts
of their services at the workshop.  Laura Phelps, librarian at the Ainsworth
Public Library in Williamstown told about this year's Vermont Public Library
Foundation/Freeman project expanding service to senior citizens.  Prior to
writing the grant proposal, Phelps asked representative seniors in town to
tell her how they spend their days, what they feel their role in town is, and
what the library could do for them.  Several characterized themselves as
"invisible," isolated from the rest of the community, and Phelps determined
that the library should provide programs, delivery service, more large print
and audio materials, and computer training for older adults in Williamstown. 
Phelps described a very successful series of listening to and discussing oral
history tapes produced by former librarian Joyce Day in the 1970's which
garnered enthusiasm for a similar project this year.

      Jacque Walker and Lee Bonamico of Barre's Aldrich Public Library and
Barbara Shatara of Burlington's Fletcher Free Library discussed the basics of
home delivery.  They showed book delivery bags, cards used to keep track of
patrons' interests, publicity pieces, and other practical aspects of their
services.  Woods described the services of the Department's Special Services
Unit and urged librarians to call on him for help.  Workshop participants,
working in small groups, also generated a set of program and service ideas to
share with others.  These idea packets, workshop handouts, and a list of
selected websites are also available from Woods (email, 828-3273). 


      Trustees and public librarians meeting in Montpelier November 2
focused their attention on the various changes their libraries are facing and
will face.  New formats, electronic resources, societal and demographic
changes, and  other external influences were examined in a keynote by State
Librarian Sybil Brigham McShane.  "How is YOUR Library Changing" was the
theme for the annual fall conference of the Vermont Library Association's
Vermont Library Trustees Association and Public Libraries Section on
Saturday, November 2, at the Kellogg-Hubbard Library, Montpelier.  In
dealing with inevitable changes, librarians and trustees must remain open to
new ideas for serving evolving communities, McShane said. "They will have
to use all the resources at their disposal to serve a variety of needs." She
pointed to the Vermont Online Library (see above) as one positive way
libraries can better serve their users, and she recommended librarians and
trustees take advantage of all pertinent continuing education opportunities.

     Four workshops followed the keynote and focused on topics of extreme
importance to both librarians and trustees:  

 Gail Weymouth, chair of VLA's Intellectual Freedom Committee,
  reviewed current national and state obscenity laws and how they impact
  policymaking and practices, particularly as they apply to public access
 Essex Junction trustee chair Angie Chapple-Sokol reviewed how board
  meetings should be run and the necessity for observing the Open Meeting Law
  and including all views in discussion of important issues
 Keeping the library in the public eye and promoting community
  involvement was covered by marketing consultant Liz Schlegel who has been
  working with trustees and staff in Waterbury to improve their public image
 Brattleboro and Wells River librarians Jerry Carbone and Peggy Hewes
  reviewed new collection formats they have recently purchased, why they were
  added, and how they have been integrated with traditional materials

     Former Peacham trustee David E. L. Brown, now a member of the Vermont
Board of Libraries, closed the day with a review of ethics and referred
librarians and trustees to ALA codes of ethics, available in the conference
packet which is available from Marianne Kotch, Department of Libraries,
828-2320.  Thanks to members of the VLTA Steering Committee and the
Kellogg-Hubbard Library staff and board for an information-packed day.

                          TECHNICAL SERVICES NEWS
     Libraries using the Department of Libraries Centralized Card/MARC
Service are encouraged to use the service for cataloging print and nonprint
materials.  Lorraine Lanius, Head of the Department of Libraries Technical
Services Unit, notes that libraries should specify the number of volumes,
cassettes, videos or CDs belonging to a set when sending requests.    This
should enable her unit to make a better match on titles and should offer
libraries more accurate descriptions for patrons.     
     In addition, Lanius requests that libraries that automate contact either
her or Sybil McShane for further information about submitting records for the
various databases included in the Vermont Automated Libraries System (VALS). 
Transfer of records to VALS is accomplished on a case by case basis for each
library.  Libraries do need to notify the Technical Services Unit (828-3261)
when they automate in order to maintain good standing in the Vermont Union
Catalog (VUC).  


