Libraries that make their z39.50 configuration/access information public and do not require authentication (passwork, etc.) can be considered as being open to connections from the public with no restrictions. An example of making this information public would be a listing on the Library of Congress z39.50 Gateway ( If a library is listed as a target in legitimately obtained z39.50 client software (BookWhere, MarcEdit or a product supplied by a library automation verndor) those databases listed may be assumed to have acknowledged their availability. Nonetheless, it is strongly suggested that you receive permission from a library before regularly using a z39.50 connection. Some libraries may object to your use of MARC records which they may have paid to obtain or to have a cataloger create.The Vermont Department of Libraries restricts access to its z39.50 server to libraries that have been granted access because of their participation in resource sharing agreements with the Department.