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Alburg Elementary School



Arlington Memorial Middle/High School A5HS Sagebrush Spectrum 5.3
Fisher Elementary School (Arlington) A5S Winnebago
Barnard Central School B26S  
Barnet School B261S Winnebago
Barre City Elementary and Middle School B27S Winnebago
Barre Town Elementary School B27TS Winnebago
Spaulding High School (Barre) B27HS Winnebago
Lake Region Union High School (Orleans) B28HS Follett Destiny 6.5
Barton Graded School B28S Athena Version 9.2
Belvidere Central School B42S Follett
Mt. Anthony Union High School (Bennington) B43A Sagebrush Version 5.3
Bennington Elementary School B43ES Winnebago
Mt. Anthony Union Middle Schoool (Bennington) B43MS Winnebago
North Bennington Graded School B43NS Winnebago
Monument Elementary School (Bennington) B43S Winnebago
Catamount Elementary School (Bennington) B43SC Winnebago
Berlin Elementary School B45S  
Bethel Elementary School B46E Winnebago Spectrum 5.3
Whitcomb High School (Bethel) B46S Winnebago Spectrum 5.3
Oxbow Union High School (Bradford) B73S Follett Version 6.20
Neshobe School (Brandon) B732N Winnebago
Otter Valley Union High School (Brandon) B732HS Follett Version 4.2
Green St. School (Brattleboro) B733G  
Oak Grove & Canal Street School (Brattleboro) B7330S Winnebago
Brattleboro U.H.S. Library B733S Alexandria 5.2
Academy School (Brattleboro) B733WS Winnebago
Bridgewater Village School B76S Winnebago
Bridport Central School B76PS Winnebago
Brighton Elementary School B761S  
Bristol Elementary School B77E Sagebrush Spectrum 5.3
Mt. Abraham Union High School (Bristol) B77S  
Champlain Elementary School (Burlington) B92CE Follett
C.P. Smith Elementary School (Burlington) B92CS Follett
John J. Flynn Elem. School (Burlington) B92EF Follett
George F. Edmunds Elem. School (Burlington) B92ES Follett
George F. Edmunds Middle School (Burlington) B92MS Follett
Burlington High School B92HS Follett Destiny 6.3
Lyman C. Hunt Middle School (Burlington) B92LH Follett
Lawrence Barnes Elem. School (Burlington) B92LS Follett
Mater Christi School (Burlington) B92MC Athena
Cabot School C11S Sagebrush InfoCentre 1.4.2

Cambridge Elementary School



Calais Elementary School C13S Winnebago
Canaan Memorial Schools C16S Follett Version 4.10M
Castleton-Hubbardton Village Jr. High School C27M Follett
Castleton-Hubbardton Elementary School C27S Follett

Charlotte Central School


Follett Destiny 6.5

Chelsea Public School


Follett Destiny 6.0

Chester-Andover Elementary School (Chester)


Alexandria Version 5

Green Mountain Union High School (Chester) C421S Follett 6.10

Concord School



Clarendon Elementary School C54E Follett
Mill River Union High School (No. Clarendon) C54S Follett Version 5.05
Barstow Memorial School (Chittenden)   Winnebago
Mallett's Bay School (Colchester) C67E Winnebago
Colchester Middle School C67M Sagebrush Spectrum

Porter's Point School (Colchester)



Colchester High School C67S Sagebrush Spectrum 5.3

Concord School


Athena 9.2

Bingham Memorial School (Cornwall) C811S CASPR
Craftsbury Academy C84S Mandarin M3
Danville Village School D23S Sagebrush Spectrum 5.3
Derby Elementary School D44S Follett
Dorset School D73EL Follett
Long Trail School (Dorset) D73S Follett
Dummerston Elementary School District D89S Winnebago
Crossett Brook Middle School (Duxbury) D95S Winnebago
East Montpelier Elementary School E15S Winnebago
Enosburg Falls High School E6HS Sagebrush InfoCentre 2.1 (MAC)
Essex Elementary School E7E Winnebago
Founders Memorial School (Essex Jct.) E7F Winnebago
Essex High School E7HS Follett Version 6.30
Hiawatha School (Essex Jct.) E7HW Follett
Albert D. Lawton Intermediate School (Essex Jct.) E7M Follett
Essex Middle School E7MS Winnebago
Summit Street Elementary School (Essex Jct.) E7S  
Fair Haven Union High School F162HS Follett Version 1.60

