VALS Z39.50 Registration

To register specifications for z39.50 servers available via Dept. of Libraries Online Catalog. If you have questions about the information requested, please contact Sheila Kearns: 802-828-6952.

School libraries that have already submitted this information should fill in the contact information on the form and note in the comments session that the information has already been submitted.

Z39.50 Server Information

Examples: "" or IP address:

The name of the database should be provided with system documentation or by contacting vendor / application support. Examples: biblios (KOHA), main (Follett)

Standard port is 210, but different vendors / applications may use non-standard ports, i.e KOHA: 9999; TLC: 5666

Contact information for systems administrator and / or network support

Please supply information that will allow DOL to contact directly the person or persons who manage your automation system server and / or your network.