     The New England Regional Depository, a joint project of NELINET and the
William B. Meyer Company, is under construction.  The facility, located in
Franklin MA, is scheduled to be open by December, 2002, with the first
materials to be moved into the facility from the Boston Athenaeum.  For those
who are interested in participating in the facility, a full prospectus and
associated information is available on the NELINET web site at

     The New England Regional Depository will house lesser-used materials
owned by NELINET members.  Under the agreement, NELINET will provide
libraries with training and consulting services to select and transfer
materials to storage, and will handle all financial transactions.  Meyer will
be responsible for the building (including selection, construction, and
facilities security and management), and for inventory control.  The two
organizations will work collaboratively to establish pricing, to market the
facility, and to develop the facility building specifications.   It is
anticipated that the Depository will hold at least 250,000 items.

     There are two new documents available on the website:

     1. Libraries which have used the DepositCalc and who are interested in
getting a firm quote for participation should complete and send the "request
for quotation" form that can be found at  (This is a downloadable
Word document)  The completed form should be sent to

     2. Libraries which are ready to sign up should be aware that an updated
and revised version of the sample agreements (between NELINET and the
library, and Meyer and the library) is also now available at  This is also a
downloadable Word document.   

     A series of Getting Started workshops are planned for participating
libraries and the Depository staff will contact libraries upon receiving
signed agreements.  Arnold Hirshon, Executive Director of NELINET, notes that
his staff is available to visit potential participants and provide additional
information about the Depository.  Contact him at (508) 597-1934 or via email

                        CONGRESS PASSES "TEACH" ACT

     Critical distance education legislation, the TEACH Act, has now passed
both houses of Congress as an amendment to the Justice Department
reauthorization bill (H.R. 5512).  According to Senator Patrick J. Leahy, 
the language of this legislation is identical to that of the Hatch-Leahy
TEACH Act that the Senate passed in June 2001 (CR S9889). ALA has long
supported this version. The President is expected to sign H.R. 5512 soon and
the TEACH Act will go into effect immediately.  
     The TEACH Act expands face-to-face teaching exemptions in the copyright
law, allowing teachers and faculty to use copyrighted works in the "digital
classroom" without prior permission from the copyright holder.  The law is
complex and details numerous responsibilities that must be met before
educational institutions (including their libraries) can benefit from the
     The American Library Association's Washington Office has created a TEACH
Web site to help members understand the complexities of TEACH 
(    In addition, the Office for Information
Technology Policy will offer an e-mail tutorial on distance education and
copyright in the near future. Watch the Washington Office website
( for more information.

                          FOR FUTURE REFERENCE...

                           by Marjorie D. Zunder
                Director, Library and Information Services

Interlibrary loan and VALS periodical requests...

     The new blank ILL forms in DOL's web-based catalog (Web2) give you an
easier process for requesting periodical articles.  When you need a
periodical article, go to the multiple library search screen in Web2.  Choose
"Blank ILL Forms" at the bottom of this screen.  At the next screen, choose
"ILL form to request an article in a periodical."  If you are using this form
for the first time, see the "Help Window" for instructions.  If the article
citation you have is not complete, be sure to send it to DOL_ILL for
additional information, e.g. paging or date.  You may also send periodical
requests to DOL_ILL whenever you need help locating a library that owns the
periodical you need.    

     Sometimes you can locate a participating VALS library that owns the
periodical issue you need, either by searching the libraries catalog through
the Web2 multiple library search or by searching the library's own web-based
catalog.  When you need an article, have a complete periodical citation and
know which VALS library owns the issue you need, send your periodical request
via the ILL form on Web2 directly to the owning VALS library at their full
VALS email address (   The exception to this is
if you want an article from Middlebury College, the University of Vermont or
Dartmouth College.  For all three of these libraries, always send your
request to DOL_ILL.

Interlibrary loan and the University of Vermont, Middlebury College and
Dartmouth College...

     When you need an item that you find in the University of Vermont,
Middlebury College or Dartmouth College catalogs on Web2, the ILL request
form will automatically fill-in "" in the field for
"Send this request to".  Do not change this address to try to send the
request directly to any of these libraries.  The requests are to be sent to
DOL_ILL and the address already filled in on the form is correct.  Also, if
you are unable to find an item through Web2 that you know that you want to
request from UVM, Middlebury or Dartmouth, and you choose to fill in a Blank
ILL Form, you should accept the default "Send this Request to" address:
"" rather than try to send to request directly to UVM,
Middlebury or Dartmouth.