Fayston Elementary School



Ferrisburgh Central School F41S Follett
Fletcher Elementary School (Cambridge) F63S LibraryCom
Franklin Central School F85S Follett
Georgia Elementary & Middle School G29E Sagebrush Spectrum 5.3
Grafton Elementary School G75S Follett Version 5.10
Guilford Central School G94S Winnebago

Hardwick Elementary School


Alexandria V5

Hazen Union School (Hardwick) H22S Mandarin
Dothan Brook School (White River Jct.) H25D Follett
Hartford High School H25HS Follett Version 5.1
Hartford Memorial Middle School H25M Follett
Ottauquechee School H250S Follett 6.3
Hartland Elementary School H251S Sagebrush Spectrum 5.3
Highgate Elementary School H53S Follett
Champlain Valley Union High School H58HS Follett Destiny 6.5
Hinesburg Community School H58S Follett Destiny 7.5
Hyde Park Elementary School H99S Follett
Lamoille U.H.S. (Hyde Park) H99HS Follett Version 6.30
Mount Mansfield U.H.S. (Jericho) J47HS Follett Infocentre 2.2
Jericho Elementary School J47S Winnebago
Johnson Elementary School J62S Follett

Lincoln Community School


Follett Destiny Version 6.5

Flood Brook School (Londonderry) L84SE Alexandria
Black River High School (Ludlow) L95S Follett Version 6.2
Lyndon Institute L99 Mandarin 3M
Lyndon Town School L99S Sagebrush Spectrum
Burr & Burton Seminary (Manchester) M31B Follett Destiny Version 7.5

Maple Street School (Manchester)


Follett Destiny

Manchester Elementary/Middle School M31S Follett Destiny Version 6.10
Marlboro Elementary School M34E Alexandria
Twinfield Union School (Marshfield) M35HS Sagebrush Spectrum 5.3
Mary Hogan Elementary School (Middlebury) M58EH Winnebago
Middlebury Union Middle School M58M Winnebago
Middlebury Union High School M58S Winnebago
Rumney Memorial School (Middlesex) M582S Winnebago
Milton Jr./Sr. High School M64HS Winnebago Spectrum 5
Union Elementary School (Montpelier) M761EU Mandarin M3 Version 1.5
Main Street Middle School (Montpelier) M761M Mandarin
Montpelier High School M761MHS Mandarin
U-32 High School (E. Montpelier) M761U Sagebrush InfoCentre
Moretown Elementary School M81E Winnebago Spectrum 5.0
Harwood Union High School (Moretown) M81S Follett Destiny
People's Academy (Morrisville) M83HS Athena
Morristown Elementary School M83S Multilis
Blue Mountain Union School (Wells River) N42B Sagebrush Spectrum 5.0
Newbury Elementary School N42S Winnebago

Beeman Elementary School


Follett Destiny 6.5

Newport City Elementary School N47E Athena
North Country Union High School (Newport) N47S Sagebrush Spectrum 5.2
North Hero Elementary School N82EL Winnebago
Northfield Elementary School N82E Athena
Northfield Middle/High School N82S Sagebrush Athena Version 9.2
Marion W. Cross School (Norwich)   CASPR
Mettawee Community School (West Pawlett) P28S Follett
Peacham Elem. School P31S Winnebago
Lothrop Elementary School (Pittsford) P687S Winnebago
Pomfret School P77S Winnebago

