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Post by Tom McMurdo on ILL and Clover - 3/16/20 at 10:15 am

Good morning,

The Vermont Department of Libraries will support interlibrary loan (ILL) for libraries that are continuing the service. This is a rapidly changing situation. In Vermont we are seeing some libraries close while others remain open. As of today, this is the case nationally, as well, with entities such as the NYPL closed while we see that, for now, Boston Public Library remains open. Governor Scott issued a directive that schools close on Wednesday. Public libraries are not organized in the same manner as schools and most are tied to their towns and are subject to local jurisdiction, so a blanket closure may be a different matter for libraries. I think that we are learning to see response to COVID-19 as a day-to-day situation.

We feel that it is our responsibility to support interlibrary loan as long as some libraries in Vermont remain open and wish to continue the service.

While news and information about COVID-19 is changing every day, we encourage libraries to decide individually how to handle interlibrary loan. You all know your communities best, and have shown incredible insight, creative solutions, and great compassion for the communities you work in. If your library closes or if you halt ILL services, please just make sure that is communicated through Clover and to GMM. That will help keep everything running as smoothly as possible while we all navigate this new and changing situation.

All libraries who are either closed or would like to halt their ILL service need to set holiday dates in Clover as well as contact GMM to stop deliveries.

Holiday Dates in Clover

You can put those dates in the Holiday Dates in your Participant Record. If you go to ILL Admin > Participant Record, there is a button in the top middle of the screen that says “Holiday List” (screenshot attached). Click that and it will jump to the section of your Participant Record where you put the start and end date for a library closure. Just enter the start and end date for the closure and click the Submit button and the dates will be saved.

One recommendation I make is to set the end date for the vacation to be a few days beyond when you will actually be opening again. When Clover sends out requests, if it sees that your Days to Respond is near the day you reopen, it will send requests because it assumes you will open again and be able to respond within the days to respond time (typically four days). So requests may start accumulating before the ILL service actually resumes.

Green Mountain Messenger

To stop deliveries, contact GMM at 862-7662.

If you have any questions, please contact me at .