Planning Craft Activities

Here are some general suggestions when planning craft activities for kids:

  • Plan activities around an experience rather than a product. Then the activity is about cutting, coloring or weaving rather than about being perfect.
  • It’s ok to plan activities around your materials. What do you have in the cupboard? Need to use up a bunch of rogue paper towel rolls? Make a marble roller coaster!
  • Try a group project. Make something big to hang in the library or create something together.
  • Put finished pieces on display so that kids can visit them and show off!
  • Recruit teen helpers for big vacation and summer programs
  • Play music. Classical or kids music can help lift the spirit of a room.
  • Make a sample, but don’t make it too perfect. Encourage the kids to experiment.
  • Try to avoid putting all your craft supplies out at once. Everything will disappear!

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