Poultney High School



Pownal Elementary School P87S Winnebago
Proctor Jr./Sr. High School P94HS Follett
Grammar School (Putney) P98G Winnebago
Putney School P98S Follett
Randolph Elementary School R16E Follett Destiny 6.5
Randolph Union High School R16S  
Richford Jr./Sr. High School R39HS Follett Spectrum 5.2
Camel's Hump Middle School (Richmond) R391M Winnebago
Rochester School R58S Mandarin
Vermont Academy (Saxtons River) R59A Follett/Athena 9.2
Rockingham Central Elementary School (Bellows Falls) R59E Follett
Bellows Falls Union High School R59F Follett
Bellows Falls Middle School R59M Follett
South Royalton School R811EH CASPR LibraryWorld 3.1
Rutland High School R93HS Follett
Rutland Intermediate School R93I Follett
Rutland Town Elementary School R93S Follett
St. Albans City Elementary School S2E Winnebago
Bellows Free Academy (St. Albans) S2HS Winnebago
St. Albans Town Educational Center S2S  
James P Callaghan Memorial (St. Albans)   Winnebago
St. Johnsbury School S22E Athena
St. Johnsbury Academy S22S Follett

Salisbury Community School



Downer Memorial Library, Sharon Elementary School



Sheldon Elementary School S41S Follett
Shoreham Elementary School S54S CASPR
Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School (S. Burlington) S78M Winnebago
Rice Memorial High School (S. Burlington) S78R Follett
Orchard School (So. Burlington) S78S Winnebago
Shelburne Community School SH4S Follett Destiny 6.5
Cherry Hill School (Springfield)   Follett
Park Street School (Springfield) SP8E Follett
Riverside Middle School (Springfield) SP8M LibraryPro
Springfield High School Library SP8S Follett
Robinson School (Starksboro) ST3S Follett Destiny 7.5
Stowe Elementary School ST7E Athena
Stowe Middle/High School ST7S Athena
Newton Elementary School (Strafford) ST8S LibraryWorld
Sudbury Country School SU2S  
Swanton Central School   Follett
Missisquoi Valley Union High School (Swanton) SW1S  
Thetford Academy T34HS Library Pro
Thetford Elementary School T34S Library Pro Silver
Leland & Gray U.H.S. (Townshend) T66S Follett Version 6.2
Browns River Middle School (Underhill) U2M Winnebago
Vergennes Union Elementary School V58E  
Vergennes Union High School V58S  
Vernon Elementary School V59S Winnebago
Waitsfield Elementary School W13S Sagebrush Infocentre
Warren Elementary School W25S Sagebrush Spectrum 5

Washington Village School


Athena Version 9.2

Thatcher Brook Primary School (Waterbury) W29S Follett Destiny
Waterford School (St. Johnsbury) W291S Athena

Wells Village School



Westford Elementary School W521S Follett Version
Westminster Schools W524S Winnebago
West Rutland School W527S Follett
White River Elementary School   Follett

Weybridge Elementary School



Whitingham School (Jacksonville) W581S Follett
Williamstown Middle/High School W67HS Athena 9.3
Williamstown Elementary School W67S Athena Version 9.3
Allen Brook School (Williston) W671AS Follett Destiny 6.5
Williston Central School W671S Follett Destiny 7.5
Deerfield Valley Elementary School W68E Follett Destiny 6.20
Twin Valley High School (Wilmington) W68S Follett

State Street School (Windsor)


Follett Version 6.0

Windsor High School W721S Alexandria 5.5.3 (Mac)
Woodstock Elementary School W86E Follett
Woodstock Union High School W86U Molli
Doty Memorial School (Worcester) W89S Winnebago

Martha Canfield Memorial Free Library (Arlington) A5 Follett
Aldrich Public Library (Barre) B27 Follett Destiny

Bennington Free Library



John G. McCullough Free Library (No. Bennington) B43N Mandarin
Brandon Free Public Library B732 Mandarin
Brooks Memorial Library (Brattleboro) B733 TLC

Lawrence Memorial Library (Bristol)