Interlibrary loan and Vermont newspapers...

     The Vermont Dept. of Libraries owns newspaper microfilm for the majority
of Vermont newspapers dating back, for some papers, to the early 1800's.  The
Department will lend most of this microfilm.  Find listings for these
newspaper titles and the dates owned at the Vermont Newspaper Project web
site,  All of the Department's
newspaper titles are also listed in the Web2 catalog, but the records for
Vermont newspapers state that  "There are no holdings for this title. Please
do not request."   Holdings, i.e. dates for issues owned, for the
Department's newspapers are listed only at the Vermont NewspaperProject web
site.  You may borrow microfilm for your patron to use in your library if you
have a microfilm reader.  Send an email message to DOL_ILL with the title of
the newspaper and the dates you need.  Begin your request message with your
request number which includes your library's VUC symbol and a unique number. 
For example,
     Newspaper microfilm:
     Montpelier Evening Argus, July-December, 1951

DOL_ILL lends a maximum of four reels of microfilm per library.  As reels are
returned, additional reels may be borrowed.

Interlibrary loan and the Library of Congress...

     The Library of Congress will no longer accept requests sent on
traditional ALA forms.  Library of Congress will only accept requests sent
via OCLC, RLIN or email.  These email requests must be sent using a Library
of Congress form available at

Interlibrary loan and postage rates...

     The United States Postal Service offers several rates for library
materials.  You can save by using the right rate:

 When you mail within Vermont, for packages weighing up to and
including 2 lbs., use "library mail" for the lowest cost.  

 When you mail within Vermont, for packages containing print materials
that weigh over 2 lbs. mailed, use "bound printed matter" for the lowest
cost.  It is very important when using the "bound printed matter" rate to
include the statement, "forwarding service requested."  When you use "bound
printed matter," if your package has an address that does not exist and your
package cannot be delivered, the Postal Service will dispose of your package
unless it is labeled, "forwarding service requested."  With "bound printed
matter" and "forwarding service requested," if your package is returned to
you, you will be charged for the return postage.  With "library mail," all
undeliverable packages are returned, with postage due, automatically.

 "Bound printed matter" cannot be used for non-print materials.  Use
"library mail" instead.

Questions?  See the U.S. Postal Service web site,, or contact
Marjorie Zunder, VT Dept. of Libraries,




...GENERATIONS ONLINE,  a nonprofit program, introduces the Internet to
Seniors where they live and congregate.  Using familiar images and large type
instructions, the program guides elders who have no computer experience
through basic email, a multilingual search, links to others sites and more. 
Generations on Line provides simplified Internet software, support materials,
and service to retirement communities, long-term care and assisted living
facilities, private and subsidized housing, senior centers, and public
libraries nationwide.  For more information visit
or send inquiries to 

...VERMONT PUBLIC LIBRARY ALMANAC, 2nd ed., offers answers to often-asked
questions by Marianne Kotch, Director of Public Library Support Services. 
The new edition, in an Accessibility to Who-to-call alphabetical format, 
offers resources including websites for further exploration and information. 
Available at or request
a copy from

...LIBRARY OF CONGRESS AUTHORITY RECORDS are now available online on the
Library's Web site at Known as Library of
Congress Authorities, the free online service allows users to search, display
and download authority records in the MARC 21 format for use in local library
systems.  A PowerPoint presentation on Library of Congress Authorities is
available at ttp://

...Draft guidelines for the Recruitment and Education of Librarians for the
21st Century grant program are available on the IMLS Web site at:  Since February 2002,
when the President included $10 million for the initiative as part of his
budget request, IMLS has been soliciting input from the library and education
communities to shape priorities that are consistent with the scope of the
program and best meet library service needs.   No deadline can be established
for this program until an FY 2003 appropriations bill has been passed by
Congress and signed by the President.  Should funding become available later
this year, IMLS will act quickly to set a deadline, issue final guidelines,
review proposals, and make awards.

