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Post by Jason Broughton on VHD Daily Update, 3/16/20 at 11:30 pm

Good Evening,

I am providing this to the library community as an individual who is working to ensure we as a community have the most updated information to make the most informative decision for our neighborhood, our community, and ourselves.

The information below will answer a variety of questions and may bring in questions that I may not have answers for, at the moment. I believe it is best that you have information. As librarians this is appreciated. We provide information, resources, and services to our community to encourage literacy across all races, class, and levels.

My request was approved by Secretary Young of the Agency of Admiration, to which the Department of Libraries resides. I asked if it were possible to share what we receive with you. It was approved without hesitation and I encouraged to share it to as many libraries as possible.

As our libraries work to consider the future over the next few weeks, I implore each of us to have accurate information from sources that will provide reliable information. Library Directors, Library CEO/CFO‘S , Boards and Trustees have the power to make the important decisions as they grapple with hard and painful choices regarding services, closures, remain open, or a hybrid status. Things change hourly versus daily on updates and information. This will happen frequently as things become available that provide more insight into the situation. With more testing there will be more possible infections. Preventing the spread of COVID19 is of the utmost importance. This will require us to present and aware. Some call it being “woke”!

We must work with each other as we navigate this unexpected event. We can do this community by community and as a state that is unified. This will require all of us to be patient, resilient, thoughtful, courageous, motivated and understanding with each other.

You will find new updates to the situation, how to ensure we decrease the spread of the virus, what to if symptoms appear, and where to find daily updates.

The department stands at the ready to provide the libraries of our state with assistance, support, ideas, consultations and from time to time what is not advisable or feasible.

Take time to care for yourself. Ensure that you take time away from social media, listservs, and items that will begin to weigh heavily on your mind and spirit. It can be too much to grapple with if you let it. We are human, this will happen to us. We must all take time to ensure our health and wellness is optimal. You can’t imagine a good tomorrow, if you are not ensuring you are at your best today.

Remember to participate in the Census! We need to ensure all persons in our state are counted. Vermont provides a variety of programs to Vermonters that come from having census counts. It can odd to also have the Census appear, but we must carry on. There will be a tomorrow for us all. Participation means in the Census allows us a chance to think about our future today. Let us go forward together!
Vermont Appropriated funds from 2010 Census for federal programs and services.

I look forward to any questions regarding this email. I may connect you with our staff in searching for answers.

VHD Daily Updates are available on their COVD-19 page under Updates

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