Book Systems

Fletcher Free Library (Burlington) B92F SirsiDynix
Alice M. Ward Library (Canaan) C16 Follett
Castleton Free Library C27 Follett
Cavendish-Fletcher Community Library C31P Follett
Charlotte Library C39 Follett
Burnham Memorial Library (Colchester) C67 Follett
Blake Memorial Library (E. Corinth) C81E Mandarin

Cornwall Free Public Library



Craftsbury Public Library



Dorset Library D73 Winnebago
Dover Free Library D73E Follett
Essex Free Library E7 Follett
Brownell Library (Essex Jct.) E7J Follett
Fairfax Community Library F16 Winnebago
Bent Northrop Mem. Library (Fairfield) F161 Follett

Fairlee Public Library



Haston Library (Franklin)



Georgia Public Library G29 Sagebrush

Grand Isle Free Library


Follett Destiny

Greensboro Free Library G85 Follett

Hartford Library


Mandarin M3

Hartland Public Library


Mandarin M3

Quechee Library Association H25Q Athena
Carpenter-Carse Memorial Library (Hinesburg) H58 Follett

Huntington Public Library



Lincoln Library



Fletcher Memorial Library (Ludlow)


Follett Destiny

Cobleigh Public Library (Lyndon) L99L TLC
Mark Skinner Library (Manchester) M31 Follett Destiny

Jaquith Public Library (Marshfield)



Ilsley Library (Middlebury) M58 DRA
Milton Public Library M64 Athena
Kellogg-Hubbard Library (Montpelier) M761 Follett
Morristown Centennial Library M83 Athena
Tenney Memorial Library (Newbury) N42 InMagic
New Haven Community Library N451 Winnebago

Goodrich Memorial Library (Newport



Brown Public Library (Northfield) N82B Voyager
Norwich Public Library N83 Follett

Poultney Public Library



Proctor Free Library (Proctor) P94 Follett
Putney Public Library P98 Follett
Kimball Public Library (Randolph) R16 Follett

Arvin A. Brown Public Library (Richford)



Richmond Free Library R391 Follett

Rochester Public Library



Rockingham Free Public Library R59B TLC
Royalton Memorial Library R811S Mandarin M3
Rutland Free Library R93 SirsiDynix
St. Albans Free Library S2 Follett
St. Johnsbury Athenaeum S22 Follett
Pierson Library (Shelburne) SH4 Follett Destiny
Sherburne Memorial Library (Killington) S5 Mandarin
South Burlington Community Library S78 Follett
South Hero Community Library S8 Follett

Springfield Town Library



Stamford Community Library ST2 Follett
Stowe Free Library ST7 Follett

Morrill Memorial and Harris Library (Strafford)



Latham Memorial Library (Thetford) T34 Library Pro
Deborah Rawson Memorial Library (Underhill/Jericho) U2 Follett
Vernon Free Library V59 Sagebrush InfoCentre
Waterbury Public Library W29 TLC

Westford Public Library



Ainsworth Public Library (Williamstown) W67 Athena
Dorothy Alling Memorial Library (Williston) W671 Follett
Pettee Memorial Library (Wilmington) W68 Follett

Windham Town Library



Winooski Memorial Library W73 Winnebago
Glee Merrit Kelley Community Library (Wolcott) W83 LibraryCom
Norman Williams Public Library (Woodstock) W86 Mandarin M3

Vermont State Colleges    
-Castleton State College C27N SirsiDynix

-Community College of Vermont



-Johnson State College J62N SirsiDynix
-Lyndon State College L99N SirsiDynix
-Randolph Technical College R16V SirsiDynix

Bennington College



Burlington College B92BC  

Goddard College



arlboro College M34C SirsiDynix
Norwich University N82N Voyager
St. Michael's College B92StM Voyager

School for International Training (Brattleboro)



Middlebury College M58C Innopac
New England Culinary Institute (Montpelier) M761C Athena
Southern Vermont College (Bennington) B43SJ TLC
Sterling College (Craftsbury) C84ST  
University of Vermont -Bailey/Howe Library B92B Voyager
Vermont Law School R811L Innopac

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