...The National Endowment for the Humanities Preservation Assistance Grants
can help libraries, archives, museums and historical organizations enhance
their capacity to preserve their humanities collections.   The 2003 deadline
is May 15 and information is available at 


... - Checklist for Readily
Achievable Barrier Removal
... - very basic mending
...  - Public Library
Space Needs: A Planning Outline, by Anders C. Dahlgren.  Wisconsin Dept. of
Public Instruction, 1998.
... - one of several sites for selling used
library books online

                              *COMING EVENTS*

Mon., Nov. 11 - State holiday.  Department of Libraries central office and
regional libraries closed.

Tues., Nov. 12, 9:00 am - Materials Review Session with video of Oct. 29
session and general discussion, Milton Public Library.  Repeats Thurs., Nov.
14, NERL, St. Johnsbury.  Contact:  Grace W. Greene, 828-3261.

Fri., Nov. 15, 9:00 am - "Booked for Breakfast" discussion group for
children's librarians, Lawrence Memorial Library, Bristol.  Contact: 
Priscilla, 453-2366 or

Fri., Nov. 15, 9:30 am - VLA College & Special Libraries Section fall
conference - The Changing Image of the Librarian, or Are You There, Marion? 
Champlain College, Burlington.  Registration fee:  $20.  Contact:  Paula
Olsen, 865-6486.

Tues., Nov. 19, 9:00 am - Chittenden County Librarians meeting, VSAC Resource
Center, Winooski.  Contact:  Rickie Emerson, 878-4918.

Thurs., Nov. 21, 9:30 am - Vermont Library Assn. board meeting.  Midstate
Regional Library, Berlin.  Contact:  Karen Lane, 476-7550.

Thurs., Nov. 21 and Fri., Nov. 22 - Sheila Kearns will assist public
librarians with e-rate filing by appointment.  Midstate Regional Library
Gates Training Lab., Berlin.  Contact Sheila Kearns, 828-3261.

Fri., Nov. 22, 9:30 am - Mock Caldecott program, Vermont Technical College,
Randolph Center.  Contact:  Grace W. Greene, 828-3261.

Mon., Nov. 25, 9:30 am - Franklin-Grand Isle Librarians meeting, VSAC
Resource Center, Winooski.  Contact:  Marianne Kotch, 828-2320.

Thurs. & Fri., Nov. 28 & 29 - State holiday.  Department of Libraries central
office and regional libraries closed.

Wed., Dec. 4, 9:30 am - Lamoille County Librarians meeting, Lanpher Memorial
Library, Hyde Park.  Contact:  Marianne Kotch, 828-2320.

Fri., Dec. 6, 9:30 am - Public Library Directors Quarterly Forum, Midstate
Regional Library, Berlin.  Topics for discussion:  computer graphics and
promotional ideas, budget preparation and presentation.  Contact:  Marianne
Kotch, 828-2320.

Tues., Dec. 10, 10:30 am - Vermont Board of Libraries meeting, Midstate
Regional Library, Berlin.  Contact:  Sybil Brigham McShane, 828-3265.

Thurs., Dec. 12, 9:30 am - Rutland County Librarians meeting, Brandon Free
Public Library.  Contact:  Ned Richards, 828-2320.

Tues., Jan. 14, 9:30 am - New Planning for Results seminar series initial
meeting, Midstate Regional Library, Berlin.   Follow up sessions planned
monthly through June.  Contact:  Marianne Kotch, 828-2320.

Wed., Jan. 15, 9:30 am - Addison County Librarians meeting, Ilsley Public
Library, Middlebury.  Contact:  Ned Richards, 828-2320.

Thurs., Jan. 16, 9:30 am - Vermont Library Assn. board meeting, Midstate
Regional Library, Berlin.  Contact:  Karen Lane, 476-7550

                            YOUTH SERVICES NEWS

                            by Grace W. Greene
                      Children's Services Consultant

Performers' manual...

     We are currently finishing up our biennial PROGRAMS FOR CHILDREN manual. 
There are many new entries, so finding someone to go to your library or
school should be easier than ever.  The project has taken longer than
anticipated, but we hope to have it ready in December.  It will not be mailed
automatically, but is available free to all Vermont schools and public
libraries by calling or writing Jenn Weed (828-3261; ).  We also plan to have it available at the
Department's website, searchable by keyword.

