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Broadband and Tech Survey for Public Libraries

The Department of Libraries has put together a Broadband and Tech Survey with the goal of capturing information from all the public libraries in the state. Originally launched in May, we're hoping to collect as many libraries as possible before closing; libraries only need to submit once.

This survey is vitally important to the state's Digital Equity team, and will inform the plan to expand access to broadband in an equitable manner in statewide. As you know, there are many communities in Vermont that have unequal access to computer technology and internet access. This impacts community members’ ability to participate in society in our modern era – including their educational, work, and health opportunities.

In addition to the Digital Equity Team, responses will be very helpful to the Working Group on the Status of Libraries in Vermont, as well as to individual libraries. We are asking every public library to participate, no matter how large or small you are, and even if you don’t have internet access at your library!

You can find the survey here:

This is a relatively short survey about internet access, WiFi, and public computer services. There are 25 questions, most of which are yes/no or short answer, and there are no statistical questions. The only things you’ll want ahead of time are a copy of your internet bill (if available) and to run an internet speed test (see instructions below). It’s fine if there are questions you can’t answer, we just ask that you fill out the survey to the best of your knowledge.

Reach out to Joshua Muse with any questions at (802) 585-8056 or

Internet Speed Test

Run a speed test from a computer on your library network while the library is closed (if possible), and from a computer on a wired connection (not on WiFi, if possible). To conduct a speed test:

  • Open a web browser and go to . After a few moments, it will show your download speed.
  • After the initial test completes, click More Info. A second test will run and it will show your upload speed as well.
  • Write down the answers so you can enter them for questions 12 and 13.