Friends of DCF...

     The first meeting of the new Friends of the Dorothy Canfield Fisher
Award Program was held on October 16 in Montpelier.  About 50 people heard
students from three schools talking about what the DCF program has meant to
them (a lot!) and then an inspirational speech from the ever-amazing
Katherine Paterson.   The purpose of the Friends of DCF is to promote the
Award program through programs and publicity.  The DCF committee will work
closely with the Friends, but will not run that organization. Here is your
chance to help Vermont children in grades 4-8 become passionate and engaged
readers!  For details contact Sally Margolis at 525-4538 ; email

     The first project of the Friends of DCF will be the first-ever DCF
conference to promote the DCF program and inspire educators to improve their
reading programs for grades 4-8.  Two-time Newbery medallist Lois Lowry will
keynote the conference to be held at the Holiday Inn in Rutland on Friday,
May 2, 2003.   The after lunch speaker will be Linda Rief, a seventh and
eighth grade language arts teacher from New Hampshire who has written several
books on literacy in the classroom.   There will also be workshops on various
topics, books for sale, and plenty of excitement.  A number of organizations
are joining the Department of Libraries in the planning.   Registration forms
will be sent out to all libraries and schools in early spring, but save the
date now.  Please alert all the 4th-8th grade teachers that you know, too!

National Book Award nominees...

     There are four books nominated for the children's book award of the
National Book Awards. They are: Nancy Farmer's The house of the scorpion
(Atheneum); Naomi Shihab Nye's 19 varieties of gazelle; poems of the middle
east (Greenwillow); M. T. Anderson's Feed (Candlewick), and Jacqueline
Woodson's Hush (Putnam).  The winning title will be announced on November 20.

Camel's Hump Radio...

     The third season of Camel's Hump Radio, Vermont's weekly book series for
families, is well under way.   Each Sunday night at 7:00, a professional
actor reads an excerpt from a great children's book such as The Giver by Lois
Lowry (November 24) or A Wizard Of Earthsea by Ursula LeGuin (December 15). 
Libraries around the state have been displaying books that are read along
with the Camel's Hump poster, and giving out bookmarks.  Since those titles
disappear quickly, enhance your display with the companion titles listed on
the website, as well as other books by the featured  author. There is a lot
of information, and a lot of good links on the website (, so
steer your customers there, as well. VPR is working closely with the
Department of Libraries to choose both companion books for this year, and the
featured titles for the next series, so we are delighted with this


                              STATE OF VERMONT
                          AGENCY OF ADMINISTRATION
                           DEPARTMENT OF LIBRARIES

Sybil Brigham McShane, State Librarian . . . . . . . . . 828-3265

Library & Information Services Division
    Marjorie D. Zunder, Director . . . . . . . . . . . . 828-3261
      Paul Donovan, Head, Law & Documents Unit . . . . . 828-3261
      Lorraine Lanius, Head, Technical Services Unit . . 828-3261
      S. Francis Woods, Head, Special Services Unit. . . 828-3273

Public Library Support Services Division
    Marianne Kotch, Director . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 828-2320
      Grace Greene, Children's Services Consultant . . . 828-3261
      Ned Richards, Midstate Regional Library (Berlin) . 828-2320
      Michael Roche, Northeast Regional Library (St. Johnsbury) .748-3428
      Amy Howlett, Southeast Regional Consultant (Bellows Falls).463-0142

Vermont Automated Libraries System (VALS)
    Sheila M. Kearns, Information Technology Manager . . 828-3261
      Robert Longe, Information Technology Specialist  . 828-3261

                          Editor:  Marianne Kotch

                               109 STATE ST.
                           MONTPELIER, VT  05609


                      Howard B. Dean, M.D., Governor
                  Sybil Brigham McShane, State Librarian


News is published four times each year by the Vermont Department of Libraries
and is distributed to all Vermont libraries, trustee chairs, state
legislators, and other who care about Vermont libraries. News is available
upon request in Braille, in large print, or on disk. Call 828-3261. NEWS is
supported in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, a federal
agency, through the Library Services and Technology Act.